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  1. Katerina Katerina says:

    ❝ Summer ueens are fine and fair with pretty ribbons and flowers in their hair Winter ueens are cold and hard with frosted crowns made of icy shards❞ Hooking Engaging Gripping Encompassing I can cite the entire thesaurus and the conclusion will still be the same Jennifer Estep 's new high fantasy novel is wonderfulThere is a nation founded on gladiator tradition A ruthless heir who does not hesitate to plunge her country in bloodshed and mayhem to pursue her megalomania Scheming foreign nobles who will stop at nothing to bring Bellona to its knees And a neglected royal the only one who can kill the ueenHave you ever experienced love at first site? It happens to me only as regards books but I wouldn't like it otherwise There was something about Kill the ueen that called to me ever since I laid my eyes on it it was a beacon summoning my starving soul which was aching for a good fantasy read with solid world building intriguing magic system scheming nobility cunning villains and a dash of slow burning romance And I got everything I wanted even though not in the way I expectedThe truth is I thought that the novel would start off with Evie being already in the arena fighting as a gladiator taking step after step in order to avenge her family just like the blurb suggested However the first part of the book describes the day that led to the event the massacre that changed everything thus losing the element of surprise Setting this aside Kill the ueen was definitely an intense novel one of those you read in one sitting and end up with dry eyes due to sleep deprivation Kill the ueen is a character driven fantasy the development of the protagonist attesting to it Once she was a woman that learned to hold her tongue to avoid standing out in order to prevent her nemesis' wrath from finding her But after everything she loses she discards lady Everleigh and embraces Evie the gladiator the Winter ueen everyone seems bent on murdering Following a path of blood and loss Evie claims her destiny in an exciting fantasy saga that left me begging for for various reasonsOne of them being SullivanWhile the first instalment of Crown of Shards is not heavy on romance there is a man with a grip on Evie's heart They have a rocky start and Sullivan is not exactly polite or kind but they fight and clash with a searing intensity that will probably kill me until they end up together Because they have to right Jennifer? Right?To sum up Kill the ueen delivers on many levels and my grabby hands ache to meet Protect the Prince

  2. Bibi Bibi says:

    Some parts were jarring The setting is unmistakably medieval yet the atmosphere is an anachronistic interplay of 18th century fixtures alongside present day vocabularyDespite that I found myself completely hooked by the characters the plot and everything that led up to that climactic very satisfying ending Waiting impatiently for the next book

  3. Vibur (hiatus) Vibur (hiatus) says:

    Effing Everleigh Saffira Winter Blair I'll get straight to the point the protagonist is as stupid as her name sounds Alright I added in that first wordFor starters her actual character arc ended much too soon three hundred pages too soon to be specific leaving no room for further growth What was worse however was the author's obsessive need to force feed said character development over and over again throughout the rest of the novel I was so so tired of reading all those internal monologues about how the old Everleigh was different to the new Evie because the old Everleigh would have done this but the new Evie would be doing that and because she was the new Evie and not the old Everleigh she'd do what the new Evie would be doing and not what the old Everleigh would have done Oh and dumb decisions aboundThe few brain cells I have left are rioting because how is it that a person could be so painfully stupidly stubbornly oblivious? Worse was how Evie was dumb for the sake of being dumb because you know reasons All those dumb decisions written into the plot so it could run thin and unconvincing after four hundred pages of irrelevant subplots borne from said dumb decisions And goddarn the first person narration As if reading about dumb characters wasn't bad enough we have to read through all their dumb dumb thoughts tooThe writing was shrugworthy At times we got some admittedly good descriptions And at times we got this utterly useless shit of details he was wearing his gray coat and had a gray leather knapsack slung over his shoulder he wore a tailored black tunic that stretched across his firm muscled chest along with black leggings and boots Oh wow So hot I'm swooningAnd as for the fight scenes bleh I mean seeing as this was about gladiators of all things don’t blame me for feeling miffed that the action read along the lines of the opponent attac'ed I counterattac'ed and clang clang clang I want a description not a goddarn Wikipedia synopsis155

  4. Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ Tadiana ✩Night Owl☽ says:

    A beach book type of fantasy pretty standard YA type fantasy with a romance interest except the language and violence are adult level Review first posted on Fantasy LiteratureLady Everleigh Saffira Winter Blair is a member of the royal family seventeenth in line for the throne of Bellona to be precise and has lived in the royal palace for fifteen years since her parents were murdered when she was twelve But this position of access hasn’t exactly translated into a life of privilege for Everleigh or Evie Partly because she lacks the powerful offensive magical powers that most royals have she does have a super sensitive sense of smell Evie is treated just a few steps above a servant She’s mostly overlooked unless there’s some boring or unpleasant duty that a royal has to perform like making cranberry apple pie for guests from the kingdom of Andvari or learning an intricate dance the Tanzen Freund for the visiting Ungerian delegationEvie does in fact have another magical power that she’s kept secret all her life and it and her nose stand her in good stead when a “small” luncheon for two hundred royals and guests turns into a bloodbath as the ambitious crown princess Vasilia ruthlessly murders her mother the ueen and scores of other people attending the luncheon including every other royal who might challenge Vasilia With the help of her magic and frankly through a series of flukes Evie survives the massacre and goes into hiding with a gladiator troupe landing a role as their baker all that pie making came in handy and learning gladiator fighting skills Evie’s not sure what her next step should be but Vasilia’s not done yet and her actions may not leave Evie with much of a choice Kill the ueen is a fast paced brain candy type of fantasy by Jennifer Estep starring a princess in hiding training as a gladiator a nefarious ueen who remorselessly murders others to achieve her ambitions and a handsome magier mage Lucas Sullivan who uickly develops a snarky relationship with Evie It’s marketed as “Gladiator meets Game of Thrones” but that’s only true on a superficial level The fateful luncheon originally intended to celebrate Princess Vasilia’s betrothal to Prince Hans of Andvari is certainly reminiscent of Game of Thrones’ infamous Red Wedding scene and yes the heroine is a gladiator hoping to eventually take out the ruler of her country but otherwise I’m hard pressed to see many points of similarity Certainly Kill the ueen lacks the complexity and subtleties of George RR Martin’s work Kill the ueen is at its heart a YA type of fantasy despite its older heroine and the plentiful adult language and violence The characters are familiar types and generally one dimensional; the writing style and plot are straightforward and easy to follow Evie’s adventures are in the nature of coming of age experiences for herEvie initially disregards ueen Cordelia’s dying instructions to her to find Serilda Swanson formerly the ueen’s personal guard and now the leader of the gladiator troupe When Evie fortuitously stumbles into Serilda’s troupe anyway she still disregards Cordelia’s instructions to disclose her identity to Serilda and get her help Ostensibly it’s because Evie is too distrustful but it’s apparent that the real reason is to prolong the suspense It’s also a bit hard to swallow how the two mundane skills she had to learn end up being critical to her survival and the plot; the plot hangs off a lot of coincidencesWith a straightforward action packed plot and style Kill the ueen is fine for a beach read type of fantasy There are a few unresolved plot threads at the end not enough to create a cliffhanger ending but enough to leave readers interested in what will happen next The seuel Protect the Prince was just published in July 2019 and I’m interested enough to read it and see where events take Evie and Sullivan and their friends next A third book in this CROWN OF SHARDS series Crush the King is planned for 2020Content notes This book has adult content language and violence; the seuel includes an explicit sex scene

  5. Francesca ❆ Francesca ❆ says:

    Thanks to Edelweiss and Harper VoyagerHarper Collins for giving me an ARC in exchange for an honest reviewSadly this book didn’t work for me despite the amazing premise for multiple reasonsI thought the world building was poorly flashed out with bits of infos sprinkled in without a logic the blurb describes it as “Game of Thrones meets Gladiator” but in reality the gladiators are used as plot device while the plot doesn’t have a smudge of the treachery and cruelty of GoT The divide between villains and heroes is showed like a neon sign the usage of the first person narrative gave an alienating uality to the story felt really lecture like and also the language used felt very “modern” and created some discrepancies between the genre and writingThe plot felt stifled and predictable with lackluster plot twists and bland dialoguesAs for the charactersa big meh I didn’t find them very fleshed out or captivating the protagonist was both naive and annoying and although she matures a great deal she still comes across as a flat character; the male counterpart wasn’t any better classic hunk with the personality of a coconut; the secondary characters were well integrated in the plot although I wished they were “important” for the plot so they would’ve felt realThe romance could’ve been avoided it goes from mild attraction to full “I’m gonna sleep with you tonight and I just decided it because we might die soon so YOLO” I know what a sound reasoning this rushing took away any investment I could’ve developed if the author stuck with the slow burn

