Así se domina el mundo Desvelando las claves del poder

Así se domina el mundo Desvelando las claves del poder mundial The International Bestseller Is there anything cut throat than global politics Wherever you turn Europe Russia China Korea Syria the Middle East we are living in a time of global geopolitical power plays Once an insider to this closed world Pedro Baños reveals that however it might be smoothed over by the PR of political diplomacy the world of geopolitics is one of war and conflict by strategic means where countries have sought dominion and power over their rivals since the dawn of time Baños presents this high stakes game as a series of 27 universal rules on how to act and exert influence in the international sphere Each principle is contextualised in history both classic and modern from Bismarck to Kissinger but also related to the current world of Trump Putin and Xi Jinping With titles like ‘The Cornered Bear’ ‘Kick Down the Ladder’ ‘Champagne Glasses’ ‘The Madman’ ‘The Donkey’ and ‘The Saddlebags’ How They Rule the World is a practical set of rules for engagement that can be enjoyed by anyone Written with the philosophic aphoristic timelessness of a von Bulow Sun Tzu or Machiavelli Baños has created an utterly gripping manual on the secrets of how strategic power really works 35 stars I would award thisFound it interestingGreat insight into how the global geopolitical machines operate One of interesting for me US wants Europe to be weak The best way to make Europe weak is to target each country individually Solution is federal Europe it will make US very unhappy thoughActually very good book about the reality of politics not what you hear from world's media controlled by 6 people First to everything Chomsky what a great book the author is honest and most importantly he tells brutal truths about how the world is run I found this to be an extremely enlightening read that this has become one of the many books that I will happily encourage others to readPedro Baños Bajo has done a great job with passing down informative details on current affairs and past historical records on how the ignorant population have been encouraged and manipulated to live our lives according to the rule of the few and only mostly for their own benefit with disregard to countless innocent lives whom are being framed as the guilty party the scapegoat and us the modern slavesWhoever said this is a conspiracy theory read you are terribly mistaken because I suspect that you did not completely finish the book or did not understand the message Pedro was trying to convey The 22 strategies mentioned in this book are still being applied until today I want to personally mention to Pedro that your effort in writing book that not only touched me but have also touched the lives of so many others For reminding us that we are not fully free from the tyrannical grasp and dictatorship of the few May those interested with the best future unite and make their stand

  • Kindle Edition
  • 448 pages
  • Así se domina el mundo Desvelando las claves del poder mundial
  • Pedro Baños Bajo
  • 10 June 2016

About the Author: Pedro Baños Bajo

Colonel reserve of Infantry of the Spanish Army He is an expert in Strategy Geopolitics Intelligence Terrorism International Relations Defense and Security and has been writing for than 20 newspapers magazines and web pages and participating in chapters of several books Among other achievements Mr Baños worked at the European Parliament in Brussels as military adviser was chi

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