Scions Revelation PDF Ò Paperback

Scions Revelation I've got no words it's the best book If you have read all the others books you will love this one you will find all the answers to the uestions and beyond I wish there where books but I was very happy reading it highly recommended 3rd book in the series and definitely not meant to be read out of order This one follows Caine the younger wolf and second to Landon whose youthful changes to his Musk form the half man half were shape of the werewolf could become a permanent condition threatening to turn him zerker Caine meets a shy beautful girl named Emma who turns out to be than she seems Although raised as a human and believing herself to be one Emma is really a were panther a Velius genetically engineered as prey for the werewolves or Lupreda to hunt in the same way the Lupreda were bred as prey animals for the Sanguinas or the vampires Gotta love the 50 cent words for these paranormals I kinda digged it Anyway if you can follow all that you're doing well The story itself is a sweet sparkly romance between Caine who's worried about being permanently stuck in his Musk form and Emma who learns she's the last hope of her species to breed pure Velius Annoying points go to the whole delayed gratification thing between Caine and Emma who both think the other person is too good for them Caine and Emma just need to get over themselves and give in to the electricity between them Together they could probably toast a sandwich Another annoyance is the whole prophecy thing which overlays the whole trilogy like a greasy fairy tale The best part of the book is the trust and sincerity between Caine and Emma despite the tensions around them that threaten to tear them apart This series keeps getting better and I can't wait for Definitely the best in the series Each book seemed to get progressively better This book sees the prophesy to its completion It involves mostly the panthers and werewolves though the vampires get involved as well A fast fun easy read The plot is a bit deeper than the other books and the characters a bit filled out Although the first book was fair the series as a whole is well worth it It was a great and fast pacing read the book wasn't too long which was ideal at the time and you can really sink into it from the very first page It's a book I would actually read again Excellent action series with vampires werewolves and panther shifters oh my and those that love them Futuristic setting strong characters and page turning plots Read in orderScions1 Resurrection2 Insurrection3 Revelation4 Perception ebook Harleuin ebook store I didn't think it was as good as the first two books in the series but it wasn't too bad Now that Landon has resumed his position as the Lupreda Alpha with his female Alpha Kaitie by his side what's a second to do? Caine Grennard has no ideaTo keep from turning zerker half manhalf werewolf for the rest of his life Caine has removed himself from the Lupreda pact And the prophecy shoves it's lovely head into another life Drawn out of her sheltered life Emma Gray is forced to find her aunt when she is kidnapped Can the man with the than alluring scent help her? And if he can't can anyone?Life starts to throw Emma and Caine curve ball after curve ball as it often does Emma is kidnapped twice Caine rescues her only to have her find out he is a werewolf She seems ok with that until she finds out she too is differentEmma is a Velio A were jaguar that was made by the werewolves for something to hunt just as the werewolves were made to hunt for sport by the vampires Only Emma is one of two Velio that can shift at will and do not need an injectible drug to do so Will the prophecy ever be filled? Caine Grennard is a werewolf living among humans and lacking purpose until the night he meets a woman with an exotic irresistible scent A woman who might be his deadliest enemyWhen her aunt is kidnapped Emma Gray swears she'll do anything to get the older woman back Even if it means trusting the mysterious and sexy stranger named CaineBut is at stake than one woman's life Emma's past holds the last key to unlocking a prophecy Caine's clan is depending on The fates of both their clans rest on Caine and Emma trusting the impossible electric connection between them even in the midst of betrayal

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