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Fix Her Up 375It’s uite possible I’m still blushing☺️I read all the reviews I heard it was a steamy read Yet I failed to believe a story revolving sweet little innocent Georgie having a long standing crush on a washed up baseball player could be a hot readWell ladies and gentlemanthe gloves are off Yikes Heed the warning I listened to the audio which gave it that much of a steamy air If this is your cup of tea I recommend the audio The narrators were a perfect match for the characters They did a fantastic jobI have the follow up Love Her Or Lose Her on hold at the library Just need to recover a bit from this one before diving back in Is it hot in here?💁🏻‍♀️ Once you read a Tessa Bailey romance there is no going back And FIX HER UP is not an exception because you will fall in love with Travis and Georgie instantly Instantly you are drawn to this marvelous cover and then you read the synopsis and you think WOW GIVE ME THAT BAD BOY RIGHT THIS MOMENT Let me just start this review by saying that if you have not read a book by Tessa Bailey then why are you even here? I mean why are you waisting your time by reading this review? Totally kidding maybe not I don't know But in all seriousness if you have not read a book by Tessa then I HIGHLY recommend that you start as soon as you can There is no denying that Tessa's writing is uniue in its own way The best kind of way that will have you drawn to the page making you crave and through every turn of the page every swipe you make every word you may listen With FIX HER UP she has gained so much respect than what I original had towards her because of how she describes the female main character—Georgie When you are first introduced to Travis and Georgie you do not expect the scene that you read That's how Tessa bring the BAM to the beginning of the story Known from their childhood and been neighbors who live in Long Island which is where I am from sueals and grew apart because of their own differences Travis becoming a professional baseball player whom throughout out ends up getting injured and his career comes to an end Georgie has known him since she was little the youngest sister of Travi's best friend Steven Always running around and following them as a child She always attended all his games Travis' biggest cheerleader Georgie became enad by him To him Georgie has always been Steven's little sister that no one pays attention to But after one hangover morning Travis' perspective towards her changes in the best of way She is now all grown up has bought her own house is a clown for a living YUP You read that correctly one of my favorite female characters of 2019 is a CLOWN FOR A LIVINGGeorgie is a clown for a living ladies a gentlemen it does not get better than this And I am not being sarcastic at all Seriously I am NOT I love that Tessa has created a female role in which she enjoys the perspective of entertainment for kids Yes it is a fictional story in a fictional world but I just adore how uniue her career is in comparison to other careers we read about in romance novels She is an independent individual in which is also another shot of perfection about this novel She is all grown up now but grown up in the best of way that Travis slowly learns to adore and love most about her The affection he has towards her charisma and attitude really warms your heart You just want to hug Travis you want to ravish him Of course in the best of ways wink wink But he is not only sweet he is this possessive jealous delicious and scrumptious of a specimen Seriously ladies and gents depending on your taste you will be enthralled at how lovable Travis truly is Especially when he is in awe of Georgie; He wanted to give her pleasure Wanted to protect her And fuck the conseuences he wanted to turn himself into her addiction The story plot itself continues after agreeing to a deal of being in a fake relationship for the sake of his career and hers as well Pretending turns into wanting between them both when it comes down to the emotional and physical side of a relationship Travis' restraint is at its thread or truly wanting Georgie while she is virgin who is still enad with her childhoodteenage crush Once they are together however everything around dissolves and it's only them two The witch craft that Tessa has with her writing is one that always fascinates me and truly does leave me flabbergasted And once you read their story your heart will forever be melted with Tessa's writingOverall FIX HER UP is a comedic romance novel that will forever be engraved to your heart Once you read Tessa's writing there is no going back There is no thinking Oh should I read it? There is only thinking adding to my TBR and my bank account is going to hate me laughs at own joke Thank you to Tessa for always being a sweetheart Long Island girls have to stick together in the best of ways ; ARC galley kindly provided by Tessa in exchange for an honest reviewFollow Me OnBlog ♕ Instagram ♕ Facebook ♕ Twitter “Dammit Georgie You had to be exactly what I need didn’t you?” Best romance of 2019? Probably Holy shit friends Fix Her Up blew me and every expectation I had out of the water I will say don’t let the cute cover fool you this book has many explicit