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Entre ses mains You'll want to scream but you'll be gagged You'll want to cry but you'll be blindfolded You'll want to run away but you'll be tied up You'll have no way of begging me I'll do what I want with you Submission the controversial novel that according to The Sunday Times London sent tremours through the French establishment is bound to leave American readers breathless Sexual obsession domination and dangerous desire drive the story of Élodie a young married Parisian lawyer who finds herself swept up in a cycle of sadomasochistic lust A handsome stranger Élodie meets in court issues her a series of instructions that she feels compelled to follow He introduces her to sex clubs hidden in dark alleys toys that enhance physical pleasure as well as pain and couples whose appetites are as voracious as his What at first seems out of character for Élodie she has a small child at home after all uickly begins to shape her self identity As the violence of their encounters escalates these acts become an addiction she can't bear But how far can Élodie go and how much of her life will she risk in the process This sophisticated and captivating novel exudes the sensuality that only the French can deliver

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  1. Liz Liz says:

    Where to startFirst of all this is a horrible representation of a BDSM relationship This is supposedly based on real events but I find it likely that's just to get tongues wagging Seeing as I'm highly interested in the BDSM community and am in a BDSM based relationship myself I can say that this is nothing like what a real and healthy relationship is like There is no discussion of safewords and even when Elodie says she doesn't want to follow through with what 'He' says He makes her do it He beats her He humiliates her He whips her so hard she passes out and leaves her tied to a balcony When she says she wants to love Him He beats her Not once does He ask about her well being not once does He truly show that He cares for her While I place the majority of the blame on Him and I hate capitalising it but that's how he He's addressed in the book Elodie the narrator is also partially to blame She doesn't know Him She lets herself get overwhelmed with Him She says she loves Him but it reads like a sick twisted case of Stockholm Syndrome There is not discussion about what she wants what she can do to get out of it and what He wants from her besides a fuck toy Because that's what she is a fuck toyI felt sick while reading this I told my partner that if he even treated me slightly the way that's represented in this book I would take him to court This isn't a relationship This is abuse BDSM is not an abusive relationship BDSM is not rape This is what leads me to believe that this author Marthe Blau knows nothing about real BDSM relationships has no history of it and sees it as one person using another BDSM is not that This book is disgusting That's it

  2. Alex Lowe Alex Lowe says:

    How kinky?Very Oh wow is it kinky It is explicit and descriptive detailing many very kinky practices including orgies extreme violence ownership of a sort and exhibitionismvoyeurism How sexy?Rather It is in short porn As mentioned extremely explicit and detailed The somewhat staccato delivery can be a bit offputting as I found the lack of rhythm and flow impeded my own er flow The plot was also stop start as it focussed for short periods on the sex and then cut back for longer periods to the protagonist's own feelings her job her friends her own thoughts and her loving family home anti sexy as she is a cheater not poly or consensual cuckolding just plain cheating But the language makes up for many halting sins as it is never shy or demure It uses the words you want need to hear which brings you right back into the swing of things How inspiring?Subjective I love reading about this stuff but some of the ideas weren't going to be useful to me personally anonymity exhibitionism orgies etc I got some great fantasy fodder out of it but did it inspire me to copy the book? Not as such Inspiring of fantasy only for meus How engaging?Actually not very It's not terrible but I could easily put it down and come back later I liked reading the short chapters in chunks while in bed but as mentioned the long periods of concentration on plot points other than the central relationship really slowed it down in some parts it was actually boring How well executed?Well written but to me it was clear it was translated I don't know whether the text was translated into English from French or if the French writer was writing in English but the language came across as slightly stilted and formal Only slightly though and to a certain extent it adds charm to the writing Overall reactionCute little book Nice size handbag sized and adorable cover art Short bus ride length chapters and gloriously explicit language The only real criticism I have of the book as a whole is the undesirable focus on Elodie's feelings friends vanilla experiences and of course the poor family she is cheating on It makes a lovely and wonderfully delicious porn book into a bit of a moral tale If I wanted my porn tinged with melancholy and misery I'd be reading Story of O In short The plot had a little too much depth for your average porn book but from certain angles could be considered to add an element of evil which some readers may prefer Sad ending made it a bit morbid for me personally YMMV CHECK OUT MY OTHER REVIEWS

