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Killer Country Reunion She tried to yell for help as she ran but the terror flooding her body gripped her lungs so tightly that it was all she could do to keep breathing p 10 You and me both Caroline Awesome opening scene that's guaranteed to steal breaths and weaken knees And once we get a chance to catch our breath we're left with a puzzling mystery who is after Caroline and why? I had several working theories as the story progressed and I was hard pressed to pick just one Love when a suspense challenges me that wayThe second chance romance works it's way along an angsty path which is just as edge of your seat as the suspense Both have nice breathing spaces so we're not always in a tilt a whirl frenzy and there's time to delve deeper into the past as well as build however shaky a new relationshipAwesomesauce from start to finishMy thanks to the author for providing me with a copy of this book My review today is on the Love Inspired Suspense Killer Country Reunion This is an excellent book It is well written action packed and full of faith I know you are going to love it Jenna is a fairly new author with LIS but she tells an awesome suspenseCaroline Marsh returns to Idaho after the death of her brother He has left everything he had to her; his business his home and his son His body had been found floating in Seattle's Elliot Bay 350 miles away No suspect were found She leaves the lawyer's office only to be attacked She manages to escape the man with a gun several times but he gives chase She is rescued by the the love of her life who had left her years ago She assured him she didn't need his help Who was trying to kill her entire family? Why?Ex military Zane Coleman was picking up ranch permits when he heard a woman scream He runs to help her He is shocked to see Caroline He had left her eight years ago It felt like only yesterday What has she gotten herself into? How can he convince her to let him help her?A journey of two hearts that were meant to be together God has brought them back together at a time when they truly needed each other God has a plan for them a plan for a hope and a future God has a plan for you too Give Him your heart and see what He has in store for you As far as Love Inspired Suspenses go KILLER COUNTRY REUNION was kind of on the uiet side I was worried it wouldn't be as it started out with the familiar bang and the heroine attacked without warning just out of the clear blue sky Since her brother had just been murdered and he has an estranged wife fighting for custody and his money not that he had any Caroline is convinced it was pretty cut and dried Owen must've stumbled into something or his exwife had him murdered BUT of course it isn't that easy It uieted down and days went by without an attack while Caroline and Zach get reacuainted and then the attacks start again I thought I had figured out whodunit but I was wrong I read the entire book through in an afternoon to find out who and why Ms Night is a very talented author and she kept me guessing and hoping for restoration with Caroline and Zach and even Zach and his dad If you like romantic suspense pick up a copy of KILLER COUNTRY REUNION It will snag your interest I was given a copy free All opinions are my own KILLER COUNTRY REUNIONS by Jenna Night is a Love Inspired Suspense series and it definitely lives up to itI found the author’s telling of the story of Caroline Marsh’s near misses with death and her unexpected protector Zane Coleman very believable exciting and emotional all of which kept me turning pages as fast as I could read them Add the fact that Zane who was once her fiancé and moved back to town months ago without her knowing will do anything to protect the Marsh family the fact that she will risk life and limb to protect her nephew left in her care after the untimely unexplained death of her brother and throw in one adorable four year old nephew named Dylan and his ever faithful Australian shepherd named Millie and you have the makings for what was a truly amazing storyFrom the first chapter when the first attack on Caroline’s life as she was coming out of the attorney’s office finalizing the paperwork making her legal owner of her brother’s business to finding out who were behind the attacks and why you will be rooting for a reunion between Caroline and Zane Though time has passed and people change it is clear that the love is still thereI’d highly recommend KILLER COUNTRY REUNIONS to anyone that loves a book that keeps you engaged shows that even though bad things happen to good people that God is good and that love can survive time distance and being tested Read the book to find out if there is a happily ever after You won’t be disappointed Her family’s being eliminated one by oneBut he won’t let her be nextAfter gunmen attack Caroline Marsh she’s stunned that she survives—and shocked that her rescuer is her ex fiancé Zane Coleman With her family’s safety on the line there’s no time for grudges over the past The killers on her trail won’t give up easily And although Zane already left her once for her own protection he’s not about to lose Caroline again Wow From page one the action begins and doesn't let up until the very endI was sucked into the story because I wanted to find out why Caroline was being shot at after her brother had just been murdered It took me forever to figure out why someone would do this and I was just as confused and frustrated as the characters Definitely a great read by Jenna Night I can't wait to read by this author Good ReadFast moving really enjoyable storywith a whole lot of actionThis one has everything suspensethrills and chillsI found myself sitting on the edge of my seatfrom the beginning to the end I really enjoyed this book I never expected the bad guy to be who it was The love story was great this is a page turning story till the end if you like suspense a little boy and his dog you have to read the book I loved the dynamic between the Caroline and Zane as well as the setting This was a fun uick read

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