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Break Of Magic The Demon Hunter Trilogy #2 How in the name of Bael did I get myself into such a heaping pile of goblin shit I’ll tell you how I got involved with four too attractive for their own good supernaturals Like we could be some kind of magical Avengers and save our world from the plague that’s killing my kind But I’m no Tony Stark And while Oscar my gargoyle hottie could be likened to Bruce my motley crew isn’t getting the job done against the mystery villain we face Surprise surprise We’re not perfect although I’m pretty sure vampire counterpart Levi thinks he is Bottom line We need to stick together but every time I turn around another one is taken from me Bit by bit my coven is falling apart and so is our world How does that saying go When things look dark turn on a light It’s about to get real bright in here if I could just find the damned light switch The hunt is on and I never miss

8 thoughts on “Break Of Magic The Demon Hunter Trilogy #2

  1. Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) Jaime (Two Chicks on Books) says:

    Soooo good I need the next book now

  2. Ann Reid Ann Reid says:

    Loved itThis is a continuance of Coven of Magic it was not a disappointment Merry's coven consist of a vampire a werewolf a wizard a gargoyle they must stop the plague that is killing the vampires They are unstoppable together but they are slowly getting separated each have their own battles to deal with Once back together they have information on what is going on they are starting to form a plan of action in saving all of the supernatural from extinction

  3. April April says:

    So soThis was just an ok read for me I loved the first book but this one was told from so many points of view that phrases and even paragraphs were repeated which gets on my nerves

  4. Kat Kat says:

    Why choose when you can have them all?A gargoyle a wizard a werewolf and a vampire each one hotter than the last are helping Merry vampire and demon hunter save supernaturals from extinction They have to stay together to be successful but they are picked apart and end up fighting their own battles Can they survive reunite and then save the world of supernaturals from a plague designed to kill them all? A great continuance of Book One Coven of Magic Can’t wait for Book Three

  5. Tiffany Tiffany says:

    The coven is back and trying to save the world This addition gives you insight on the men in this harem They get separated and each fight their own way back to each other and the love of their woman Action adventure and steam keep you hanging until the end Looking forward to the next installment of this adventureI received an ARC for an honest review

  6. Kelly Smillie Kelly Smillie says:

    Love itI have been waiting for the second book for what seems like forever Now I have read it and it was amazing I can't wait for the next one to come out If you ever need a beta reader Mrs Silver please let me know

  7. Deborah Hawley Deborah Hawley says:

    Great read Love the course this story has taken Merry and her coven are really in the middle now Can’t wait fir the next book

  8. Monica Alvarado Monica Alvarado says:

    Enjoyable additionI really enjoyed reading Break of Magic by Leah Silver Great addition to the Deamon Hunter Trilogy I cannot wait to read the third book

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