  3. Bernie Gourley Bernie Gourley says:

    This book describes the life cycle of one woman’s submissive relationship with a dominant man Her relationship with the man isn’t sexual in the conventional sense though she participates in lots of sex and he commands her to engage in various sexual activities It’s a relatively tame and modern variant of the tale told in the famous “The Story of O” written by another Frenchwoman Pauline Réage aka Anne Desclos While “Submission” is like any number of stories of submissive individuals being dominated by a dominant and or sadistic partner it does carve out a uniue space The female lead is a highly regarded lawyer who is married with a family She isn’t on the weak side of some power dynamic ie it’s not a secretary boss or employee employer kind of tale That’s not that different from “Story of O” in which the lead is a successful photographer but it does add complexity to the lead’s motivation It also makes the story’s main uestion a little bit intriguing That uestion being how long can the relationship go on with the demands on her becoming progressively intense re degrading while the intimacy of the relationship isn’t increasing as she’d like? This tension builds to a climax at a point where the man momentarily shifts from the cool dominant to an angry abusive It goes without saying that the book contains graphic sexual scenes and won’t be the cup of tea of puritans or those with delicate sensibilities “Submission” is interesting both as a work of erotica and as a psychological sketch There seem to be many books out there that tell similar stories so it’s hard to place this one I wouldn’t call it exceptional in any way and I found “The Story of O” to be intriguing and intense That said while I haven’t read the “50 Shades” books from what I heard about them this one likely surpasses them in terms of writing and the building of characters of verisimilitude That said the “50 Shades” books have obviously been immensely popular for a reason and that reason—near as I can tell—is they tap into a fantasy in which a man who is extraordinary in every way genius billionaire playboy philanthropist with six pack abs falls for a woman who is mediocre in every way because she submits to his will “Submission” won’t scratch that itch The book is short clocking in at a less than 220 pages It does have a discernible plot though it’s character centric A little depth with the lead character and her dominant could be interesting As it is the reader is left to draw many conclusions about the characters’ motivations—which admittedly has its advantages If you know what you are getting into I’d recommend this book

  4. Seregon Seregon says:

    Whatthefckdid I just read?? I bought this book having read the description on the back that sounded so promising There really was no plot just the incoherent rambling similar to reading someone's diary That didn't bother me as much as the pathetic lack of self respect for the narratormain character She blindly follows this man around and is desperate for any attention from him So much so that she allows him to physically emotionally and mentally abuse her and she just puts up with it Finally at the end she tells him it's over His reaction is nothing than verbal abuse about how worthless she is and follows up by beating her face in again and again to which he responds by crying and feeling worthlessum WHAT?? Jesus christ on a pony the 50 shades books weren't even THIS bad

  5. Vee41dmb Vee41dmb says:

    Okay first things firstI was disappointed with the beginning of the book It jumped into graphic sexual encounters uickly which is fine but I felt it was missing parts of the story line I also was not a fan of the sodomy and the degree to which it is present in the beginning I do not have any personal issues with discussing anal sex but something about the way it was done bothered meAbout half way through the story itself finally pulled me in I than read most the book in one day I loved the story line It discusses than just a BDSM relationship I think that what I liked about it others did not It showed obsession and how unhealthy relationships or desire consumes usIt was brutally honest in the way she chose him over her family and over everything in her lifeNot all relationships are healthy and not all emotional feelings are reciprocated This is true in BDSM relationships as well as those that are not I understand why some of those that are in a healthy BDSM relationship may be bothered by this story However to say that it was meant to represent all relationships is faulted It is ONE story of ONE couple It discusses how love and lust and desire to be wanted consume one womanI really liked the ending I thought it was well written He knew he'd break her by doing the one thing he refrained from It was a game to him but also for her She wouldn't have felt sexual things so intensely if he hadn't denied her the pleasure of fucking him He wasn't interested in a relationship with her and that was part of WHY she wanted him so bad He knew that Deep down she knew that also He maintained control of her by denying her what she wanted but than he was also giving her what she wanted because she WANTED to be consumed by him The end was great because he LET her go It seems that he wanted to pursue other women and grew tired of her However to me it read that he had finally mastered her He had finally trained her completely and therefore the challenge was over for him and also for her There was never the promise of a emotional relationship and that is WHY she desired one We want what we can not have and it consumes usThe very end of the book shows he did care She has been released from him by doing the unthinkable Yet she is empty and forever changed He gave her away to the next person Someone who was gentler to her and respected her Yet seemed to be into the same type of relationshipThere is a bit of hope at the end of the story That this will be her loving healthy BDSM relationship Yet could she really have gotten there without his help? Without him demanding such out of her? If you read into the story than the obvious abuse you'll see a story of a woman discovering herself through selfabuse and desire You will see a story that so many of us have been through with or without the BDSM aspect How many of us have punished ourselves by wanting someone who uses us? How many of us have changed who we are in hopes of being what they want?How many of us have obsessed about what we can't have? The sexual parts were okay but the story was great

