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Brazen and the Beast 4 1 2 opposites attract sizzingly starsDespite what the title suggests, this isn t really a beauty and the beast retelling it s about what beauty means when viewed through other s lens es In this story, the person who is considered by most to be empirically beautiful is also known to be the beast Really Like, that is what they actually call him First, some brief context In this series, there are 4 people referred to as the bastards They all share two things in common 1 they are illegitimate and, 2 they were all born on the same exact date The 3 men share a father the Duke of Marwick, but they each have a different mother Devil as he is known in Covent Garden but whose real name is Devon was born and immediately abandoned Beast known as Whit to those closest to him was born to a woman in the employ of the man who sired him and Ewan who was born to a courtesan And then there is Grace known as Dahlia to keep her identity safe , who was born to the duchess, but not sired by the duke Devil s story is told in book 1 book 2 is Beast s story.Saviour Whittington Whit is one of the aptly moniker ed Bareknuckle Bastards known simply as Beast The nickname is ironic in the sense that he is considered to be extremely attractive, but the name was earned in the boxing ring and because of the way he dispatches his enemies mainly those who threaten those he cares about and or who are in his employ Devil and Beast preside over the Covent Gardens of London where they are both paternalistic and authoritarian in their oversight of this shadier area of the city Devil is the silver tongued leader whereas, Beast is known to say as little as possible most of the time, he grunts his assent or disapproval Together, they run a successful smuggling business that provides jobs for many members of the Covent Gardens community Lately, however, someone has been intercepting deliveries and endangering the men the brothers employ, and Whit is determined to get to the bottom of it.Lady Henrietta Sedley Hattie is the daughter of an earl by appointment Her father has run a prosperous, above board shipping business and was awarded the title of earl for his lifetime But he has been showing his age lately, and Hattie is desperate for him to recognize that she is the right person to assume the mantle, not her younger and frivolous brother Augie who has zero interest in the business anyway Thus, she has declared her 29th year The Year of Hattie where she plans to execute a 5 point plan to get to where she wants to be in life And one of the first items on the list is to rid herself of her pesky virginity so that her father will stop insisting that she marry a titled gentleman and settle down As the story begins, Hattie is getting ready to venture to Covent Gardens in order to visit a brothel catering to women Imagine her surprise when she discovers a large, unconscious, and bound man in her carriage She quickly realizes that this must be the result of yet another of Augie s poor decisions, and she rouses the man with the intent of throwing him off her brother s scent by dumping him as far away from where her residence is that also happens to be on her way Covent Gardens Whit is not unused to waking up while bound in rope, but he is shocked to discover that when he does, it is in the presence of a woman And this woman is unlike any he has ever met before she is actually irritated with HIM for being in HER carriage and interrupting her important plans for the evening Her commentary is so outrageous that the man of few words can t help but engage in conversation to attempt to determine what she is about When she heaves him out of the moving carriage, he is surprised to realize he has landed in his own turf and decides to use his network of watchers mainly located on the rooftops to locate Hattie s whereabouts When he discovers that she is visiting the brothel, he is intrigued and can t help but pursue her, though he tells himself that it is only to discover who she is protecting as he knows she will lead him to the man that has been stealing his goods and injuring his people.Hattie has requested a specific kind of man to help her execute phase 1 of her Year of Hattie plans he must be of medium height and build he must be affable he must be charming and he must know what he is doing As she awaits the arrival of Nelson, the man that the hostess told her would meet her qualifications, she is shocked to find the man she just upended out of her conveyance step through the door and lock it behind him He is not at all what she requested he is definitely of a large build and height he is far from affable and charming and he is much too beautiful And she knows what he really wants information about her brother so that he can seek his revenge which is one thing she cannot give him After some negotiation, they come to a mutual agreement wherein Whit will be the one to relieve her of her virtue and she will make reparations for what has been stolen from him Obviously, this is strictly transactional relationship, and when it is completed, they each get something they want right What I liked Whit Beast is definitely swoon worthy yum The story was interesting and took a different spin on some well tread HR themes by combining a few of them and giving them some twists to make them feel new ish Loved the ancillary characters they made it fun and interesting, and they also brought out the main characters personalities in their interactions Steamy goodnessWhat I didn t like as much Hattie was an overall great h in terms of her determination and charming eccentricities one thing that made me crazy was that she kept putting herself down physically and refused to believe that someone as attractive as Whit would want her I get some insecurities would be present in this kind of situation, but it went on a little too long and felt a inconsistent with her otherwise confident attitude and behaviors This book sets up the next one which will be Grace and Ewan s story, and after reading books 1 and 2 in this series and knowing what Ewan has done, I am not sure what the author