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  1. Deborah Deborah says:

    This book covers four stories all featuring a beautiful heirloom broach passed down from mother to daughter The heirloom brings love with itLegacy of Love The first story starts in 1827 Lancashire EnglandSarah is a companion to Dowager Countess of Densbury While she doesn’t like much of the dowagers family she is intrigued by Randall Everard Randal was also curious about Sarah when she first arrived but he’s since determined that she’s just a meek and mild girlIt turns out Sarah is so much than he imagined and he finds himself captivated Gift of the Heart This is a cute little read It takes place in October 1890 in the town of Hope Springs Ruth Fulbright and her seven year old daughter Naomi are starting a new life After the death of her husband Ruth is desperate She sells her wedding ring to cover the cost of the stagecoachBeauregard Azlin or Bo as he’s known is a rich cold businessman Or is he?It turns out Bo isn’t at all what Ruth expects And Ruth is the kind of woman Bo had given up hope of findingLike I said this is a cute read and Naomi is adorableA Shot at Love November 1958 Bethel West Virginia and Fleeta Brady is a strong woman and an excellent shot She dresses like a man and has big plans for the future None of these plans involve romance in any form Her mother died from a broken heart and Fleeta is determined that will never happen to herHank Chapin is considering his future he feels it might be time for a change Fleeta is unlike any woman he’s ever met before and he finds himself intriguedThis is another cute little period readBecause of YouThis was probably my least favourite of the four but that’s mainly due to the subject matter Maddie has loved Leo from the first moment she saw him She loved him while he dated and then married her best friend While they had a child together and then in grieving after his wife’s death It’s nicely written but I’m just not a fan of any book which features a dead spouse casting a large shadow over a relationshipI voluntarily read a review copy kindly provided by NetGalley

  2. Mackey Mackey says:

    It was while I was reminiscing over my own heirlooms that I came across The Christmas Heirloom four short novellas based on a Luckenbooth brooch that has been passed down from mother to daughter through the centuries It was the perfect holiday read Briefly there are four complete novellas centered around the heirloom brooch In the first Legacy of Love we are at the beginning of the brooch's story Sarah is a companion to a dowager Countess who is dying It is Sarah's wish to bring her as much happiness as possible during her final days Sarah's story as she entertains others on the piano and with her very frank talk is endearing As she falls for the dowager's grandson it would appear that there is no hope of a happily ever after ending a son of a nobleman with a mere companion but the dowager has other ideas and it is her wish that the two of them find love and happiness together Her final Christmas gift is bestowing her well loved Luckenbooth to Sarah The story is as beautiful as it is uplifting and I enjoyed it tremendously The second story Gift of the Heart takes us to Texas where Sarah's granddaughter Ruth has moved to start over after the death of her husband All that Sarah wishes for is a good life for her daughter It's just after the Civil War and there are many poor out of work people throughout the south but Sarah has found a job in a resort town as a cook at a café It is there that she fortuitously meets the resort's owner a recluse who rarely goes out due to a crippling injury However this pair bonds over their love for Ruth's daughter and soon that bond turns to love This is a heartwarming tale of romance and hope and one that I'm sure will delight readers who love romance faith and hope especially during the holidays As we move to the third story A Shot at Love I began to feel a slight shift in the narrative Because each story is written by different authors it is only natural that the stories reflect those author's uniue writing styles Fleeta an unusual name for a rather unusual woman was orphaned at a young age Told repeatedly that her mother died of a broken heart after Fleeta's father was killed Fleeta has no use for love or romance preferring instead to spend her days hunting and shooting and occasionally doing wood carvings When she meets Hank a fellow gun enthusiast her thoughts begin to shift Could she actually fall in love with Hank? This was a very well written story and I easily empathized with these West Virginia characters I am however extremely anti gun and hunting and the story revolves primarily around both Despite that the story was written well enough that I did enjoy following the brooch's tale down to Fleeta a woman so clearly not a jewelry type gal The final story was one that I personally didn't care for It is now contemporary times and the brooch was lost in the attic until it was discovered by Maddy a young woman who is gathering items for a garage sale where the proceeds will be used for the family in need whom she is helping Her partner in the holiday shopping is the widow of Maddy's best friend and the man she has been secretly in love with for years Their story is a beautiful one and of course they find love in the end There were multiple reasons that I didn't connect with this last story I'm an historian and the fact that the heirloom meant so little to Maddy's mother who was uite flippant about it made me cringe We had followed the brooch from mother to daughter for years and here was a woman who didn't care at all It broke my heart Also each of these stories are faith based It's been years since I've read what is now considered Christian Lit but at one time it was the only type of literature that I did read The first three stories had faith and hope at the core of their story lines This message was beautifully incorporated into the story and was a reflection of these women's lives By the fourth however it became the focal point of the story and was not just about faith but was based on the doctrine of this particular writer Faith is nearly universal regardless of your religious ideological beliefs Doctrine is not It is specific not just to Christianity but to uniue beliefs within that Christian faith Had I not been so involved with the brooch and its story I would have skipped this last story completely Overall the first three stories are worth purchasing and reading the book They were incredibly well written and utterly enchanting If it had just been these stories I would have given the book a 5 star rating and I still highly recommend the book Thank you to #Netgalley and #BethanyHousePublishers for my copy of this beautiful Christmas tale

