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The Owl and the Pussycat This was a fun little nursery rhyme with beautiful artwork Jan does not use her famous panels on the side but we do see the Owl in the Pussycat in the boat most of the story and you can always see the two of them in the boat and then everything that is happening in the water with all the sea life It creates a sense of wonder The Owl and the Pussycat are going to get married and it’s the story of how they go about it I would rather find a different ring than they found The nephew thought this book was funny He asked “why would a cat want to marry an owl? That’s weird” He thought the story was funny and weird He thought buying the ring out of the pigs nose was rather gross and funny too He thought this story was odd so he gave it 4 stars I have no words for this book It's wierd and not at all what i expected And the stanza that goes something like this; oh what a lovely pussy you are say what? who would write that in a childrens book Not good not good When a story is short; I enjoy acuainting its authors artists and origin I had never heard of “The Owl And The Pussycat” nor of Edward Lear His inspiration for this odd titular pairing is as whimsical as it is an enlightening explanation for uite a suite of factors that of course are nonsense Small birds are prey to cats owls can carry small cats and animals do not marry ceremoniously; never mind mingling species It is a treat to learn from whence this came I obtained it recently in a country thrift store as a 1984 Canadian retelling by Canadian artist Ron BergThe nice thing about retellings is clueing our modern generations into poetry and stories from all the way back in 1871 It seems Edward was well known with a fun and educational bent Our poem was published in a compilation entitled “Nonsense Songs Stories Botany And Alphabets” He composed the poem for a friend’s 3 year old daughter; which justifies an emphasis on cute rhymes and images instead of science I imagine reading this with a lilt Ron is from Toronto and has a graceful pretty fancy style suited to his concept He imagined this tale as a romance set on a cruise ship I get the impression the owl and pussycat are an established couple who made this trip together because they marry on an island after they disembark As a matter of fact they must have made uite a trustworthy boat rental with regard for their nautical ability because they row themselves the rest of the way to the ship’s destination It is lovely that the ship catches up shortly and the passengers are their wedding guests There is a plentiful banuet in a lush jungle Ron’s elegant dreamlike tableaux make up for the bizarre subject Jan Brett's very finely illustrated version of the Lear poem but on rereading I was sorry that the illustrations for the runcible spoon and the ring at the end of his nose did not stand out Always a highlight and a point of discussion when reading the poem aloud to a child Lots of tropical fish and a tropical island Where does the bongtree grow? 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Edward Lear was an English artist illustrator and writer known for his literary nonsense in poetry and prose and especially his limericks a form which he popularizedFor information please see

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