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Golden Child A deeply affecting debut novel set in Trinidad following the lives of a family as they navigate impossible choices about scarcity loyalty and loveRural Trinidad a brick house on stilts surrounded by bush; a family uietly surviving just trying to live a decent life Clyde the father works long exhausting shifts at the petroleum plant in southern Trinidad; Joy his wife looks after the home Their two sons thirteen years old wake early every morning to travel to the capital Port of Spain for school They are twins but nothing alike Paul has always been considered odd while Peter is widely believed to be a genius destined for greatnessWhen Paul goes walking in the bush one afternoon and doesn't come home Clyde is forced to go looking for him this child who has caused him endless trouble already and who he has never really understood And as the hours turn to days and Clyde begins to understand Paul's fate his world shatters—leaving him faced with a decision no parent should ever have to makeLike the Trinidadian landscape itself Golden Child is both beautiful and unsettling; a resoundingly human story of aspiration betrayal and love A powerfully emotional reading experience I’ll forever treasureI was asked to organize a buddy read for this book by Goodreads and around the same time I was given the opportunity to join a blog tour I was all in Why? Because the first SJP for Hogarth book I read A Place for Us is one of the best most emotional books I’ve ever read and I would not miss her next choice I was not disappointed I also want to thank all my Goodreads friends my local friends and my blogger friends who joined me for this special read I read this book with friends in different time zones and countries and I’m sincerely thankful for the opportunity Golden Child takes place on the island of Trinidad The Deyalsingh family lives in a rural remote area of the island in a brick house on stilts right by the bush They live a uiet life one surrounded by family There’s a mother father and two sons twins Paul and Peter Immediately we learn that one is intelligent and successful while the other is limited cognitively and is “different” in some ways One day Paul goes for a walk in the bush and doesn’t return Clyde the father searches for him to no avail but thtough his journey he tells the story of how he has had his hands full with Paul How he has never understood him never truly bonded with him No spoilers here but Clyde is faced with a desperate decision one that not only broke my heart it pulverized it There is an emotional tone throughout the story I wanted to jump in and talk to Clyde tell him how to understand Paul better talk to Paul and tell him he is worthy no matter what people think of him I felt unsettled and on edge through the book as Clyde searches for Paul as we wait to find out his fate as we hope for answers Golden Child is a story of family betrayal aspiration and yearning for better and the limits we place on our love I’ve always been a BIG love kind of person and it was hard to watch those limits being enforced and observing the ramifications of that in this family Overall this was deeply affecting book that kept me thinking and honestly aching after the last page I enjoyed the discussions I had with each of my friends I learned about them and about the book through the discussion This type of book begs to be discussed with friends It’s too emotional to keep to yourself I received a complimentary copy All opinions are my own A special thank you to Goodreads CrownSJP for Hogarth and Claire Adam for the outstanding buddy read experience as well as to Berit Beth Linda DeAnn Jeannie and all my local friends for reading and discussing with me ♥️ My reviews can also be found on my blog wwwjennifertarheelreadercom Ok I’m not proud I will admit to reuesting this book on netgalley because of the celebrity tie in This Is the second book chosen by Sarah Jessica Parker under her new job as a publisher for Hogarth and I was just flat out curious to see what I thought of her book picking skills The story takes place in 1980s Trinidad Adam gets the mood exactly right the sense of lawlessness the lack of societal safeguards Guard dogs patrol everyone’s yards A teenage boy walks off after school and doesn’t return His father alternates between being worried and furious Anyone who has raised teenagers understands his emotions exactly The book then takes us back in time Paul is one of two twins While being born the cord wrapped around his neck depriving him of oxygen and leading to him having learning disabilities His brother Peter on the other hand is a genius We learn all about the struggles the family endures trying to give each son eual opportunities despite their different abilities It’s not until the ⅔ point that Clyde is faced with his big decision And it’s so obvious what is going to transpire that there was no sense of suspense The last third of the book is heartbreaking but predictable So great sense of place but beyond that I was less than impressed My thanks to netgalley and SJP for an advance copy of this book The premise of a favored child isn’t a new one but this story is uniue and set in Trinidad Twin boys are born Peter and Paul Peter is the