sex scenes but it was some of the best sex and best dirty talk I’ve ever read in my entire life BRB buying everything Tessa Bailey has ever written But this is a story about two people who grew up in the same small town together But when one comes back five years later they both realize that maybe they can build a happier future with help from the other one ➽ Georgette Castle 23 An actual clown for children’s birthday parties and the baby of her family and they always let her know it by never taking her seriously no matter what she does➽ Travis Ford 28 Newly retired professional baseball player because of an injury But now he is very much struggling to be than just a baseball player especially after moving back to his hometown Both Georgie and Travis want to be taken seriously and they want to be than the expectations that are already placed upon them So they strike up a friendship agreement that starts off with a few meals some cleaning and a fireplace but eventually becomes a full on fake dating element so they can change what people think of them Travis wants desperately to look wholesome to the press so that he can get a job he wants and Georgie wants people to see her as than a innocent comic relief And obviously sex has to be completely off limits especially since Georgie is a virgin Which is something that they both start to find difficult yet Travis starts to realize that he might not want to be a steppingstone for Georgie Meanwhile Georgie knows that she wants things in life that Travis doesn’t want to give her And Lord the angst is real but it’s perfect and I was living my best life watching these two also figure out how to deal with their attraction Also another reason this book means a lot to me is because of the story as to why I picked it up Basically me and three of my best friends have a group chat that we constantly talk in throughout the day and Chelsea set that group chat on fire describing the first sexual encounter in this book So immediately me and Jane and Madalyn all went and bought the audiobook And we all listened together updating swooning constantly at our very different workplaces and I will remember and cherish that experience forever Fuck my friends are the best truly Overall this book was just perfect in my eyes and I completely expect it to make my best of 2019 list come December The dirty talk was 1110 the actual sex scenes were 1110 and this was maybe the best fake dating setting I’ve ever read in my life I am now obsessed with Tessa Bailey and I feel so blessed that I am able to read her entire backlist now Blog | Instagram | Twitter | Tumblr | Youtube | Twitch Content and trigger warnings for abandonment and an emotionally abusive parent Buddy read with Chelsea Jane Madalyn ❤ DNF CHAPTER 14 After several starts and stops its official I’m pulling the plug on my first Tessa Bailey I kept telling myself that if I just pushed through a little further at some point the story would really grab me At 182 pages that little exercise has proven futile So in the name of living reading my best life I think it’s time to cut my losses and move on to something worthy of my timeI can’t deny the uber cute smile inducing cover made it darn near impossible to stop the runaway train of possibility in my brain But as we all experience at one time or another the cover—no matter how great—is in no way indicative of the journey that awaits the reader It all comes down to the combination of words and the feelings those words happen to inspireI found Fix Her Up to be a recycled mix of one too many romance tropes told through a cast of characters I couldn’t take seriously and sorry to say all done with a bland delivery Bailey’s words lacked the charisma necessary to keep this finicky reader engagedAnd while there are bound to be hoards of readers who find virginal 23 year old Georgie uirky I’m not one of them How was I supposed to take the girl seriously when 1 she’s a clown are there even any children on planet Earth that like clowns any? 2 she’s never been on a date say what? and 3 she just realized after a childhood of hand me downs that she could shop somewhere other than the thrift store insert eye roll here? In Georgie's defense fix her up correlates to the growth she strives for in multiple facets of her life—career home and physical appearance improvements—not only the fake relationship that she lands herself in YawnThose who know me best know my inner giddy girl is not one to shy away from the steamy scenes BUT when that seems to be the only part of the story that’s managing to hold my interest it’s time to cut and run Although I’ve gotta say good ole “ Two Bats” really knows how to make a girl blush winkAs always this is simply the opinion of one reader; and a picky one at that You shouldn't let my thoughts hinder your own experience or keep you from delving into Georgie and Travis’ little scheme You never know this might be your next favorite Thank you to Avon Books for sending a review copy ♥ pros proposalcons baby girl he calls his dick two bats dude don't deserve her edit if you're going to be offended enough to shit talk me in a group chat and get all of your friends to block me because of this review that's a bit immature 1 star reviews and people's opinions