  3. Beth Beth says:

    Legacy of Love by Kristi Ann HunterWhat a sweet novella I read this in one sitting this morning with my coffee and what a lovely indulgence it was A Christmas y feeling permeates much of this story reminding the reader that it doesn't matter the day one can always celebrate Christmas The introduction to the brooch that ties all of the leading ladies together has a touching origin The romance is endearing and doesn't feel rushed but fits in well within the parameters and time frame of the story The tie in to the Haven Manor series is subtle enough that readers who haven't read the first book won't notice anything while readers familiar to the backstory will appreciate the nod to those charactersGift of the Heart by Karen WitemeyerWitemeyer's offering in this collection is lovely as well Ruth Fulbright is a widow with a seven year old daughter kudos to Witemeyer for writing a winsome yet realistic child and a bit down on her luck until she is able to put time at her new position as a cook In her desperate yet determined hands the family brooch becomes collateral in a business transaction with most wealthy man in town Beau Azlin may be monetarily wealthy but he has no family and few friends Living with a permanent injury to one of his arms one that made his own mother treat him differently makes him weary of trusting anyone especially a woman Both of these characters enter the story with baggage but even the backstories felt fully realized and integrated to who they are in the story Tenderly romantic with endearing characters this sweet novella provided a lovely way to spend about an hour creating the perfect foil for the brooch's entry into the family in the first novellaA Shot at Love by Sarah Loudin ThomasFleeta Brady has both a uniue name and a uniue ambition she wants to work as a gunsmith and has her dream planned out just as soon as her family doesn't need her any Feeling beholden to her aunt and uncle who took her in a child she's biding her time until the right moment When she is gifted the family brooch she wants nothing to do with the family lore that goes with it In any case she can out shoot and out hunt any man and feels she can rely on herself Despite her self reliance she is still a very endearing character; to the point but never unkind Assured but never pushy I really liked that about her What begins as a competition between her and a newcomer to town develops into something else entirely I haven't read the novel that this novellas has ties to but I followed the story with easeBecause of You by Becky WadeI admit this novella was the one I anticipated most just because I have such a love for the Bradford sister novels and was eager to be back in their world These characters are endearing and come across as oh so real After Willow Bradford's model beauty I mean she was a model nothing against it Maddie's jeans and t shirt look was a nice change Leo's bookish nature won me over immediately and I loved the parts that were from his perspective The brooch was mistakenly packed in her parent's attic and only a Christmas project and garage sale brought it to light I got a chuckle out of Grandma Fleeta giving up all that folderol when she married Maddie's grandpa as it sounded like something her character would have said in the previous novella But I digress The issue is that Maddie's dear friend Olivia was married to Leo and two years previously passed away The plethora of emotions that I would imagine come with falling in love with your best friend's widower are present for Maddie as is guilt for moving on from Olivia's death Grief is a strange difficult thing and I feel that Wade aptly captures those feelings Britt Bradford is a fierce friend to Maddie and her biggest fan and I appreciated the sweet look into their friendship as well Just an all around endearing uplifting and realistically hopeful novellaI didn't necessarily mention that Christmas plays a role in these novellas which I'm sure readers gather from the title I will say that while the holiday itself is the backdrop but I felt that these were just uality novellas all the way around not just sweet Christmas stories though they are totally that too So if you are one of those readers that avidly creates a Christmas themed reading list or even if you're not add this charming collection to your list If you like me could use a little hope in your days can't we all? you won't be disappointed Christmas is just the star on the three the fruit in the cake the garland onwell you know what I mean I received a complimentary copy of this novella collection I was not reuired to post a review and this review is my honest opinion