family’s golden child the brilliant one with a bright future All of the family’s hopes and dreams for the future are pinned on him But Paul is different and difficult and branded “retarded” although he is not from oxygen deprivation during a difficult birth It’s 1980’s Trinidad and lawlessness prevails The family is of modest means and every day is a struggle to survive Dangers lurk everywhereOne of the strengths of the story is the strong sense of time and place I admit I knew little of Trinidad until I read this book The hopelessness and struggles of the family are beautifully conveyed Every culture and family has certain belief systems and while they may be difficult for us to understand I felt empathy for this family This a difficult book to talk about without spoilers but there is a pivotal moment in the book that is difficult to fathom and which broke my heart The painful choices of a family living in poverty and under constant threat is easy to judge if we have not walked in their shoes It’s not a book that is enjoyed in the traditional sense but it is one that grew on me and one I pondered after finishing• Many thanks to the publisher for a free copy of the book via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review Myths of family something a familyy strongly believes which allows them to act and to make the decisions they feel are right The Deyalsinghs of Trinidad both Joy and Clyde the descendants of Indian immigrants have two sons teins Peter and Paul Though they love both Paul is considered slow due to deprivation of oxygen at birth Peter is the gollden child the smart one headed for success When the book opens a teenage Paul is not to be found Claire Adams our author was born in Trinidad so it is not surprising that her descriptions of the area the food the political climate and family dynamics are so ably portrayed In this book a very important decision has to be made one no parent would have to make but what leads up to this decision is the Crux of the novel We gain a keen insight into not only the characters but also the way this family lives and how their relationships are formedOne knows they have been strongly pulled into a book when one finishes the book and it leaves them both sad and angry It also refuses to leave my mind as I as a parent so strongly disagree with some of the actions within and the decision made Enough said read it for yourself and see how you feel and what you think about what you readA mid month read with my reading buddies Angela and Esil As usual enjoyed our discussionARC from Edelweiss It’s hard to write about Golden Child without giving too much away I thought it was a superb little book but boy does it dredge up a lot of strong emotions Set in Trinidad the story focuses on Clyde and Joy and their twin sons Peter and Paul Peter is exceptionally academically talented Paul was born with his umbilical cord around his neck which leads his family to refer to him as retarded The ensuing family dynamics and unfolding events are heartbreaking and not for the feint of heart or for those who like tidy moral endings But I was very impressed with how Adam tells this story She brought me right into the characters' heads and into their world on the island of Trinidad This is a book with a strong sense of character and place that left me with strong emotions This was also a great book to read as a buddy read with Diane and Angela Thank you to the publisher and Netgalley for an opportunity to read an advance copy A beautiful and unsettling tale alive with cultureClaire Adam’s debut is a story that will transport you to 1980s Trinidad with its descriptive writing I found the tropical setting of Trinidad to be uniue and fascinating The juxtaposition of the beauty and corruption was simultaneously disconcerting and alluring A Book that I believe will stay with me for a long time a book that asks many uestions and begs to be discussed I was so grateful that I had both my mom and my good friend Jennifer to talk about this book with after I finished There are some heartbreaking decisions made in this book but I believe the difference in culture and time had something to do with some tough choices I strongly encourage you to fine one of your best reading buddies and read this mesmerizing book1980s Trinidad a family of modest means just trying to survive Clyde the father works long hours at a petroleum company doing his absolute best to support his family Joy the mother stays home and takes care of her family twin boys Peter and Paul Peter is the golden child not just smart but a genius Paul was born with the cord around his neck depriving him of oxygen and ultimately leading to a learning disability Joy did what she could to make sure the boys were treated eually something that Clyde struggled with Cultural differences and an ill euipped school system lead to Paul being treated poorly something that was hard to read The family is ultimately face with a heart wrenching decision with no good answers The other people surrounding the family as well as Trinidad itself really lend a lot of conflict to this story The extended family does not always have the best of intentions and they are connected to some pretty shady people The corruption and crime of Trinidad also is a huge factor in