aren't a direct attack against you grow the fuck up The best thing about this book is my reading of it got multiple people to remove it from their TBR's and lower their ratings I've read a lot of romance books in my time I've seen as many descriptions of a man's genitals as you could imagine I've heard the vilest things from a male's perspective But this book might be one of the worst I only read this because I heard the sex scenes were phenomenal but I was literally crying laughing throughout them It felt like a joke I wasn't privy to Were they part of Georgie's clown routine? me before this book i can't wait i've finally found another 5 star romance book i can't wait for the steamy sex scenesme after reading the first chapter Georgie is over her family and friends not taking her or her job seriously As a clown who performs at parties it's difficult for her to find someone who views her as an adult instead of a little kid Travis has recently injured his shoulder after a successful baseball career and is now in remission His team no longer wants him and he can't find a purpose any After he's offered a position as a sport's caster and discovers they're looking for a man who's settled down Georgie proffers they fake date Not only will it help with the job offer but she desires to expand her business and having a man by her side may make that easier Something I want to point out that irritated me personally was the depiction of Travis' shoulder injury I also have a torn rotator cuff except I'm not a professional athlete and have been denied treatment or surgery to dull the pain I've endured eight hour shifts in complete agony been told the pain is in my head by my own parents and doctors and forced to just live with it However poor little Travis is given multiple surgeries because he's an athlete and a little bump from Georgie makes him feel the need to rest for hours Not to mention he takes Advil for the pain Anyone with an actually torn rotator cuff can tell you that regular pain killers do absolutely nothing to dull the agony it leaves you in Absolutely nothing This is such a dramatic thing to be annoyed with but I haven't lived with this chronic pain since I was two years old to see a male act like it's no big deal even after he was privileged enough to receive treatment I'm fuming even thinking about the things I've withstood while he rests for hours after a little pain If you believe this is an insignificant thing to criticise a book for imagine being in agony for hours and withstanding it because people dismiss your pain Imagine a man getting treatment for it getting knocked a tiny bit then resting for hours Not to mention it was a pretty shitty representation Where do I begin with my critiues of the romance? Firstly Travis literally isn't interested in her until she 1 gets a haircut and wears tighter clothes and 2 another man takes an interest in her I don't understand how that's romantic in the slightest? It takes him a significant amount of time to realise his opinion should've been the same before she changed but I still thought it was gross behaviour With a handful of little sister tit 'Christ Georgie' He let her go like she'd caught fire but not before registering the fullness of her breast the way it tucked into his palm like a sweet little peach her nipple tightening on contact Y'all were really thirsting over a man who referred to a girl as his little sister during sexual acts He literally grabs her boob early in the book and says little sister tit LITTLE SISTER TIT Then during a sex scene he proceeds to think about her as a little sister again It's disgusting and I don't understand why it's supposed to be sexy Please read the above uote and acknowledge that he thought of her in a young sisterly way while TOUCHING HER BOOB and LIKING IT Again how is this romance? Why does everyone think it's sexy? Virgin or not you've thought about riding this dick or you wouldn't have dropped your skirt for me Tell me I'm right In addition I hated how Travis would constantly point out Georgie was a virgin and he was the first man to participate in sexual acts with her Even the thought of kissing her virgin lips and being the first man to claim her mouth had me cringing so hard I think I have a kink in my back now I despise the notion that all women in romance books have to be virgins and only have sex with one man in their lives while their male counterparts have slept with the entire population of a small country Sexual pain slashed across his face his body growing rigid 'Baby girl I pump against this pussy one time and I'm not coming anywhere but balls deep Those panties are history You hear me? You see how fucked up I am? An earthuake Her orgasm obliterated her twisting her loins like a pretzel and sueezing while her legs fought for purchase against the overwhelming nature of it My dinner came back up my throat multiple times while reading this book The sex scenes that everyone said were phenomenal were the most cringeworthy things I've ever read I sat in my bed with tears streaming down my face cackling uncontrollably because none of this was steamy It made me never want to read a romance book ever again The above uote wasn't even the worst of it But he'd get over that part They hadn't engaged