  4. Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) Heidi Robbins (Heidi Reads...) says:

    I enjoyed each of the stories in this collection by four of Bethany House's strong authors It was neat that they took place in different eras connected by the heirloom brooch that is passed down the maternal line With each story I was immersed in the setting and characters and a full story arc was achieved in the space of a novella The romances were sweet and full of chemistry between the lead characters making the stories come to life This is a collection that I plan to read again in the future It would also make a lovely Christmas gift for readers and fans of wholesome romanceI received a complimentary copy of the book; all opinions in this review are my own

  5. Jen. (JenGalaxy4 Christian Book Reviews) Jen. (JenGalaxy4 Christian Book Reviews) says:

    The Christmas Heirloom is a beautiful collection of heartwarming stories filled with the spirit of ChristmasI love the idea behind this novella collection Four authors who each write in very different styles and eually different time periods joined together to write one story that spans generations The execution was flawless and each author took special care in making sure her story blended well into the nextLegacy of Love by Kristi Ann Hunter – This novella had it all Humor Tenderness Surprises along the way Well written characters It was a really great way to kick off this entire journey Sarah Randall and the Dowager’s bond was so sweet This was the first time I’ve ever read anything by Kristi Ann Hunter and I am definitely looking forward to Gift of the Heart by Karen Witemeyer – I never met a Karen Witemeyer story I didn’t like This adorable story was just perfect Perfect pace Perfect plot Characters that are easy to love Ruth was determined to provide for her daughter Her strength was admirable and Ruth’s young daughter Naomi was especially charming Let’s not forget about Mr Beauregard Azlinwhat a gentlemanly hero This story made me both laugh and cry Just perfectA Shot at Love by Sarah Loudin Thomas – This was the busiest of the four stories There was a lot going on and it all fell into place wonderfully What a great plot I adored Fleeta and Hank Fleeta’s family was so special I loved how they rallied around her I’d never read anything by Sarah Loudin Thomas before and I absolutely plan to read her other books Side note How cool is the name Fleeta???Because of You by Becky Wade – I love Becky Wade’s natural easygoing style This novella definitely had a lot of depth for such a short story I enjoyed Maddie and Leo’s sweet story They were a joy to root for There was an especially wonderful cameo appearance in this novella making it very uniue from the others that I simply cannot share because of spoilers Eeek Loved it This story is contemporary Christian fiction at its finestThis collection is perfect for someone looking to step out of their usual genre and try something new I highly recommend this book The Christmas Heirloom is available on October 2 2018 I hope you enjoy this book as much as I did I received a copy of this book from Bethany House Publishers through NetGalley A positive review was not reuired All opinions are my own

  6. Hannah Hannah says:

    35 starsCute concept Most suffered from a bit of the cram too much in syndrome common to novellas though Witemeyer’s didn'tLegacy of Love Kristi Ann Hunter 3 starsThis one was a little difficult for me to get into but turned out really sweet It’s about a young woman in Regency era whose future doesn’t look too rosy until a friend gives her the broochGift of the Heart Karen Witemeyer 5 starsI’m still thinking about how sweet and engaging this little story is It’s by far my favorite story in the book A widow who’s fallen on hard times and a man with a deformed arm are the stars of this little story and there’s even a bit of intrigue thrown in I’ll be rereading this one than one time Just another reason why Witemeyer is a top favorite authorA Shot at Love Sarah Loudin Thomas 3 starsI think I just struggle in connecting to Thomas’s author voice It was good but I didn’t feel any emotions over these characters I also didn’t like some of the feminist vibes that didn’t uite get dealt with the idea that children were a burdenobviously the MC later had kids for there to be a fourth story but I was left thinking perhaps she didn’t really want to become a momBecause of You Becky Wade 25 starsBecky’s shorts are hit or miss for me either love love or eh This one was an “eh” for me I liked Maggie as a side character in the Bradford Sisters novels which was odd for meThanks to the publisher and netgalley for a free reading copy A favorable review was not reuired

