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Give Me Your Answer True The Fish Tales #2 What I feel has no name Suanne Laueur's award winning debut novel The Man I Love thrilled readers with its memorable characters and depth of emotion Erik Fiskare's journey of love recovery and forgiveness captivated hearts but also left uestions unanswered Now Daisy Bianco has a chance to tell her story It's been three years since a single lapse of judgment cost Daisy the love of her life Erik was a conduit to her soul but now he's chosen a path of total disconnection refusing to speak to her or acknowledge her betrayal Alone and shattered Daisy attempts to take responsibility for her actions while building her career as a professional dancer in New York City But Erik's unforgiving estrangement proves too much for her strength Plagued by flashbacks to the Lancaster shootings she falls into a dangerous spiral of self harm cutting into her own skin as a means to atone Only the timely appearance of an old friend John Opie uillis saves her from self destruction and gives her a chance to love again Laueur skillfully weaves flashbacks to the college years with Daisy's present life Supported by John's patient affection she works to separate her evolution as an adult from the unresolved guilt and grief of her youth As her professional accomplishments lift her out of depression Daisy learns to hold onto her accountability without letting it become her identity Years pass and she builds a beautiful life filled with dance and friends Lovers come and eventually go leaving her on her own with the old thought Come back to me In this parallel narrative Laueur peels open the beloved characters from The Man I Love to reveal new and complex layers of vulnerability The scars from the shooting are deep and pervasive within this circle of friends Like Daisy they are trying to evolve without being fully resolved But when uestions from the past go unheeded you alone must find and give your answers trueOne doesn't read Laueur's novels you experience them These characters are like people I know and I'm not going to forget them any time soon Emma Scott author of RUSH Laueur crafts these characters and knows their ins and outs and bones and blood so well As readers we are sucked into their lives We feel what they feel We ache when they ache We cry when they cry And we miss them desperately when the story is over This is the gift Laueur has given to us with her writing Mary Frame author of of Imperfect Chemistry and Imperfectly Criminal Laueur has a way of getting to the essence of a scene or character with just a few words carefully placed They're gorgeous and sad filled with hope and hopelessness and fully intent on drawing you in Give Me Your Answer True is the kind of book you think about long after it's over Kayti Nika Raet author of The Monster Chronicles Five stars Give Me Your Answer True is further affirmation that Suanne Laueur is a truly gifted writer and knows how to create lasting memory through her superb storytelling ability Diane Lunsford Feathered uill Book Reviews This isn't really a review This is a love note directed at the author Suanne Laueur Your writing is flawless Addictive Clever Poetic The characters you've created are the most beautifully flawed yet perfect characters I love their story I love their growth I love where you took Daisy's story And I'm sorry I ever doubted you I wasn't sure I would understand her any Or even like her again But all I know is the emotions I felt reading this and the tears I shed throughout and at the end of this book just prove what an incredibly talented writer you are As I said in my review for the first book The Man I Love this story needs to be experienced by EVERYONE Never have I come across a story or characters that have felt so honest and so REAL If you want something SMART thought out romantic raw and beautiful This series is it Find Me OnInstagram ❤ FB Page ❤ FB Blog ❤ Blog EXCERPT“Can I see your ring?” she asked David pulled the puzzling band off his index finger and handed it over“Funny” he said as he watched her play with it “That day”She smiled “The day Capital D”“If I could go back and do it over Marge I swear I would”“I know” she said “Me too” They went uiet a few minutes their heads moving in unconscious rhythm to the reggae playing over the speakers“I don’t remember much from the fight” David said “Two things really Three One being shocked Erik had that kind of fight in him I’d never seen him touch anyone male or female with anything but kindness or love or respect The strength of his rage Jesus I didn’t know who he was”“Me neither”“And I let him That’s the second thing I didn’t fight back I just tried to shield my most breakable parts and let him have at it Mostly because I deserved it Partly because” His voice broke apart and he looked off to the side tears tracking down his faceDaisy put the ring down and reached to sueeze his fingers“Because I didn’t want him taking it out on you When you You tried to grab him and he pushed you off and you went flying back on the floor I thought My God he’s gonna kill her too And I hit him then To get him to refocus on me”She put her other hand on the pile of their fingers“What’s the third thing?” she asked softlyDavid took a long swallow of coffee “He was punching the shit out of me and he said something Like ‘She’s the last good thing you’re going to feel in your life’ And for a long time he was right It was like he cursed me Nothing and no one felt good for” A small chuckle in his chest “Many moons”“Me too” she said “I almost envied you getting beat up like that I had to beat myself up For too many moons”He freed one of his hands and pushed a strand of hair out of her face “We made it though”“We did”“Wherever he is and whatever he’s doing Dais I know he still loves you”She shrugged and looked out the window“Trust me If I still love you he still loves you If I go we all go I got my hands on the curtain rope remember? Nothing happens until I pull”She laughed and picked