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Forgiving Keven She's the one who got away He's the boy she can't forget CherylThey say you never forget your first love but I'm determined to prove Keven Kennedy is just a random boy from my past It's not like I still think about him after all this time Or daydream about how hot his kisses were and what it felt like to have his hands on my skinNope that's not me I'm in a happy place in my life Engaged to a great man and finishing the last year of my photography degree But since I returned to Massachusetts everything reminds me of the boy who ripped my heart to shreds Especially when my fiancé's constant business trips and dwindling attention raises old fears to the surfaceAnd then the unthinkable happens Keven saunters back into my life turning it upside down once It's ironic he thinks he's protecting me when the only one I need protecting from is himKevenThey say you never forget your first love In my case it's true Most everyone in high school thought Cheryl and I were a match made in heaven and that nothing could tear us apart Until I messed up spectacularly and lost the best thing to ever happen to me Years have passed girls have come and gone but no one has laid claim to my heart in the way Cheryl didI thought she was lost to me forever when an unexpected encounter with an uptight FBI agent and an intriguing proposition brings the beautiful blonde back into my life I didn't hesitate to sign on the dotted lineI let Cheryl down once before I'm not going to fail her this time Forgiving Keven is a STANDALONE title in the Kennedy Boys world No cliff hanger no cheating and a guaranteed HEA Loved this one Keven is such a sweetheart Keven messed up what he had with Cheryl in the past but now that she's in his life again he's not living without her I love second chance romances and these 2 have some great chemistry I liked that Cheryl for the most part is a tough cookie; she's bad at reading people sometimes but she's a good match for Keven Besides Kyler Keven has been the Kennedy book I've been waiting for so it's great that Keven was wonderful Keven and Cheryl have some really sweet and sexy moments He's never moved on from her emotionally and the love he has for her shines through in his beyond sweet actions I liked the premise for Forgiving Keven; the FBI angle the boyfriend that may be up to no good horrible people galore Lots of good stuff there There's lots of drama of course and some of it didn't uite feel authentic but it does make for an enjoyable read There's some tough stuff to read in this book since there are some seriously disturbed people I also loved that the other Kennedy boys get involved and there's some family bonding time So the next books up are the triplets and I'm sort of dreading it because those boys; besides Keaton are very messed up I think I'm going to hate Kent's book because I can't stand him Plus I don't like Whitney at all So here's hoping Siobhan Davis can redeem him for me I'm interested to see why Keanu was dumped but I don't like when people withhold things from each other because they think it's best so Siobhan Davis has a bit of work there too lol Her writing is great so I have faith Overall Forgiving Keven is very entertaining with a heartfelt romance with depth and passion Chemistry it’s all about the chemistry Keven and Cheryl had it but something went very very wrong and their relationship imploded Cheryl is now engaged to a wealthy man and Keven knows there is to this guy than meets the eye and he will do whatever it takes to keep Cheryl safe If only she could forgive him for his mistakes maybe this time their chemistry will be perfectSiobhan Davis’ latest Kennedy boy soap opera FORGIVING KEVEN is here and it is as over the top as every book before Sizzling passions unlimited wealth and even yet these two will need to learn that you can’t buy trust and real communication Do they have what it takes to go the distanceWelcome to the world of the Kennedys kind of like Disney with a very dark side Let go of reality and hang on tight Available now US UK CA AUS out the trailer here I adore The Kennedy Boys series and have been holding out for this story You see Keven has always been my favourite of the boys and I could not wait to see how his story played out Sure I was interested in all the stories but I was truly desperate for Keven I needed it than I needed any of the other books in the series – which is really something when you consider how desperate I’ve been for each of the booksThere was another thing that made me super excited for this one – Siobhan Davis said this is the first book she would truly label as romantic suspense Books that fall into the categories of thriller suspense mystery along with related genres such as police procedural are some of my favourites In fact there was a time where they were the only type of book I would read Thus I was excited for a Siobhan Davis book that was a romantic suspenseAt the same time a part of me was concerned The reason I stopped reading so many books that fall into the aforementioned categories is because they no longer felt like they were what the genre is supposed to be Instead of being thrills and suspense the books were all about drama I enjoy a good bit of drama but when books are labelled thriller or suspense I’m in it for the thrills and suspense not the drama – if that was the case there are plenty of options out there where the books are dramatic and labelled as such Although I would say Forgiving Keven falls into the same trap – just because there are FBI agents and a big case that results in some action it does not mean it is a suspense book – I did enjoy the story It was very much in line with the rest of The Kennedy Boys series meaning it was drama filled and entertainingWas it my favourite book in the series Honestly no Despite Keven being the Kennedy brother I’ve been most intrigued about this is not my favourite story It was fun yes but it was not my favourite I’ve enjoyed some of the other books It’s a four star rating sure but compared to some of the other books it is a weaker four star rating It’s a four star rating sitting next to four point five star ratings Fun and worth the read certainly a great addition to the series but not my favouriteAlthough this one works perfectly fine as a standalone novel I would recommend reading the other books in the series first At the very least Seducing Kaden With Forgiving Keven we build uite a bit upon the prior book There are many references to events and situations that were introduced in the prior book and the best effect is had if you know what took place It’s not a necessity but it certainly makes for a better reading experienceWith plenty of drama throughout you’ll be hooked to the story and than happy to read it in a single sitting You’re left desperate to see how everything comes together eager to see how things play out and in love with all that occurs It has everything this series has become known for – the drama and romance the great characters and gripping storyline and so many other goodies that ensure you’re hooked throughout – guaranteeing you’ll be plenty pleased with the seventh book in the seriesAs ever we also get a look at what is to come next We only have the triplets left and this one leaves us with plenty of uestions about how their stories will play out Without a doubt I’m once again eager to see what the next book in The Kennedy Boys series brings

  • Kindle Edition
  • 242 pages
  • Forgiving Keven
  • Siobhan Davis
  • English
  • 10 September 2016

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