  7. Amy Amy says:

    Probably the most uniue and cleverly written set of novellas I've ever read Every set of short stories will have some kind of connecting theme but this has knocked it out of the park Starting with Kristi Ann Hunter's story set in late 18th century England The beginnings of the journey of the heirloom brooch that will find itself being passed through the generations right through to present day It will cross the Atlantic and see life through every kind of hardship and sweet joyThere's a legend is it true? You'll have to read these books and decide for yourself Extremely engaging stories each one intertwined by a family connected by blood Women willing to hang on tight to the brooch not for its physical value but for what it represents Overwhelmingly the love that comes into each of their hearts A gift from GodBecky Wade completes the set and oh boy does she bring this to a climatic conclusion I could not put this down The sheer talent in her writing is something else Every thought process every emotion is there for the feeling You can practically smell the pine trees A great Christmas time read to rival anything you may have read before I received a complimentary eARC from Bethany House Netgalley This is my honest review

  8. Madison Madison says:

    The Heirloom is a collection of four delightful novellas While each are set during Christmas there is nothing to stop you enjoying this collection all year round From a story set during the Georgian era to contemporary story these four novellas span many generations of women following their dreams and their hearts Legacy of Love by Kristi Ann HunterThis is the first of Kristi Ann Hunter’s works that I have read I don’t usually read books set during the Georgian era but I found Legacy of Love was one of my favourite novellas in this collection Legacy of Love sets the heirloom’s legacy into motion Sarah the main character is a companion to Dowager Lady Densbury When in front of the Dowager’s wider family Sarah plays the role of meek boring companion yet she is a strong and forthright young lady When she speaks out against the family to protect her mistress Sarah captures the eye of the Earl’s third and youngest son As Sarah and Randall work together to ensure the Dowager enjoys her Christmas they find they have in common then they first realised Legacy of Love is a sweet romantic and charming story I loved Sarah Loved her strength gumption and desire to stick up for what she believes in If Hunter writes all her protagonists with the same fire I can guarantee that Legacy of Love will not be the last of her works I will enjoyGift of the Heart by Karen WitemeyerI adore everything that Karen Witemeyer has penned and her novella Gift of the Heart was the major draw card for me to pick up this collection A story of a second chance at love of children and acceptance Gift of the Heart is set in America just after the Civil War Ruth Fullbright has already known love and tragic loss Now she and her young daughter are relocating to Hope Springs to start a new life With limited funds Ruth must convince the biggest businessman in town Beauregard Azlin that she is reliable and worthy of an advance in her rent But Bo is not the aloof and harsh businessman he at first seems and before long Bo finds himself drawn to the strong and principled Mrs Fullbright and her vivacious daughter Full of laughter and love Gift of the Heart was my favourite novella in this collection and a delight to readA Shot at Love Sarah Loudin ThomasThomas’ books have been on my to read list for a while now but A Shot At Love is the first time I’ve read anything by this talented author A Shot At Love is a fun novella with a fantastic lead character Fleeta would much rather be out hunting or designing guns than ever donning a fancy gown or trying to capture the eye of a gentleman When her aunt gives her a family heirloom rumoured to bring the beholder true love Fleeta couldn’t be skeptical But when a friend of a friend is passing through town she through a bit of healthy competition and a shared love of fine weaponry finds herself just a little bit drawn to the charming Hank Chapin But Fleeta is determined not to let attraction get in the way her chance to finally follow her dreams of becoming a gunsmith While there were a few loose ends at the end of A Shot At Love it was impossible not to be drawn to Fleeta and her dertermination to love her life on her own termsBecause of You Becky WadeChocolate unreuited love Christmas shopping and happy endings Maddie Winslow has loved Leo Donnelly since she first met him But he started dating fell in love with and married her best friend For years Maddie watched from afar and tried to get her heart under control Leo now widowed and his young son have moved back to town and he and Maddie are paired to work together on the church’s Christmas mission project Spending time together might be a challenge for Maddie but for Leo it is an eye opening experience that his second chance at love might be right in front of him While I didn’t love this story as much as I have enjoyed books by Becky Wade in the past mostly because I just didn’t click with Maddie I did enjoy Leo’s side of the story While each of the four novellas are part of larger series they can each be read as standalones Perfect for fans of each of the writers or for readers looking to discover new authors The Heirloom is a delightful collectionThe publishers provided an advanced readers copy of this book for reviewing purposes All opinions are my ownFind reviews reading age guides content advisory and recommendations on my blog Madison's Library