  6. Lorie Lorie says:

    EroticSeductive ArousingDark IntenseAfter finishing it’s easy to see why this book elicits very strong reactions –both good and bad THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE I repeat THIS BOOK IS NOT FOR EVERYONE It definitely separates the physical from the emotional when it comes to BDSM In no way is this a romantic BDSM novel so don’t be disappointed when the Dom’s true colors are revealed The level of submission is very deep and told from the Submissive’s point of view Elodie is a very intelligent successful married woman with a family who meets a handsome stranger she’s unable to resist HE introduces her to pleasure and pain she has never before known But how far will she go to keep HIM and at what cost? It’s disturbing how one person can have so much power over another – not physical control but psychological and emotional HIS ability to control Elodie and the level of emotional submission he is able to elicit from her is startling WORDS are HIS weapon of choice HE has the ability to create so much want and desire in Elodie and possess such control over with mere words Elodie knows this “relationship” is dangerous and that she should just walk away; but as she falls deeper and deeper under his control she’s unable to resist HIM becoming obsessed and almost addicted No one will ever treat you as I've treated youHE clearly separates his emotional relationship from his BSDM play even if they are with different partners HE is very clear in the fact this not a relationship it’s not an affair it’s merely a game where the only rule is to give HIM pleasure HE lacks sincerity and emotion toward Elodie The way he treated Elodie and things he made her do were humiliating and degrading HE does not allow her to contact HIM and ignores her for weeks at a time Even though Elodie is hurt by all this she is so enthralled with him that she continually rationalizes away his actions and treatment of her It was not hard for me at all to get into this book Despite the dark and intense treatment of Elodie I couldn’t put it down It is uniue and elouently written The writing is very descriptive and explicit but it never comes across as anything but tasteful and sensual And the secrecy of everything in the book including HIS name played into the dark mysterious erotic seductive feeling that is created Is this book for everyone? NO Does it have the ability to make you uncomfortable? ABSOLUTELY Are the scenes hot? YOU BETIs it one of the best BDSM books I have ever read? DEFINITELY

  7. Melinda Melinda says:

    I'm an open minded sort and I understand why this book is so hot What didn't work for me was her master's attitude I have to admit I only made it half way through this book because I couldn't handle the woman's lowering self esteem and his lack of real affection for her I think that you can have a masterslave relationship that can be full of humiliation and power tripping but also promote real affection within the relationship I don't mean love I mean affection and respect while at the same time behaving like you don't care That's my problem with this book He doesn't seem to care and he's vocal about it and that pisses me off I can accept that I might not understand the goal of SM and DS but I want the people to matter

  8. Jenna Jenna says:

    just finished this book it was amazing uick to read and very vivid with detail and well written I absolutely loved the fact that it wasn't hard for me to get into this book especially cause right now I am taking classes and don't have much time to read at the moment so i try to keep my reads simple and easy at the moment until textbooks stop becoming my focusanyone who is into the lifestyle and bdsm will enjoy this read

  9. innae innae says:

    Finished this last night and what a disappointment I kept hoping the book would move out of the drastically abusive relationship and get good but it didn't other than our heroine finally got the back bone to say NO I mean she asked Him to not make her do one thing the thing she had nightmares about the thing she dreaded over anything elseand guess what? he made her do it Yes he didand she followed throughdumb

  10. Christy Van Dam Christy Van Dam says:

    Never has a book infuriated me with a character until this one Elodie is a complete moron this is not a novel about normal subdom relationships The character in this book is mentally ill and needs help If you want to be pissed off and not turned on at all by her pathetic internal pleadings then by all means read this book If you're looking for a sexy novel on subdom culture and relationships then stay the fuck away

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