up the puzzle ring again “You love the last moment You just want to get there not be there”He smiled “Over the years I’ve learned to make friends with the destination” You can read my The Man I Love 1st book review with this link “I have so much to tell you” he whispered against her face “And not enough time”“We have nothing but time now” she said “Come lie down with me Tell me everything We’ll talk forever” Perfection My God I feel like I'm on the emotional rollercoaster since I start to read this series This books were on my Kindle very long time and they were been waiting to be read And my god Why I waited so long to read them? How I lived my life without knowing this beautiful and broken love story? How? Because since I start to read The Man I Love I literally lost myself on those pages And if someone told me 5 years ago that one book will change you for the rest of your life I'd never believe it but since I start to read Erik Daisy's story all I ever think is to read devour this books Forget about eating sleeping because Erik Daisy literally taken over my life and all I want to see their happy moments They deserved this or I need to see their finish line with a happy end because I simply want to see a fictional character's happiness Is this sounds silly? Maybe but I've had through a lot with them while I was reading their story and after a while I felt like that I'm the main character in this books and God dammit I deserve a freaking HEA So yeah I really really lost myself on those pages 3 I loved The Man I Love so much and I'm still thinking about it But I loved this one too It was so overwhelming to read feel Daisy's thoughts What she lived what she felt during that horrible times My God I ugly cried so many times in the middle of night all alone in my living room with her and she really broke my heart And this book really ruined me but from first page till the end I tried to survive with Daisy too 'I'm really lost of words now but all I can say to you please just give a chance this amazing phenomenal beautiful books Believe me you'll never ever regret for reading them and just like me you won't be the same person after you finish this series 3 “It feels like your darkest time But I think it’s going to be your finest hour” This book is a MUST READ addition to the series Do NOT skip this It provides a panoramic view of the storyseries and IMO is NOT to be missed It's not a retelling of book 1 from a different POV You are privy to moments you never get to see in the first instalment and it adds even depthlayers to what is already an incredible story of love heartbreak friendship survival second chances life family everything in between From her uniue covers to her exuisite way with words there isn't one thing I don't love about this author In a sea of 'same old same old' Suanne Laueur is a life raft of original goodness The only downside to having read and enjoyed her stuff you literally can't move on because nothing else compares so what the hell am I supposed to read when I am done with The Fish Tales?? BR with my darling friend and fellow Suanne appreciator yes I made up a title for you girl ♥ Jx PinkLady Reviews ♥ 45 starsPart of you still feels him Because you never detached You never fell out of loveI normally skip the retelling books but I felt like I needed to get inside Daisy’s head Needed an answer to my whys I needed to listen to her part of the story To understand herHonestly I couldn’t blame Erik for his decision For me cheating is cheating Nothing to justify Whether someone chose to forgive a cheater or not it’s up to them It doesn’t make him a bad person if he’s unable to forgive I was so annoyed with how everyone was against Erik and complaining about how “heartless and unforgiving” he has become I couldn’t see that I was totally okay with how he reacted I didn’t blame him Yes maybe he should have at least heard her side but I don’t think it would have made a difference I didn’t like how everyone was against what he did wondering “what happened to the sweet boy” Erik is such a good honorable person If there’s one thing I could blame Erik for it’s how he ended things with Will I feel like Will is the only one who get to be mad at Erik for how he ended things with him”Thank you for saving what I threw away” he said“I threw it away” she said“You dug through the garbage to get it” he saidEven after reading Daisy’s side I still sided with Erik I would have been beyond annoyed if he had forgotten and forgave Daisy so easily Daisy is not a bad person She was just in a bad place And she took bad decisions And she had to pay for them I was angry with her for doing such a thing I felt like she has betrayed ME Not just Erik or their relationship I respected her when she admitted making a mistake She didn’t make excuses for herself or try to justify it or throw the blame on someone or something else She took the full responsibility for what she did It feels like your darkest time But I think it’s going to be your finest hourEven though I loved the first book I still loved this one Maybe it’s because I just felt for Erik Still I felt like I had to give Daisy this chance To tell her story And it was heartbreaking Her pain was self inflicting and she had to live with that This series and those characters are so real and human I loved it”With Erik it wasn’t love More like a knowing A feeling”Song recommendationDaisy bell by Nat King ColeTiny dancer by Elton John I'm so in love with this story This book both breaks and makes my heart Transcendental and beautiful Like the perfect song that makes you cry and laugh at the same time “I’m sorry I will always be sorry I love you I will always love you And” Daisy drew in her breath “And I’m forgiving myself” Man this was good Really really good Couldn’t stop reading didn’t want to stop reading And I still want so much These characters I just love them I feel so strongly about them I have so many thoughts so many feelings so bear with my ramblings The ending of this book is everything btw The ending