  9. Caitlyn Santi Caitlyn Santi says:

    What an absolutely delightful novella collection I loved how perfectly the brooch was woven into each of the novellas I adored every single one of these stories and highly recommend The Christmas HeirloomLegacy of Love by Kristi Ann HunterThis adorable novella drew me in from the first page and didn't let go I absolutely loved Sarah and Randall's story The dowager Countess of Densbury uickly became a favorite secondary character Kristi's writing was fantastic as always and I absolutely loved every moment of this novella Gift of the Heart by Karen WitemeyerI always adore Karen's books and this novella was no exception Ruth and Bo were such fabulous main characters and little Naomi and her matchmaking cat Teddy were absolutely delightful and made me laugh out loud numerous times Every single word of this novella was phenomenal and I hated to see it end but as usual when I finish one of Karen's books a sigh of happiness left my grinning lips when I turned the final page A Shot at Love by Sarah Loudin ThomasThis was such a cute novella I loved it even than I was expecting to Seeing as I am not super girly myself I love to read stories about grown up tomboys and I found myself relating to Fleeta in a number of ways I loved the voice that this story is written in it's just so entertaining and all around fun to read I loved the ending and the story was an absolute pleasure to read I don't often read stories set in the 1950's but I will definitely be reading of this author's work in the future Because of You by Becky WadeThis novella was absolutely fantastic Maddie and Leo were great characters I found myself relating to Maddie uite a bit and I loved Leo's uiet reserve and bookishness I'm a huge fan of Les Mis and I LOVED that it was mentioned in the story so awesome I was swept away into this story on page one and I loved every single second I spent reading it Total awesomeness from beginning to endI received a copy of this book from the publisher and author Kristi Ann Hunter which did not influence my review in any way All thoughts and opinions are one hundred percent my own

  10. Fiction Aficionado Fiction Aficionado says:

    I don’t always go for novella collections partly because the stories tend to meld together in my mind after I've read a couple of them but there’s absolutely no chance of that happening with this collection Each of these stories is set in a distinctly different time and place England 1827; Texas 1890; West Virginia 1958; and modern day Washington Each of the heroines also has a very distinctive voice from the gun toting Fleeta Brady “She wanted to be a gunsmith To take care of her family And now she was supposed to fall in love too?” right through to Maddie Winslow who “met the man of her dreams the same day that her friend Olivia introduced Maddie to her new boyfriend Which would have been splendid except that the man of Maddie’s dreams was Olivia’s new boyfriend”In fact the only difficulty I DO have with this collection is in trying to decide which of these novellas was my favourite Was it the first with the elderly matchmaker who went to the trouble of handpicking a bride for her unsuspecting favourite grandson? Or the second book with the wealthy and aloof but actually rather soft hearted Bo Azlin who can’t help but be fascinated by a hardworking widow her charming daughter and the furry miscreant who moves in despite his objections And I’ve already mentioned feisty Fleeta and moonstruck Maddie from books three and four Each romance was perfectly paced for the novella format very engaging and had just the right level of sweetness to produce a sigh of contentment at the final paragraphOkay so maybe the second novella just sneaked over the line ahead of the others I did form a bit of a soft spot for Bo Azlin but seriously they were all delightful reads So I guess it’s going to be up to you to read them for yourself to see if YOU can work out which one is your favouriteI received a copy of this collection from the publisher This has not influenced the content of my review which is my honest and unbiased opinion

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The Christmas Heirloom Perfect for the Christmas season four beloved authors bring their bestselling award winning talents to a multigenerational collection of romantic holiday novellas In stories ranging from 1820s Regency England to present day Washington state readers will be treated to Christmas tales of an heirloom brooch passed from mother to daughter for almost two hundred years Will the family legend claiming the brooch brings love to its recipient hold true for these women separated by the years but bonded together by the ties of family in Kristi Ann Hunter's Legacy of Love Sarah Gooding never suspected returning a brooch to an elderly woman would lead to a job and introduce her to the woman's grandson While he may be far above her station she can't help but notice that his desire to make this Christmas special for his grandmother matches her own in Karen Witemeyer's Gift of the Heart widow Ruth Albright uses the family brooch as collateral for a loan from the local banker But the she comes to know the man behind the stern businessman the she hopes for a second chance at love as the holidays draw near in Sarah Loudin Thomas's A Shot at Love Fleeta Brady's rough and tumble childhood means she prefers hunting to feminine activities She never expected her mother's brooch might be how a fellow hunter turns her attention from competition to romance one December in Becky Wade's Because of You Maddie Winslow has spent years in love with a man whose heart was already spoken for When a church Christmas project brings them together and she stumbles upon an old family brooch might it finally be her turn for love

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