Best Man for the Wedding Planner Marrying a Millionaire #1

  • Kindle Edition
  • 256 pages
  • Best Man for the Wedding Planner Marrying a Millionaire #1
  • Donna Alward
  • 23 February 2014

10 thoughts on “Best Man for the Wedding Planner Marrying a Millionaire #1

  1. Julie Julie says:

    Best Man for the Wedding Planner by Donna Alward is a 2018 Harleuin Romance publicationA dramatic very emotional and heartwarming second chance love story As a wedding planner Adele is always prepared for the unexpected But even she couldn’t have anticipated her client’s best man would be Dan the love of her life the man whose heart she broke years ago Dan can’t believe he is face to face with ‘Delly’ after all this time She still deeply affects him and try as he might he’s never gotten over her He never understood why she abruptly broke things off As awkward as things are Dan and Adele put on their best faces for the sake of the bride and groom However they keep running into one another with first one thing then another going south The attraction is still strong between them but Dan’s pain and bitterness occasionally breaks through Why did Adele leave him? Is there a chance they can put the past behind them and have a future together or has too much time elapsed? The trouble with fiction is that it makes too much sensewhereas reality never makes senseHUXLEYAdele was only in her early twenties when she received very bad news She felt the right thing to do the fair thing to do for Dan was to set him free However after all this time Dan is still single and can’t settle down For Adele whose upbringing was a little tough she is a firm believer in facing reality and despite her job of creating the perfect weddings for happily ever after futures she doesn’t think that applies to her Her reality is not the same and so she refuses to allow even a glimmer of hope to penetrate her heart or mind But maybe Dan is right Maybe ‘reality’ is over rated Amen and Hallelujah Dan is the man Too much ‘reality’ can make people blind to other possibilities cause them to stop trying to lose all faith and hope It can become an excuse to just give up to harden your heart to close your mind to settle for something less than to admit defeat It stymies creativity and imagination Adele was given a major life blow and believing herself to be noble made a cowardly choice Her ‘reality’ trapped her heart in a cage of fear that nearly cost her a chance to really live a full life No nothing about her original circumstances changed but she changed the reality of her circumstances and wow Just wow Working through conflict is tough Adele’s choices had conseuences that caused trust issues and yes there were high painful hurdles to climb over but because Dan and Adele took a chance a leap of faith and went out on a limb they found their way back to each other despite ‘reality’ The ending to this supercharged emotional story was so very sweet and touching It tugs on the old heart strings and I admit I may have blubbered a little The situation started off on a grim note with raw sad and painful emotions but I loved watching this couple work their way back to each other and finally finally getting that much deserved and long overdue happily ever after

  2. Kathleen Kathleen says:

    Thanks to author Donna Alward NetGalley and Harleuin Romance for providing me with a digital ARC of BEST MAN FOR THE WEDDING PLANNER Book 1 in MARRYING A MILLIONAIRE duet which provided the opportunity to read the book and write an unbiased review This second chance at love story was both heartbreaking and romantic with humour Adele Hawthorne Daniel Brimicombe and Harper were realistic enough to walk off the page and into my world and the plot was believable engaging and well developed I have been to Banff and the Rocky Mountains several times and enjoyed reading the familiar names of restaurants ski resorts and other landmarks Donna Alward a favourite author has once again written a romance novel that I could not put down I read this in one sittingThis 5 star romance is available on December 1 2018

  3. Ann Lorz Ann Lorz says:

    Reviewed for Romancing the Readers Blog how many authors there are out there it's always wonderful when you find those authors that no matter what they are writing you just love their stories That's how I feel about Donna Alward I remember before I started reading her seeing the covers of her books and thinkingsomeday Then she started a new series we all know how I hate reading out of order and I jumped on reviewing it Since then I've been enjoying her books I will admit that I didn't know anything about this book before I agreed to review it See I told you I liked her books Going in blind it's always easy When I started reading it and realized it was of less a second chance romance I thoughtoh no I'm being honest they aren't my favorite but since it happens a lot in romance I do read them Right from the start I fell into the story For me it was classic Alward Of course you need to read her to truly understand what I mean She writes these wonderful stories that are both complex and light hearted at the same time Right off the bat I loved both Dan and Adele Yes they both had their issues but who doesn't The past might not have worked for them but I liked how much they still had that attraction Sometimes timing isn't always right For them in the past it wasn't Now they are older and hopefully wiser Things change Adele is able to be honest with him and tell him her most hurtful secret I want to share this with you but I hate to ruin anything The author did a good job of not making the us and the hero wait till the end of the book If you would have the ending would have been way to rushed The way she did it opened up their relationship to another level I really enjoyed their story and was happy to be on the ride to true love with them Bumpy as this may have been it was well worth reading it Follow me on received for a honest review

