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  • Paperback
  • 208 pages
  • Die Känguru Apokryphen
  • Marc-Uwe Kling
  • German
  • 10 December 2015
  • 9783548291956

10 thoughts on “Die Känguru Apokryphen

  1. Auntie Terror Auntie Terror says:

    44 stars Not as funny as the original trilogy but still very entertaining

  2. Alicia Alicia says:

    why is it over why isn't there help

  3. Mel Mel says:

    the best so far

  4. Antonia Antonia says:

    Marc Uwe never lets me down

  5. Ronja Ronja says:


  6. Stefan Wittmann Stefan Wittmann says:

    Four stars might really be a little bit of a stretch since this is by far not the best of Kling‘s kangaroo collection of stories Nevertheless it is worth than three stars alone for the fact that again there are uite a few short stories in it that are really interesting to read and get you laughing and sometimes even thinking uite a bit It Was a nice and easy read in between and i really appreciated this collection of stories for exactly that Don’t expect too much but if you are a fan of Marc Uwe and his kangaroo then you obviously have to read this one as well

  7. Miriam Miriam says:

    I really liked the return to the format of loosely connected stories There's enough connection there to maintain a through line but the stories are fun to listen to on their own as well Kling and the Känguru have adventures of every kind again from arguing with Nazis to messing with missionaries to beatboxing about meat Marc Uwe somehow manages to take these events and transform them into hilarious stories and I for one am very glad he decided to publish these apocryphal stories

  8. Vio Vio says:

    Wake me up when the next kangaroo etc etcBtw did you know that ”joey” means baby kangaroo? Yeah yeah it is in Friends as well but I only got it from my extensive research on kangaroos on wikipedia hehe I liked this book a lot it's probably my second favourite from the series ;Also sort of 45 I'm gonna miss youuu But there is always a time to come backLook at me all nostalgic

  9. Kira Murasaki Kira Murasaki says:

    Listened to the Audiobook The author fakes the Kangoroos voice so funny and so cuteI loved all the Jokes There weren't eually funny but I wasn't even bored for a minute So sad that the series is over Can't wait to read the authors new book ^^

  10. Der_Joe Der_Joe says:

    cool but a bit short

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Die Känguru Apokryphen Sensation Sensation Archäologen haben in einem Geheimfach in Marc Uwes Schreibtisch neue Geschichten vom Känguru und seinem Kleinkünstler gefunden Dies ist nicht die Fortsetzung der Fortsetzung der Fortsetzung der Känguru Chroniken Triologie bleibt Triologie Aber ein anständiger Kleinkünstler hat natürlich eine Zugabe vorbereitet»Die Känguru Apokryphen« versammeln zum ersten Mal alle weniger bekannten Eskapaden des dynamischen Duos Episoden die zwar nicht im allgemein gültigen Hochkanon der »Känguru Trilogie« vertreten aber ebenso witzig sind Geschichten aus Anthologien Live Programmen und aus besagtem Geheimfach

About the Author: Marc-Uwe Kling

Marc Uwe Kling wurde geboren Er studierte an der Großen Akademie von Lagado wie man ein Haus vom Dach her nach unten baut Er hat über seinen Mitbewohner ein kommunistisches Känguru drei kapitalismuskritische Bücher geschrieben welche sich total gut verkaufen Außerdem macht er mit seiner Band „Die Gesellschaft“ Reformhauspunk und am Ende muss wieder der Steuerzahler für alles aufkommen Hey