  6. Holly Holly says:

    35 starsBefore I talk about why I liked this book and I did like it I first need to get off my chest the one thing I really didn't like the trope of 'main character is told to saydo something specific and then spends the majority of the book NOT doing that thing because of stupid reasons just to drag the plot out ' Why do authors do this? The reader spends a lot of the time frustrated thinking 'are they going to saydo it NOW? No? How about now? No? Ok now?' But maybe that's just meIgnoring that seriously annoying to me thing I actually enjoyed this book uite a bit overall It's got a fantasy world with magic magical creatures and shapeshifters called morphs without being too over the top unrealistic Even though it's got almost zero plot twists the pace of the book moves fast enough that you don't even notice There's a very teeny tiny romantic subplot which hopefully will get further focus in future books there's some political intrigue and some gaining of new friends and new enemies The sneak peek at the first chapter of the next book was underwhelming and I'm not sure why it was even given honestly I think it would have served the author better to give a random excerpt that had action in it instead but I will still check it out when it's released because I am curious as to where the book takes the heroine next

  7. Beth Beth says:

    Breath taking White Knuckle Reading Epic Fantasy at its finest Estep rocks the epic fantasy genre with Kill the ueen and I can't wait for PROTECT THE PRINCE I'm sure I'll want to re read it at least once before thenIt is that AMAZING This is going to the top of my list of favorite fantasy reads 2018I received this ARC copy of Kill the ueen from HarperCollins Harper Voyager This is my honest and voluntary review Kill the ueen is set for publication October 2 2018My Rating 5 stars FavoriteWritten by Jennifer EstepSeries A Crown of Shards Novel Seuence in Series Book 1Paperback 480 pagesPublisher Harper Voyager Publication Date October 2 2018ISBN 10 0062797611ISBN 13 978 0062797612Genre Fantasy Noble check us out on Tome Tender Book Blog or on Facebook

  8. Maria V. Snyder Maria V. Snyder says:

    I enjoyed this book very much The characters and world were very engaging and I want to read the next book My only complaint was the fact that the back cover copy pretty much gives away what happens in the first third of the book Even Part 1 is titled The Royal Massacre so this isn't a spoiler And knowing what was going to happen made the first third anticlimactic with no surprises so all the clues that something isn't uite right didn't increase the tension for me Parts 2 and 3 were wonderful and I think the book could have started at Part 2 Mostly the editor writes the cover copy for the book mine always does and then I get to edit my editor which is fun But I'm not sure if all authors are able to provide input The second book is coming out in April I think and while I plan to get a copy I'll make sure not to read the cover copy this time

  9. Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell Nenia ✨️ Socially Awkward Trash Panda ✨️ Campbell says:

    Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || PinterestI have a lot of favorite genres to read but one I find myself coming back to again and again is fantasy You could argue that any fictional book is escapist but fantasy and science fiction to a lesser extent is the genre that involves literally escaping to another world and I find it so amazing that we as humans can actually dream up entire alternate universes populate them with living things and then put all of that imagination to paperKILL THE UEEN snagged me with its blurb which says that it's a cross between Gladiator and Game of Thrones Even though I profess to hate those X meets Y blurbs and find them lazy they still work on me because I am a trash can The book is also only 199 in the Kindle store at the time of my writing this review which also helps I can't say no to cheap or freeEverleigh is minor nobility in a treacherous kingdom fraught with intrigue and betrayal She lives in a castle working as a servant because in a hierarchy based on magic and might she as a lowly mutt doesn't have much power Of course she's not as powerless as anyone thinks she has the ability to immunize herself against magic but her mother swore her to secrecy about this ability and now her mother is dead by assassination so clearly she must have known something about treachery right? Right So Everleigh allows herself to be treated like crap until the crown princess Vasilia decides to pull a Red Wedding on the day of her betrothal killing her husband to be his entourage her subjects and then last but not least her own motherEverleigh escapes the fray only barely by using her powers against the magical assault She ends up wandering and lost still stunned by what she witnessed until she happens upon a gladiatorial camp in the middle of the woods It's headed by a woman who I'm not entirely sure isn't Brienne of Tarth her name is Serilda and Obligatory Hot Man Candy ™ Sullivan They aren't exactly eager to welcome her into the fold but Everleigh proves her worth so they do only it turns out that at least some of the people at the camp have a mysterious connection to the castle So here's the thing this is a love it or hate it type book If you're a die hard fantasy purist who likes everything to be by the book and Tolkienesue you're probably going to hurl this book out the window I looked at the positive and negative reviews before buying it and they are totally on the ball in my opinion Regarding the naysayers no KILL THE UEEN doesn't uite live up to the brutality of Game of Thrones and I think the main tie in is the massacre in the beginning of the book hence why I didn't tag it with a spoiler; it's mentioned in the Goodreads blurb and happens super early on in the story The Gladiator comparison has merit but it's not the focus of the story KILL THE UEEN is also a bit of an odd duck because it doesn't really have a clear setting It could be as another reader pointed out anywhere from early Medieval to 18th century and the language the characters use in dialogue is very modern sounding The end result is something anachronistic and odd that feels about as cheesy and unrealistic as a small town Renaissance Faire There's also a bit of a romance thrown in here but it feels like a flash in the pan because 1 it's kind of insta and 2 it doesn't come into fruition at all so what was the point even? Hot Man Candy ™ aside I did like the heroine though She had to struggle for what she accomplished and the author wasn't afraid to make her work for that happy ending There were a couple scenes in here that reminded me of ELLA ENCHANTED in how the main character's intelligence and ability to be a uick study ended up saving her ass in a way that might have otherwise seemed like a deus ex machina I liked the call backs to things that seemed irrelevant in the beginning; I like an author who plans KILL THE UEEN is a wonky book and does some truly odd things but I enjoyed the story and the characters and I'm curious to see how the plot will develop with the release of the second book If you're looking for something that'll keep you turning the pages and doesn't reuire too much effort KILL THE UEEN is a solid choice and proof that good can exist from great and that's OK 3 to 35 stars