  4. SuperWendy SuperWendy says:

    Despite conflict that is probably my second least favorite after Fated Mates in Romancelandia I inhaled this book in one sitting that's how much of a pro Alward is in the Harleuin Romance line Highly emotional and heartbreaking I appreciated that the author didn't drag out the heroine's Big Secret until the very end instead she spills the beans to the hero before the 50% mark the reader is clued in after only a couple chapters in This was a smart move and shifts the conflict in the second half to how if at all the characters are going to make their romance workThat said I have A LOT of baggage with infertility story lines I appreciated that we don't get a dreaded Miracle Pregnancy Epilogue but the whole I can never give him his OWN children thing sets my teeth on edge I did appreciate that the author actually talked about things that too many authors who write these sorts of conflicts gloss over the idea that you're still a woman even without the lady parts the idea that family is what you make it the idea that you don't need to push a child out of your birth canal to be a mother Butthis is me this conflict is a MAJOR hurdle for me andmeh I can recognize that what the author has done here is good even though it's not my jam

  5. Cathy Geha Cathy Geha says:

    Best Man for the Wedding Planner by Donna AlwardMarrying a Millionaire #2I really felt for both Adele and Dan as I read their story of love and loss that might have the potential for love in the future The two broke up before college ended and the reasons that it happened were ones I could understand but really wished had been handled differently BUT one cannot undo what has been done in the past because one lives in the present And that saidI do understand the reason for the decisions made at the time in spite of what I wished had happened insteadAdele is a wedding planner creating a perfect wedding when in walks the man she thought was “the one” when in collegeandhe is the best man at the wedding she is in charge of With virulent flu going around causing some glitches and a few other catastrophes averted with and without Dan’s help the two do eventually spend some uality time together and discuss not only the past but the potential of a future together It is not smooth sailing for either one of them but it is very realistic and times gritty and definitely poignant There were times I want to sit Adele down and talk to her and than one time I wish I could undo a few of the choices she made both in the past and in the present The fact that I felt and cared and became involved with the characters indicates the writing ability of this author and makes me realize and how much I look forward to reading each one of her books as they come outThank you to the author and Jenna Bayley Burke for the ARC – this is my honest review45 Stars

  6. Lis Carey Lis Carey says:

    Some years ago in their early twenties Adele Hawthorne and Dan Brimicombe were in love and looking forward to a family together Then Adele was diagnosed with cervical cancer It had spread to her uterus and she needed a hysterectomy No children everDan had a large happy family and looked forward like his siblings to raising his own large happy family Instead of telling Dan about her diagnosis and letting him support her through her treatment and make his own decision about whether he wanted to stick with her despite the loss of any prospect of children together she decided for him Convinced that he couldn't be happy without children and that he would nevertheless try to do the right thing and might persuade her she tells him her feelings have changed and breaks it offThey're both heartbroken but since they no longer have any contact neither knows how the other feelsNow with thirty closing in on both of them they meet againDan stayed in Toronto and went to work for a clean energy company He's now CFO and the youngest executive in the C suite Adele moved to Banff and started her own business as a wedding plannerDan is now best man for the biggest most spectacular wedding she has planned so far It's a shock to both him and Adele when meet when he arrives for the pre wedding preparationsThe next week is a wild roller coaster for themBoth Adele and Dan are good decent people And they're both being unfair Even when Adele finally tells him what really happened he still feels that he can't trust her because she didn't trust him and because she lied to him And Adele yes she did lie to him She didn't give him a chance and she couldn't bring herself to trust him to not resent her in the future to really decide whether or not he could accept a life without children of their own and tell her the truthNow it turns out Adele really does have reasons unrelated to this for having trust issues That's not Dan's fault And Dan isn't understanding just how traumatic the cancer diagnosis and the hysterectomy were for her That was upsetting for any woman but especially for a young woman planning on a familyThey've never gotten over each other They both tell themselves they've moved on but they haven't They both have a lot of issues to work through with each other and with themselvesAnd Alward handles it very very well This is a warm kind novel with people you can care about and not just our main charactersRecommendedI received a free electronic galley from the publisher and am reviewing it voluntarily

  7. Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) Misty (Reds Romance Reviews) says:

    In the midst of pulling off a dream wedding for a client Adele Hawthorne is is thrown for a loop when she meets their chosen best man Dan Brimicombe the same Dan that use to belong to her until she walked away from him eight years ago She thought leaving him was the hardest thing she had ever had to do but facing him again after all these years is by far worse on her heart especially when she realizes that there is still a lot of love in there for him The moment Dan's eyes landed on Adele he was taken with her all over again but his head isn't so happy to see her again it keeps telling him to run in the other direction She broke his heart in two eight years ago and since that day he has wondered what her real reason was for leaving he knows she wasn't being completely honest when she said goodbye He wants answers but he also can't handle all the sparks that start flying when she comes close so he decides to avoid her which happens to be easier said then doneBest Man for the Wedding Planner is a sweet little read that will do good things for your heart The instant I met these wonderful characters I found myself smitten and I couldn't help but root them on This was a refreshing change of pace for me with it's light and fun story line it kept me engaged and smiling Highly recommendI reuested an advanced copy of this title from the publisher and I am voluntarily leaving my honest opinion

