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The 7 Second CV A good also a fun bookBut there are a lot of things that were not much needed I'll say Few things are over explainedBut still informative and also appreciated It is a concise and very informative book I really liked the outline of the book and how the information present to the reader Thus it was not a compelling book to follow It is a book that covers all the essential process of making a good CV and also the tips and tricks part that I learned a lot It also mentions the subtle errors that we don’t care a lot when we make our CVs All in all this book taught me a lot of good information in a very concise way And made my learning process from reading very efficient due to its low number of pages I do recommend definitely it A great book for anyone excellently written I can't think of a demographic which wouldn't take away from this Regardless if you're a school leaver revamping the CV or returning into work; this book is literally aimed at everyone I have recommended it subseuently to a friend who is looking to move roles after 10 years with the same company Thank you to Netgalley and the publishers i will continue to recommended this one This is not my usual book but after recently reentering the job market I was looking for a way to revamp my varied CV and the idea of a 7 second CV really interested me And who better to take advice from than the Chairman of Reed I went into the book expecting it to be mumbo jumbo about buzz words and fonts but it isn't It doesn't spin yarns or bulk itself up This book is a no nonsense look at the CV and how tailoring it can not only get the whole thing read but can get you the interview As I have previously worked in social media I liked how Reed addressed the use of it as a tool for the job hunter It was also nice to see the practical advice from those doing the actual hiring and from the industries as a wholeGrab this book for an evening read then dive into that CV revamp Thank you to Netgalley and Virgin Digital for the chance to read and review this book Write a killer CV and land your dream job It takes an employer just seven seconds to save or reject a job applicant’s CV In this book James Reed – chairman of REED Britain’s largest recruitment company – offers invaluable and specific advice on what employers want to see in the CVs they receive and how you can stand out from the crowdUnlike other career development books the honest advice presented here has been compiled from one to one interviews surveys and countrywide workshops across REED’s network of recruitment consultants This book is an accessible and enjoyable read intensely practical and packed with pull out uotes layout examples and tipsFind out what future employers are looking for and take the first step to start loving Mondays again Solid advice about what recruiters are looking for and how to create a CV which shows why you are the best candidate for the job Having been a hiring manager myself I can definitely agree with many of the points brought out in this book At the same time nothing really surprising or groundbreaking If you are preparing or thinking about preparing a CV what could you want then tips from the Chairman of Britain’s largest recruitment agencyNice easy read with practical advice garnished from industry surveys and many many years of domain experienceThanks NetGalley and Penguin Random House UK for a review copy I enjoyed the book Easy to read and with good tips More specific for those jobseekers in the UK A bit too basic How to Write an Amazing IT Resume Get the Interview Every Time by Baron Fendler was comprehensive and relevant This is a really useful book to help you craft a CV that will help you nail the interview of your dreams Really useful tips and tricks and a book I will share with others

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