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The Brave Art of Motherhood This is such a fantastic and motivating book First of all Rachel is seriously such an amazing human being She has gone through so much yet has managed to come out on top She shares her hopes fear inspirations and motivations She makes changing for the better seem so easy and inspires you to do it This read part like an autobiography and part motivationalself help She tells a lot of stories from her life so you really feel like you have grown to know her by the time you finish the book I really loved her style of writing as well She is a bit of a rambler like myself but she does it in such a beautiful way that you can't even find fault with it Her musings and stories seem so natural yet the sentences feel so nice and refined and the whole book was very enjoyable to read Best of all she is such a powerful writer She has the ability to really help one invoke change in their life She has done hard things herself and her story alone is inspiration but she also helps propel change through her mindset shifts that she teaches I was very impressed by this book and am excited to follow Rachel on social media and catch up on her blog as well I feel like she could make something as mundane as a trip to the grocery store seem inspiring and interesting Unlike most readers I have known Rachel all of my life most of hers; I am her cousin One would think that indicating such a connection would indicate a very biased if not untruthful review Such an individual would be wrong Even though I have known her I feel as though I haven't really known Rachel one of the cousins I aspired to be just like at all I have learned so much about her and about myself in reading this book It amazed me to see the depth of likeness she and I share personality mentality etc despite our limited contact and vastly different upbringings If this can be said of the two of us how many others could say the same? I am a reader It is one of my favorite pastimes I have always used it as an escape from reality a chance to not have to be anxious to think etc It has always been this way Due to that fact I often read only to read I don't read to learn or to recall my brain is not really turned on It's like I am blankly staring at a television This is the FIRST time I have ever made it through any self help style book It is a mix of learning techniues thinkings with real life you are not alone experiences I didn't feel preached at at all while reading and instead felt a connectedness which I hadn't anticipatedStart to finish this took me little to no time to read I would re read it in a heart beat It was an enjoyable easy read The reader in me was impressed The cousin in me is even so I was pleasantly surprised by how much I enjoyed this book I received an advanced copy in exchange for an honest review and I’ll admit most popular blogger books aren’t well written but this one was I felt inspired to make goals and pursue them while loving my family well I appreciated the author’s vulnerability while also honoring others’ privacy in her painful story I always love the idea of a self help book and even when I love the ideas in the book I sometimes have a hard time getting through the whole thingBut that's not the case with this book She weaved in her own story making her message even inspirational and easy to read She has inspired me to look at my own normal and examine where I can get to the normal I wantI could see pieces of my own story inside Rachel's story I actually had jumped into some of my own dreams recently and I could say hey that's where I am as I read her journey Beyond that she has inspired me to be a better friend and to be open to letting better friends into my lifeThis book is great Even if you don't think you need it you need to read it Even better than I expectedand I knew it would be goodMany years ago I stumbled upon a talk show on TV and a woman from the audience had a microphone in her face while she cried about the pain of motherhood Somewhere in her pity party she lamented I've sob lost sob sob who I AM I remember rolling my eyes and groaning with disgust Then I don't know how many years later maybe ten or fifteen I was her It wasn't that I'd poured myself into my kids to such a degree that I'd lost myself it was like I'd made failures than successes and I uit taking risks The shame of my shortcomings was my constant companionRachel's Martin's book The Brave Art of Motherhood helped me take away the excuses and embrace new risks She reminds me that if she can bust out of the downward spiral then so can IThis is the kind of book you want to read a chapter or two at a time You want it on your end table or in the bathroom for inspiration when you'd rather crawl under a rock Her compassionate voice and stories somehow are incredibly motivatingShe has a chapter about the different forms of denial we make when we stay stuck I was stunned by her revelation of the excuse of gratitude She points out that when things were terrible and seriously needing different action on her part she made excuses by only focusing on gratitude In her words Just as a drug numbs pain being perpetually grateful despite terribly hard things excused me from taking action to fix the hard placesShe illustrates this inauthentic gratitude with the time her car got repossessed and instead of taking action to make sure it never happened again she took the anger fear and spun them into gratitude Normally I would think this was a great path but she described a different kind of gratitude that was truly needed the kind of thankfulness that compels you to take action The story spoke to a particular area of my own life as I read it and I was able to change