can do to make me actually like him as an HOverall, a really entertaining story with a spin on the beauty and the beast angle along with some action and sizzle Plot 4.5 5Main Characters 4.5 5Supporting Cast 4.5 5Steam Level 4 5Violence nothing graphicLanguage not egregiousPOV 3rd Note that steam level is not a rating so much as a how hot was it 0 5 clean 1 5 mild 2 5 sensual but nothing descriptive 3 5 now we re getting somewhere 4 5 yes please 5 5 they did EVERYTHING in this one, y all Well, that was better than the first book I still cringe at the mention of her terrible name, Felicity Faircloth but it wasn t as good as I hoped either Hattie was a very sympathetic character up until view spoiler she accepted some bullshit behavior on Whit s part hide spoiler I received an ARC from Edelweiss in exchange for an honest review What a colossal waste of time I fear Brazen and the Beast marks the conclusion of my relationship with Sarah MacLean It will take a LOT for me to ever read a new Sarah MacLean release The standard for historical romance has fallen so much that it s now deeply rooted in the earth, with no hope of it ever showing its face again I cannot for the life of me understand how or why this series is so well loved I can t It defies logic, just like the entire fucking plot of Brazen and the Beast If you ve read Wicked and the Wallflower, then you ve already read half of Brazen and the Beast There s no logic to the storyline the whole revenge and betrayal plot is copied exactly from the first book In fact, Devil himself muses over how he and Whit found themselves in the exact same situation Speaking of things that defy logic, Whit s solution for protecting Hattie and his arguments for the terrible first sex scene make NO SENSE Like its predecessor, 15% of this book consists of Whit growling, grunting, saying Christ, and moping around like a loser I suppose it s a family trait to communicate via growls, grunts, and bad poetry I did a word count and Whit says Christ 38 fucking times I m sure Christ himself is annoyed at this point.Whit is supposedly a terrifying man who goes by the nickname Beast Yet, this man spouts bad poetry to the heroine every single time he sees her His main method of communication is growling and grunting and guess what The heroine understands his growls and grunts after one week of knowing him.Hattie is a clever businesswoman a fact that is emphasized on every other page I fucking get it She s a clever businesswomam who turns into a silly girl when it comes to Whit She easily forgets about her rivalry and her goals when he kisses her She constantly goes back to her body plan when Whit is around, because seeeeex, amiright wink wink nudge nudge She also reminds us about her body plan in every chapter, just in case we forgot about it Hattie is another 21st century woman trapped in a historical romance heroine, just like the plethora of aristocratic businesswomen that are now prevalent in this genre But Sarah MacLean wins some points here because Hattie s background actually kind of fits with her aspirations she wasn t born an aristocrat and actually grew up on the docks and learned from father s business acumen So her aspirations make sense, unlike heroines in other historicals looking specifically at Kelly Bowen s latest series Howeverwhat s the point of Hattie being a businesswoman based on her own merits if Whit ends up buying everything for her And what was her original plan of inheriting the business if Whit hadn t come along Losing her virginity was the plan Makes No Sense All of this comes down to one point Sarah MacLean cannot write dark romance It comes across as silly, ridiculous, and cheesy She s trying too hard to be Kerrigan Byrne Her fragmented and choppy sentence structure is so damn overused There is really just one part of this book I liked the ballroom scene because that s what MacLean is good at But 99% of this book is just ridiculous, cheesy, and boring The ending is also rushed and so damn ridiculous A random character appeared, with no explanation whatsoever This whole Grace and Ewan thing leaves a terrible taste in my mouth I usually love anti heroes, but Ewan s obsession is so toxic and problematic He s willing to hurt innocent people, even attempt to murder his brothers Thank u, next.Anyway I m done ranting I m done with Sarah MacLean.P.S For those who are looking for newly published historical romances that are actually good, try indie authors or authors who work with small publishers Or, perhaps, give some debut authors a try. I think SM and I are done We are parting ways This is a modern, with a push towards inserting political and culture view points, dressed as a historical romance this stuff is not historically accurate or believable for the time period In my humble opinion And I found the dialogue writing style to be repetitive, silly, unbelievable and off I think that about covers it So it was fun while it lasted SM but unfortunately we need to part ways. How many times can this book say the word plan in it s description Seven Seven times. Obviously, I host Fated Mates with Sarah, so I m hardly an impartial reader BUT BUT BUT This book is fucking great I loved everything about it, especially Hattie Her determination to prove herself worthy of inheriting her father s company even though she s a woman is such a great plot arc And even though Whit respects her dream, I loved that she does not wait around for him to give her permission to do what she thought was right Whit is a delightful hero I am ALL ABOUT a romance hero who grunts than he talks, unless they re in bed This should be some sort of romance coefficient all of a sudden they re prolific dirty talkers in bed and I am HERE FOR IT I loved Wicked the Wallflower, but I like this one better It gets off to strong start and never really lets up Super hot, super feminist, super awesome. Brazen and the Beast was a solid historical romance with some pacing issues and other small problems that just knocked it down from great to good I think I liked Brazen and the Beast slightly less than Wicked and the Wallflower, which seems to be a bit against the grain from my