this storyI was completely swept away by this compelling story The characters were so well drawn and colorful The storyline was very thought provoking and evoked many emotions I thoroughly enjoyed every minute I spend with this family on this island even though at times it was extremely uncomfortable and distressful A powerful story I won’t soon forget I absolutely recommend🎧🎧🎧 this was one stunning audiobook that absolutely further immersed me in the story Obi Abili brought so much island flavor to the narration with his melodic island accent Seriously I could listen to him talk all day long 🎵🎵🎵 Song Running Through My Head One love one heartLet's get together and feel all rightAs it was in the beginningSo shall it be in the endLet's get together and feel all rightLet them all pass all their dirty remarks one loveThere is one uestion I'd really like to ask one heartIs there a place for the hopeless sinnerWho has hurt all mankind just to save his own?Believe meOne love one heartLet's get together and feel all rightAs it was in the beginningSo shall it be in the endOne love one heartLet's get together and feel all rightLet's gethttpsmyoutubecomwatch?vvdB 8eL A huge thank you too SJP for Hogarth for my copy of this book Instagram|Twitter|Blog| I really wanted this to be very good after having read the first SJP for Hogarth pick and loving it but this was sorely lacking for meThis novel was set in Trinidad and it did give a real sense of place and life there and I was uite enjoying it at first the story of twin boys born with one twin having difficulty from the start and ending up labeled as retardedThis is the story of their life growing up in this place and the family dynamics that surrounded them how one twin was favored and an impossible decision that had to be madeThank you to Netgalley and SJP for Hogarth for the advanced copy 35 stars rounded upThis is the second book I’ve read this year with parents treating their children differently believing that one over the other has a better chance at a successful life believing that one is better than the other An awful thing really especially when a choice results in dire conseuences a choice that I could not imagine in a million years making a choice that in my view never had to be made a moral dilemma which I found difficult to even see as a dilemma Clyde seems to be barely getting by in a job at a petroleum plant living with his wife Joy and their twin teenage sons Peter and Paul in an old house in Trinidad Recognizing the importance of an education and a way out for his son Peter who is singled out at school as not just smart but gifted Clyde focuses on what it would take for Peter to go to college and through the generosity of an Uncle this could be possible Paul who had the cord around his neck at birth has been deemed “retarded” and “crazy” is considered so by his parents I couldn’t help but think that Paul hasn’t done well because it wasn’t expected that he would Paul for me was the most clearly defined character and it was a shame that his family did not see him for who he really was It’s hard to tell about what happens without giving the story away I can only say that I was heartbroken and disturbed Perhaps this is meant to give us an understanding of life on this island Trinidad and while the author does a good job of taking us through Clyde’s thoughts and his perspective I just could not begin to understand his decision let alone accept it This was a difficult read on an emotional level so I’m glad that I read it with Diane and Esil I received an advanced copy of this book from Sip for HogarthCrown through NetGalley 35 StarsSet in 1980’s Trinidad this gives the reader a somewhat raw but complete sense of time and place and the ins and outs of the life of this family Twin boys who are thirteen as this story takes place Paul was oxygen deprived during birth that affects his learning and the other twin Paul who excels in school and considered to be intellectually gifted As such Paul tends to get “positive” attention from those around himTheir home sits surrounded by bush set up from the ground on stilts and their life has been good but not easy The father Clyde works long hours the boys travel far to attend their school in Port of Spain while Joy the wife mother takes care of their home and them There are dangers outside that they are aware of but they are careful to lock their doors and take precautions when outside And then one day Paul doesn’t come home as the afternoon fades into evening so Clyde goes looking for him internally focused on how much trouble this son has caused him already all the worrying he puts them through He eventually gives up calls off his search for the evening and returns home focusing on the retribution coming Paul’s way when he finds him While I didn’t love this I felt this debut novel showed a lot of promise The lovely descriptive writing of the place was the highlight for me but the story – which should have been incredibly moving – seemed to be told in such a matter of fact way that the “telling” seemed somewhat devoid of emotion Golden Child is the latest SJP for Hogarth selectionPub Date 29 Jan 2019 Many thanks for the ARC provided by Crown Publishing SJP for Hogarth

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