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Tight Tight Lately Bryan's been feeling it in all kinds of ways Bryan knows what's tight for him reading comics drawing superheroes and hanging out with no drama But drama is every day where he's from and that gets him tight wound upAnd now Bryan's friend Mike pressures him with ideas of fun that are crazy risky At first it's a rush following Mike hopping turnstiles subway surfing and getting into all kinds of trouble But Bryan never really feels right acting so wrong and drama really isn't him So which way will he go especially when his dad tells him it's better to be hard and feared than likedBut if there's one thing Bryan's gotten from his comic heroes it's that he has power to stand up for what he feels Torrey Maldonado delivers a fast paced insightful dynamic story capturing urban community life Readers will connect with Bryan's journey as he navigates a tough world with a heartfelt desire for a different life It’s fresh and will give middle school readers an opportunity to reflect on friendships and choices they make or will potentially make Look for this one in Sept‬ Tight admittedly is one of those books that really isn't for me I listened to it because I liked the narration and the cover design and try to read as much diverse fiction as I can That said I'm a white woman in my 30s and I wasn't as engrossed as I would have been were I younger I did think this was excellent though and I would encourage librarians to get this into their collectionsFirst thing that really struck me about Tight is that Bryan's a mamas boy and he's super not embarrassed of that His mom is cool and he loves her His relationship with his dad is complicated at best and money's a bit tight but in general he's a really happy kid He works hard and focuses on school like his parents always told him to doThen his parents invite this kid Mike over for dinner and Bryan's freaking out and jealous because he doesn't want to share his parents' attention which is so refreshingly different from most mgya In the end though Mike and Bryan bond over comic books and become best friends Mike's really Bryan's first friend his age and they get close fastAs time passes their friendship stops being all comic books and drawing their own comics and Mike begins pressuring Bryan to do baddangerous thing stealing riding the subway without paying subway surfing holding on to the back of the car Bryan knows this stuff isn't good but he likes Mike and he hates being called soft so he goes with it especially because his parents had told him Mike was a good kidThere are a number of books about toxic female friendships but this may be the first I've read specifically about toxic male friendships Toxic friendships happen everywhere so this is very much needed for young male readersAlso there's so much love of comics in here so if you look for that heads up It's actually really great to read a book about toxic male friendships in middle school I feel like this is something we've all acknowledged exists for girls around this age but clearly it's not limited by gender Also a fantastic book that feels like YA but is totally MG which is rare Would recommend this to fans of Kwame Alexander or Jason Reynolds the audio is great I've seen uite a few mentions of this book on Twitter and other various social media platforms that I follow for book recommendations and was planning on adding it to my next book order for the library Imagine my surprise when my December order came in and there it was; apparently I had already decided to order I am glad I did and can't wait to share it with my students This is a perfect introduction to literature featuring diverse characters and settings paving the way for kids to be ready to read of Jason Reynolds work think When I was the Greatest or something along the lines of Randy Ribay's After the Shot Drops This is a fantastic middle grade read that forces the reader to consider the uestion of how we know someone is a true friend and if being closer than a friend like a brother means that you have to take the good along with the badBryan likes to hang out by himself enjoying the drama free life he can create when he hangs with his Ma after work or goes past his Pa and his boys on the corner He knows all those guys have his back so he doesn't have to worry too much about appearing soft But then he meets Mike a kid from across the street and they start hanging out They bond over comics super heroes and eventually Mike starts introducing Bryan to things he thinks might be wrong like jumping the turnstile at the train but he also knows that he gets a serious rush from As they continue to be friends Bryan has to ask himself how far he is willing to go for a kid he thinks of like a brother when he isn't sure he even wants to be friends anyHighly recommend A great book to give to kids after they finish the Track series Appropriate for grades 5 8 Strong voice realistic characters a great conversation starter for making choices in life when the choices aren't easy Peer pressure can have serious conseuences which Bryan uickly learns after hanging out with his new friend Mike A uick thought provoking read for ages 10 and up I grabbed an ARC of this book from the Book Portage groupAn introspective look at a boy's friendships and the choices he needs to make in order to navigate his way through adolescence Tight is the story of a sixth grade student growing up in New York City This emotional compact story takes us through Bryan's emotions as he knows what makes him happy but is also dealing with what society his family and classmates expect him to be as he grows from being a boy to being a man Sometimes these things try to pull him away from what works for him or what he knows is right What I loved most about this book is how it didn't shy away from making how the boys feel important than action Its central to the reading experience here in the same way that it was in House Arrest one of the most popular books in my grade 56 class this year I think I might have found the next book for my students that got hooked on House Arrest Both KA Holt writing in verse and Torrey Maldonado don't need a lot of words or pages to show their young main characters struggle and grow Readers will experience the feelings of Bryan and the secondary characters Bryan's sister Mike Bryan's Pa and Big Will are interesting enough they could have their own books Educators and parents often use the word drama for situations in which girls' emotions are out of control but this book is a good reminder that boys can have that same affliction This book could be an asset to boys who may feel like they are alone in what they feel as they try to find their true selves They may find much to enjoy and learn from Bryan's journey and much to discuss of the choices he faces that reminds me of many conversations about Jason Reynolds' Ghost that I had with students this year If you are looking for thought provoking realistic fiction for middle school boys check out this book when it comes out on September 4th 45 stars I’m looking forward to sharing this one with my students in the fall especially those who like stories in urban settings and characters who face tough choices I loved the characters’ voices and the development of both Bryan and Mike and would have appreciated knowing a little of Pa’s backstory as well And while I wanted to keep reading about what happened “tomorrow” the ending presents a great opportunity for readers to think about the choices they might make in Bryan’s place A definite add to my classroom library Bryan loves uiet places and uiet times that allow him to read and draw in peace Why does that earn him the name Nerd from the other dudes? He likes to hang out with his mom at her work where he gets his own little office for homework and reading comics Why does that seem strange to his freuently incarcerated father?At the urging of both his parents Bryan hooks up with a kid named Mike He and Mike have some common interests comics and drawing They love uizzing each other on superheroes and which ones they wish they could be It seems like the perfect friendship until Mike's true nature surfacesWhen Mike suggests cutting school hopping the subway for free and Bryan joins right in but his own conscience uestions the actions Breaking the rules and acting tough is what his father does all the time but Bryan knows it means trouble He knows he should stop hanging out with Mike but his mom and pop still think Mike is helping Bryan change his uiet waysTorrey Maldonado also the author of SECRET SATURDAYS captures the frustration of a young boy living in a poor neighborhood in NYC as he struggles to find what's right for him in a world of peer pressure and parental expectations Readers will immediately connect with Bryan and his love of comics as he explores an alternative that he recognizes may lead him in an unwanted direction

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