my approach If that was the only chapter I read the book would be priceless to me but in fact it's full of antidotes that touched challenged meJust get it Read it And get over the sobs You really can find yourself again with confidence in the face of fear I was given a free advanced copy of this book in exchange for my honest review and WOW was I caught off guard Based on the title I wasn't sure if I would connect with it but from page 1 I was hooked My overall impression is that Rachel is a phenomenal story teller teacher and encourager I read this book in TWO sittingsWhat did I walk away with? A renewed confidence in the fact that I can both be a great mom AND pursue the dreams that God has put in my heart The Brave Art of Motherhood also helped me recognize detrimental patterns in my life and provided practical steps to break free Literally the only criticism I could think of is this book needs to be marketed to a broader market than just moms I know so many people who don't fit that category who could benefit from Rachel's phenomenal insights I plan to purchase several copies of The Brave Art of Motherhood for my friends Great job Rachel As soon as I started reading this book I knew it was going to alter my life I also knew I was going to read it several times and take notes and highlight favorite parts and uotes Its that type of book the kind you do not part with The kind you only lend to dear friends or better yet just buy them their own copy so you can always refer back to yours I love how this isn't just experiences written down and ordered into chapters It includes perspective on experiences thoughtful introspection on cause and effect and the best part there are actually solutions There are steps anyone can take to create change in their own life Despite what the title says you don't even need to be a mother to gain something from reading this book Of course mothers will relate so well to the situations that come up in the book but honestly anyone can benefit from reading this which I really find to be uite remarkable Because all of us have areas we want and need to improve in our lives We all wear masks use excuses and find fault with ourselves when what we really need is grace This book showed me I deserve to give myself that grace and that I am worth so much than just settling for good enough I have big dreams huge goals and I see them so much clearer now I really hope I have conveyed just how significant this book is I hope anyone wondering if it's worth it takes the opportunity to read it because I promise you wont be disappointed Full time FindingJoynet blogger speaker marketer podcaster and single mom of seven Rachel Marie Martin presents a rallying cry to anyone who believes the lie that she is just a momOver the years you willingly pour everything you have into your family but in the process you lose the essence of who you are In her characteristic raw and visceral style Rachel teaches you how to rewrite the pages of your story follow your passion and discover the beauty of who you are Drawing on lessons from her own incredible journey together with insight from conversations with thousands of other women Rachel encourages moms to break cycles take off masks and prevent fear from taking control She balances her no excuses approach with breathing room and grace for those messy moments in life and mothering Rachel reminds you there is always a reason to hope to move forward and to dare the impossible You can make changes You can pursue dreams find yourself and live a life of deep happiness and boundless joy Stop waiting for someday Take hold of the moment and say yes to your dreams The title of this book really jumped out at me when I saw it and I immediately wanted to read it While it is clearly geared toward mothers it really focuses on who we are as women first It's truly about how to reclaim our sense of self which most of us tend to cast aside the moment we become mothers and there's somebody else important than us Reading this book really helped me to see all the places I'd gotten stuck over the years as a mom It also showed me some of where I'd further neglected myself when I became a stepmom I realized some of the unconscious habits and excuses I'd developed that are not serving anyone in my family least of all me Unlike many inspirational books this doesn't just leave you with a fistful of aha moments and a shrug Rachel actually walks you out of the stuckness and gives you tangible action to take to move you forward I honestly want to buy a copy of this book for each of my mom friends because it is truly life changing and I don't use that term lightly I received a free advanced copy of this book from the publisher as part of its launch team but I was under no obligation to post a review positive or otherwise Got the book in the mailI started it yesterday I'm trying to pace myself to absorb the content and think about it I usually plow through a book in 8 hours and only intellectually understand the teaching points I'm sitting with each of Rachel's teaching points and steeping in them for a couple of hours My first impressions of the book are Wow it's a different pace than her blog posts I expected a fast read with frenetic family anecdotes What a gift to find it beautifully honest and warm I was expecting a cold can of coke and was surprised that it was a warm cup of tea A refreshing shot of caffeine vs a soothing hug of love and relaxationThis is some of Rachel's strongest writing You nailed part 2 That is the plight of mothers of this generation It is a universal thread among the mothers I encounter Woohoo Great jobGuess what all my mommy friends are getting for Christmas this year?

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