  10. Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth Astrid - The Bookish Sweet Tooth says:

    READ MY REVIEW ON THE BLOG A first in a new Fantasy series always has that unwelcome potential to be an information dump When that happens the story seems to drag on and you don't seem to make much progress Now Kill the ueen is a completely different caliber It's addictive fast paced and captivating There is another thing that can slow a fantasy story down and that's archaic language Jennifer Estep's first in this epic fantasy reads like a modern fantasy novel which is a welcome changeEvie is a fantastic heroine She starts out as a young woman who has accepted her fate as a permanent stand in as cousin to the reigning ueen She has lost so much her parents her home everything she loved When she first arrived at the palace Seven Spires in the kingdom of Bellona alone sad she finds a friend in the princess but it doesn't take long until Vasilia betrays her and the whole kingdom Evie's cousin craves power and when her greed escalates Evie experiences violence like she has never known So much violenceOver the course of her journey she shows immense growth from the girl who keeps her head down to a self confident strong woman who doesn't mince words But through all this she always has an air of kindness and the heart of a lioness Courageous cunning loving driven by revenge Having never had real friends before she craved nothing than true friendship and there were some touching moments when she found itFighting at her side is an array of colorful characters Especially Lucas Sullivan who comes to mean and to Evie intrigues me I loved Evie's needling him but I have to say I wanted to kick him a little bit along the way tooThere are some inconsistencies that didn't make complete sense but although I registered them I was so invested in the story that I didn't mindKILL THE UEEN is a solid action packed first book in an epic fantasy series with a spectacular finale that will leave you whooping and cheering The world is rich with adventure magic and fantastical creatures schemes at a royal court sword fights villains and characters who live by their own code of honor What's left is one uestion When can I get the next book? “To the end?” “To the end” they all murmured in unison

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Kill the ueen Gladiator meets Game of Thrones a royal woman becomes a skilled warrior to destroy her murderous cousin avenge her family and save her kingdom in this first entry in a dazzling fantasy epic from the New York Times and USA Today bestselling author of the Elemental Assassin series—an enthralling tale that combines magic murder intrigue adventure and a hint of romanceIn a realm where one’s magical power determines one’s worth Lady Everleigh’s lack of obvious ability relegates her to the shadows of the royal court of Bellona a kingdom steeped in gladiator tradition Seventeenth in line for the throne Evie is nothing than a ceremonial fixture overlooked and mostly forgottenBut dark forces are at work inside the palace When her cousin Vasilia the crown princess assassinates her mother the ueen and takes the throne by force Evie is also attacked along with the rest of the royal family Luckily for Evie her secret immunity to magic helps her escape the massacreForced into hiding to survive she falls in with a gladiator troupe Though they use their talents to entertain and amuse the masses the gladiators are actually highly trained warriors skilled in the art of war especially Lucas Sullivan a powerful magier with secrets of his own Uncertain of her future—or if she even has one—Evie begins training with the troupe until she can decide her next moveBut as the bloodthirsty Vasilia exerts her power pushing Bellona to the brink of war Evie’s fate becomes clear she must become a fearsome gladiator herself and kill the ueen