delivered like a champ So Daisy Daisy Daisy This is Daisy’s POV of the events of The Man I Love And you must think? Is this really necessary? Do I need the same book told in a different POV? I know I’m not a fan of this eaither But let me tell you when it comes to this series and these characters my answer is a resounding YES YES YES YES yes you need to hear Daisy out cause there’s two sides to every story and Daisy’s journey is uite the ride I think I needed Daisy’s POV Not to help me understand why but to help me connect with her While I was on Erik’s POV I always wondered how she really felt about him Was this all one sided? Definitely not I also hadn’t uite realized that the magnitude of Daisy’s loss was far greater Her teachermentor her classmates and dance mates all gone Her partner gravely wounded Her tribe was practically gone I totally felt for Daisy and what she lost and went through The other thing we are privy to in this book that we didn’t see before is Lucky and Will’s story How they struggled how they fell apart The amount of time they too spent apart and how they found their way to each other As with TMIL the secondary characters are so awesome you can’t help but be invested in them as well I loved the way the story was told the non linear parts with the flashbacks and the therapy sessions were all fantastic ways of telling Daisy's story and separating it from Erik's I have no doubts these two characters are total soulmates I loved the way both Daisy and Erik were basically feeling the same for each other since the first time they saw each other And even when apart for so long they still longed for each other so much Le sigh As with TMIL all the parts about their relationship and them falling in love made me super giddy At the same time all the hard parts made me so sad And that long separation was eual parts heartbreaking and maddening The truth is I never believed in love at first sight Love is built over time it doesn’t magically appear ready made And even connection at first sight? Recognition at first sight? I don’t think I believed in those either But I walked into the booth and” “There he was It was him” Remember I love the book But I still feel so rant y about the events that transpire in both books It still hurts that Daisy messed everything up by sleeping with David I still think her reasons were bullshit And I’ve struggled with my feelings about this and why does it bother me so much I think it’s because up to that point their love story had been so beautiful and spectacular even after tragedy And they seemed to be so in love of the forever kind and she basically threw that away in the most spectacular way With David of all people ugh My mind just can’t reconcile that Although I think I now understand Daisy better she was at her lowest and self loathing is a bitch but her reasoning is still BS lol And why on earth she didn’t go to his house Like ever Ughhhh I need to stop thinking this through It’s done I did like David a tiny bit in this book and I definitely liked him than Opie sorry not sorry 😊 Speaking of Opie John whatever I’m definitely not over her dating Opie Ok I digress I don’t like it but I get it He was there when Erik wasn't and she was curious and starved for that kind of attention True story once a long long time ago my boyfriend now husband broke up with me and I was heartbroken But there was this guy This guy I knew that was completely into me We ran in the same circles and I think he was just waiting in the wings until I was single and as soon as I was he made his moveand I let him I was sad and heartbroken and loved the attention Didn’t last long even though I tried so hard to feel the same way about him I just couldn’t Plus he knew my ex and was always reminding me how much of a better catch he was so he obviously knew what he was getting into But honestly? he was really a placeholder for my one Who eventually came back So I’m just going to say that I didn’t care one bit about John because in this story he was just a placeholder ha To uote Daisy “She often got the feeling they were acting in a play This jacket didn’t uite fit her” That is exactly how it felt Plus he was an idiot and a child and I don’t care how much he “loved” her meh He knew exactly what he was getting into and still did so not gonna lie loved it when it finally ended I couldn’t care less about him and will pretend that reunion at the 10 year anniversary didn’t happen Daisy seemed to have had a few other placeholders Trey which I definitely liked way than Ray Another placeholder just like Erik’s wife was Had zero attachment to her Sad but true I think what bothered me in both books is that I had to read every detail about it when I rather have notAlso still don’t understand why they waited 12 years I’m sure I never will and I’m sure I’ll always have those feelings But you know what? That’s a testament to Suanne’s wonderful writing It makes me feel that strongly about fictional characters If I hadn’t cared I would’ve been indifferent to all of this Wouldn’t even be writing this dissertation for sure And that my friends is what makes a book wonderful in my humble opinionThrough it all I enjoyed Daisy’s side of the story I felt a lot I also felt terrible for her and how she lived with all that self loathing and her unresolved grief Those times when she called herself stupid were simply heartbreaking And I discovered that Daisy is my favorite kind of heroine after all She owned her mistakes like a champ She grieved she groveled She made no excuses for herself or her behavior She fought like hell to heal and pull herself together again and she thrived Unlike Erik who just went through the motions Daisy thrived And she LIVED she lived and kept trying And above all she didn’t just lay down and waited for this man to get his head out of his ass for 12 years she at least tried to move on and had the most amazing experiences And I loved her so much for it so much Right now I’m just grateful she wrote Grateful and happy with where I am and who I am