  8. Isha Coleman Isha Coleman says:

    Her secret regret has become a life sized reality Alward has a way of turning heartbreaking moments into humorous tales of courage Best Man for the Wedding Planner is a laugh out loud don't forget your tissues irresistible find For every pond of tears there's a rainbow waiting to be born Alward shoots straight from the heart and helps us find that rainbow

  9. Marsha Keeper Bookshelf Marsha Keeper Bookshelf says:

    Reviewed at Keeper BookshelfSometimes we make decisions that feel right at that moment but in reality will stay with us for long long after the dust has settled Adele made such a decision years ago She did what she thought was best for the man she loved but in the end her choice hurt them both to the point where neither has found that type of commitment passion or love again with anyone else Each may have moved on but neither was truly done with the other Now almost a decade later they’ll face each other again and maybe find not closure but a second chance to get it right for them this timeThe people we’ll meet in Best Man for the Wedding Planner will break your heart and mend it again perhaps even better than before I won’t even call them characters for this story has such a realistic believable feel to it that I certainly was invested in Adele and Dan’s lives and future I “got” why Adele made that fateful decision I really truly did When you love someone you’ll put them first and that is what she believed she was doing but perhaps Dan should have had some say in that since he’s been left feeling betrayed with deep hurt and anger for years This wedding which seems to have one thing after another go sideways could be the perfect setting to finally get answers close the door on the past and maybe open another door to a future with possibilitiesI became so invested in this couple’s future that I’ve already pre ordered the next story Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate so that I’m guaranteed to not miss a thing in this emotional engaging saga Since I don’t often pre order books that perhaps is a very strong statement of how much I enjoyed this look into a very special couple’s love story If you enjoy a truly emotional romance with bits of humor some serious soul searching and a love that already has gone through so much then I’d highly recommend Best Man for the Wedding Planner for your need to read list I was seriously captured by this couple and I believe you will be tooI own a Kindle edition of this title

  10. Barb Lie Barb Lie says:

    Best Man for the Wedding Planner by Donna Alward is the 1st book in her Marrying a Millionaire duet We meet our heroine and wedding planner Adele Hawthorne from the start as she is in last minute preparations for a wedding Adele is in for a shock when the bride to be introduces her to the best man who happens to be her ex fiancée whose heart she broke three years earlier when she left himDan Brimicombe our hero is not too happy to see the woman who walked out on him Forced to say hello Dan still feels the hurt and anger seeing Adele He does treat her coldly but Adele understands and tries to keep her distance espescially since she never told him the truth about why she left Adele had a bout with cancer and walked away from Dan to save him the agony of what her future may hold; including the inability of having children When problems come up the day before the wedding Adele is beside herself as a bad flu is going around causing vendorsbakersbands to drop out Dan who discovers he still has feelings for Adele offers his help seeing that she is in over her head not to mention she is now getting sick As she accepts his offer to help their chemistry together is still hot but each try to hide how they feel but slowly a friendship begins which leads to them both knowing that their love for each other is still very much alive Can Dan trust Adele? Will Adele tell Dan the real reason she left?Best Man for the Wedding Planner was a sweet second chance romance which Donna Alward wrote so well This was a simple romance between two people who need to reveal their secrets and learn to trust each other Adele and Dan did made a great couple but earlier there looked like there would be no hope for them but true love can always bring people together If you enjoy sweet pure romances nice couple then I suggest you read Best Man for the Wedding PlannerBarbThe Reading Cafe

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Best Man for the Wedding Planner Marrying a Millionaire #1 The first rule of wedding planningBe prepared for anythingWedding planner Adele Hawthorne is prepared for wedding hitchesbut not for the best man to be Dan — her ex Thrown together at every turn Adele can’t escape their chemistry or the fact that her heart breaking reason for leaving him all those years ago hasn’t changed With just days before Dan leaves their winter wonderland can he convince Adele they still have something worth fighting forMarrying a Millionaire duet Book 1 — Best Man for the Wedding PlannerAnd look out for the next book coming soonBook 2 — Secret Millionaire for the Surrogate“A lovely setting well written characters and a completely believable conflict make for an engaging read” RT Book Reviews on Hired The Italian’s Bride“Love and romance artfully knitted in a well written story featuring family new traditions and how one successful woman forged a new path in life” Goodreads on A Cadence Creek Christmas

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