fellow reviewers The ideas were all there, but it took me about a week to get through it, which isn t the best sign for me I really liked how Sarah MacLean made an effort to include a diverse cast of characters, including some queer representation I also liked the general idea of the story, which had an interesting plot line But all of those good things weren t quite enough My problems stemmed from the fact that I found the story to be quite repetitive I started Brazen and the Beast right after Wicked and the Wallflower, and so much of the plot line is rehashed in the second book that it was tiring to read For example, even though Haddie was the kind of character I could get behind, we didn t have to hear about how smart and what a good business woman she was on practically every page Whit was on and off with their romance, and it got to be too much I think the book could have been edited down to be a lot tighter and compelling Some great ideas, and some not as good execution, but I m still excited for the third book in the series Copy provided in exchange for an honest review goodreads instagram twitter blog I official own three copies of Brazen and the Beast and sorry not sorry I m keeping them all I re read my favorite book of 2019 via audio book, and let me tell you a grunting hero is a glorious thing to hear Hattie and Whit are my ride or die couple and I ll be re reading their story for years to come.Sheer and utter perfection I am here for yearofhattie, Carrick bend knots used for sexy reasons OMG JUST WAIT , and Beast, oh Beast.MacLean has done it again and I cannot wait for everyone to read this book Full review to come closer to the publication date.Thank you to the publisher for the advanced reading copy A lady determined to raise the sails on her own future inadvertently brings an underworld king to his knees when she discovers him trussed up in her carriage on her birthday Hattie wasn t looking for this man for her birthday, but he turns out to be her utterly perfect Beast Watching this savvy business woman fight for her future and for the man she loves is an absolute delight, and a must read, especially for fans of other historical romance authors who bring together the ballroom and the smuggler s den, like Sophie Jordan or Julie Ann Long If you haven t yet read Sarah MacLean, what are you waiting for 4.5 STARS What do you get when you cross a tall, dark, handsome and wealthy king of the underworld with a no nonsense and spirited hell of a novel This has to be my favorite book this year It had everything including the alpha anti hero Saviour Whittington is the bastard son of a duke and has had to drag himself from the savage streets of London But he is a survivor and becomes known as the Beast because of his fighting ability and protectiveness over those he cares about The man wears a bandolier of knives.I don t know what else to say about him except he is right up there with my favorite Lisa Kleypas hero boyfriends Hattie is a force to be reckoned with as she sets out to become an independent woman After all she is 29, unmarried and practically running her father s shipping business But of course she lives in a time when women are generally ignored and treated like second class She s has the ability, why can t she have it all Craftily writtenI read it in one sitting.I couldn t put it down I hated for the story to end I loved the interaction between Whit and Hattie Whit is a man of few words and what alpha man doesn t grunt Lol Example, any Kristen Ashley Book It should definitely be one to read You will not be disappointed. The Lady s PlanWhen Lady Henrietta Sedley declares her twenty ninth year her own, she has plans to inherit her father s business, to make her own fortune, and to live her own life But first, she intends to experience a taste of the pleasure she ll forgo as a confirmed spinster Everything is going perfectly until she discovers the most beautiful man she s ever seen tied up in her carriage and threatening to ruin the Year of Hattie before it s even begun.The Bastard s ProposalWhen he wakes in a carriage at Hattie s feet, Whit, a king of Covent Garden known to all the world as Beast, can t help but wonder about the strange woman who frees him especially when he discovers she s headed for a night of pleasure on his turf He isthan happy to offer Hattie all she desires for a price.An Unexpected PassionSoon, Hattie and Whit find themselves rivals in business and pleasure She won t give up her plans he won t give up his power and neither of them sees that if they re not careful, they ll have no choice but to give up everything including their hearts. [EPUB] ✵ Muerte en Hamburgo (Jan Fabel, Author Craig Russell – she has plans to inherit her father s business ❮Download❯ ➵ Jazz Age Stories Author F. Scott Fitzgerald – to make her own fortune [Read] ➮ Much Obliged, Jeeves Author P.G. Wodehouse – and to live her own life But first [KINDLE] ❅ The Wrong Blood By Manuel de Lope – she intends to experience a taste of the pleasure she ll forgo as a confirmed spinster Everything is going perfectly until she discovers the most beautiful man she s ever seen tied up in her carriage and threatening to ruin the Year of Hattie before it s even begun.The Bastard s ProposalWhen he wakes in a carriage at Hattie s feet ❰PDF❯ ✓ The Customer-Funded Business Author John W. Mullins – Whit [PDF] ⚣ The Affair ✯ Emma Kavanagh – a king of Covent Garden known to all the world as Beast ☆ [PDF / Epub] ★ Summer People & The Little House By Shirley Jackson ✩ – can t help but wonder about the strange woman who frees him especially when he discovers she s headed for a night of pleasure on his turf He isthan happy to offer Hattie all she desires for a price.An Unexpected PassionSoon ☉ [PDF / Epub] ☆ Beautiful Creatures By Lulu Taylor ❤ – Hattie and Whit find themselves rivals in business and pleasure She won t give up her plans he won t give up his power and neither of them sees that if they re not careful ❮KINDLE❯ ➜ Dr. Simon Forman ❤ Author Judith Cook – they ll have no choice but to give up everything including their hearts.

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