in the main event so he probably just had some extreme form of blue balls If it meant spraining his fucking wrist he'd handle the problem sooner or later She was the epitome of wholesome Until he got her on her back apparently Nothing wholesome about how she came His dick pushed against the front of his fly and he cursed If I discovered a man had these thoughts about me I would fucking floor it to a separate country It's disgusting The sheer amount of references Travis made towards his hard dick was disgusting and off putting These characters are both constantly objectifying each other though I'll balance it out I don't think anything that seriously utters the phrase concrete buttocks should get than 1 star I'm serious Read the first chapter DON'T EVEN GET ME STARTED ON THE FUCKING BABY GIRL PET NAME I gagged It wasn't cute in the slightest It additionally helps that he always refers to Georgie as a little sister and a fucking baby girl What are you trying to tell us Travis?Romance aside this book was fucking boring beyond words The fake dating aspect doesn't begin until 40% with Travis being an absolute asshole the entire time only just learning from his mistakes The only thing I could appreciate about this was Georgie and Rosie's characterisation otherwise it was an absolute hellish experience My eyes are sore from rolling them back into my head so often This book has honestly put me off reading romance books And that's a lot coming from me I'm sorry if this review is abrasive and informal but I'm genuinely mad people advertised this as the best romance book of our time and it absolutely sucked ass I wish my expectations weren't so high for it then I would've at least given it a 2 star rating confession i was completely prepared to hate this book truly ive read pretty much nothing but bad reviews for this but like a car wreck i just couldnt stop myself from lookingso imagine my complete shock when it turned this wasnt a total car wreck of a story but a story that gives you the same feeling you get when you hit every green light just a constant go go go feeling of everything great humour and banter and love and friendships and woman empowerment and crazy hot baseball players like athletes have never really been my thing but wow travis could seriously get it the idea of the story isnt super original ive read countless variations of this story across multiple romance novels but thats why i liked it its familiar wholesome entertaining albeit sometimes cringy and comforting the writingstorytelling style actually reminded me a lot of ‘the bromance bookclub’ which i also adored so im excited to see what this series will offer next↠ 4 stars calling your dick two bats isn't cute 😣 Travis is a dummy bitchis he trying to be batman??? baby boy you could never 🙄🙄🙄🙄also Georgie from this book reminds me of Georgie from IT and the Georgie in this book is a clown but the Georgie in IT got eaten by a clown 🤡🤡🤡this book was boring and the only thing giving me motivation to read this were the sexy scenes 🤷‍♀️Travis is the actual clown 🤡I also cannot get over how he said “My dick aches so bad Make it stop” LMAOO it's just so funny Your dick is always aching It will never stop 😪this book was trashbuddy read w a Sol Re read 41820 I stan Georgie so hard wow This book makes me so happyRe read 71319 I know this book doesn't do it for everyone but it really REALLY does it for me It's SO CHARMING and SO FUNNY while also being SO SEXY and I just really fucking love it Also I would 100% die for Georgie she's just SO CUTEEEEEEEEE Honestly y'all everything about this book makes me grin from ear to ear and I'M NEVER GONNA BE OVER ITOriginal read 61319 Do not let this adorably unassuming cover fool you this book was NAUGHTY AS HELL and I loved it SO MUCH I buddy read this with Melanie and Jane and it was such a fucking great experience Brb while I immediately re read this bc I have a mighty ass need Holy shit y’all READ DIS BOOK After an injury ends Travis Ford’s major league baseball career he returns home to start over He just wants to hammer out his frustrations at his new construction gig and forget all about his glory days But he can’t even walk through town without someone recapping his greatest hits Or making a joke about his bat And then there’s Georgie his buddy’s little sister who is definitely not a kid anyGeorgette Castle has crushed on her older brother’s best friend for years The grumpy bear of a man working for her family’s house flipping business is a far cry from the charming sports star she used to know But a moody scowl doesn’t scare her and Georgie’s determined to show Travis he’s than a pretty face and a batting average even if it means putting her feelings aside to be “just friends”Travis wants to brood in peace But the girl he used to tease is now a funny full of life woman who makes him feel whole again And he wants her So damn bad Except Georgie’s off limits and he knows he can’t give her what she deserves But she’s becoming the air he breathes and Travis can’t stay away no matter how hard he tries New York Times bestseller Tessa Bailey launches a super sexy new series featuring the blue collar men who work for a HGTV es house flipping business

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