I can believe he will forgive me and even if he doesn’t I still forgive me I’m still the girl he knew yet I’m different He’s different too but still familiar to me Our journeys mirror in so many ways I believe he truly regrets disappearing and leaving it unfinished for so long And yet I can also believe we’re better people for it somehow And if there is still an “us” to be found in all this it will be a new us A different us Even a better us And somehow that makes everything that came before necessary to get to this one moment Needless to say I’m hopelessly hooked with this story and I loved this book And with Book 2 behind me I’m so ready to dive back into this world So bring on Book 3 because I’m ready for their HEA “You came back You came back to me” 475Here we are folksI have just finished Give Me Your Answer True by Suanne Laueur and I FLOVED itThis is the second book of the series and I highly suggest you read book one The Man I Love before this oneBook 1 is from Erik's POV and book 2 is from Daisy's POV This only the second series I've read that has 2 books for the same complete story told in different POV's I really liked the style and I think it was needed to tell this story as deeply as it needed to be toldSince I have already reviewed book one this will be like a uick chat about the book and not really a review book 1 review let's chatHere’s a bit of information about Daisy from book 1 She’s a ballerina in college She had an amazing boyfriend Erik until he walked in to find her in while she was fucking their friend She was shot by her friend James after he opened fire in the college theater killing her friends and wounding othersAfter book 1 I really needed to understand why she cheated on Erik with David I also needed to know why she didn't go to Erik in person to fix things I won't give anything away but I will say I thought her reasons were bullshit and childlike I absolutely adored Daisy but I never had any pity for her like others did Her pain was self inflicted I had empathy for the girl but that's it At the same time I was rooting for her the entire book Her cheating on Erik was not enough for me to think she was a bitch any because if you read my review on book 1 you know I thought she was a horrible bitch I don't regret feeling that way because that's how she came across This book allowed me a chance to get to know Daisy in a way I couldn't before and I liked thatI despise when people waste time Daisy and Erik wasted 12 years There was 12 years worth of love gone because they didn't fight hard enough for each other Now by us I mean Daisy Considering the school shooting I would have hoped that they realized how precious time is and would not have wasted 12 yearsThere were many revelations in the book which I enjoyed It was interesting to see how simiular Daisy and Erik's life was when they were apart Both of them never truly lived or loved completely until they found each other again and that is just sadI felt sad for Daisy she lost her self worth and that's one of the hardest things for a woman I hate everything I hate with I did I hate who I am You stupid stupid bitchIt's all yours Deal with it You made this bed Lie down and deal Own it You did this You only have yourself to blame Stop crying and own it It's yours Never again He'll never touch me again He'll never speak to me againHe doesn't care where I am anyYou ruined it You did thisYou stupid bitch How horrible is that to say to yourself everyday? I wouldn't wish that on any woman In the end Daisy did do her best to try to forgive herself but it was a difficult journey When she started cutting herself I was so sad I personally have never felt the need to do that but I've known those who have and it was heartbreaking Give Me Your Answer True takes you on a painful journey of love loss and It was an amazing read and I will never ever forget it I would suggest you read this series it will be worth ittrust me start with The Man I LoveIf you really want to know how I feel and get my unfiltered chathttpsprettymessreadingwordpresscFollow all my crazyhttpsprettymessreadingwordpresscomInstagram 55 starsWell that was a long night I’ve been reading a lot lately about tropes and how what is book crack for one person is pure poison for the next The term “second chance romance” comes up a lot and I’ve never really gotten that one until this series The argument is that the wasted time spent between the characters that you know will eventually come back together is just too hard to bear Uh yeahIt was hard in The Man I Love Really hard but I loved every second of it I couldn’t stop reading Probably because I didn’t actually know if they were going to work it out It is a three book series after all So it was different with Give Me Your Answer True The book is a retelling of sorts so you know where you’re headed you just have to get there And getting there hurts like a bitch I LOVED remorseful Daisy Some things to me in life and in books “are” unforgivable And just as Daisy’s “buts” were changed to “ands” my “are” has transformed to “aren’t always” because seriouslywhat Erik did IMO was way worse A month ago if you told me I’d be saying that I would have thought you were off your skullIf you read and loved TMIL which if you read it how could you not? then GMYAT is a must But be prepared to be frustrated Erik’s journey seems uicker because it begins later in the book Daisy’s begins at the beginning Further Daisy finds a sort of peace that Erik doesn’t and let’s face it if you’re reading this series you must be somewhat masochistic right? Somehow someway it’s easier to read about their struggle than their healing And by the time there was potential healing I NEEDED Erik And he was still so far away The end? OMG the end We finally get to the place the first book leaves off and it’s pure perfection You know how when you read a book and you just want it to go a certain way but it never does? Just wonderingThis one does It totally totally does

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