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  • Hardcover
  • 420 pages
  • Surface Tension
  • Mike Mullin
  • English
  • 17 July 2015
  • 9781939100160

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  1. karen karen says:

    paperback release for this book is MAY 21 and there's A GIVEAWAY FOR IT RIGHT NOW BE A WINNER MULLIN HAS A NEW SERIESalthough this book has ZERO supervolcanoes it is in many respects similar to his superb Ashfall series WHEN IS BOOK FOUR COMING OUT MIKE MULLIN??? particularly in the way he writes his characters they feel familiar in the best way possible dependable rather than predictable a comforting reminder of “oh yeah this is what he’s so good at” his characters always have a refreshing lack of bullshit to them they are level headed practical uick thinking resourceful and they don’t do emo or histrionics it's not that they're miniature adults there’s plenty of dorky teen dialogue and awkwardness but they are always very smart teens capable and impressive while still staying within reasonable standards of teenage abilities this one is slightly less so because the specialized skills in Ashfall co were mostly connected to wilderness survival and rebuilding in the aftermath of a profoundly destructive natural disaster and kids knowing how to fix stuff and build stuff and grow stuff is all perfectly believable and age appropriate knowledge for eagle scouts rural teens outdoorsy types and really any intellectually curious teen with a library card Surface Tension is of a tom clancyjames patterson type thriller for teens a genre in which you tacitly agree to suspend your disbelief when you choose to read it because it’s much fun to get swept up in the action than to nitpick plausibility and this book is at least twice as realistic as Scandal and much consistent and Scandal is a boatload of fun speaking of histrionicsand even within the context of a domestic terrorism thriller with teenage assassins and an amnesia element where teens navigate complex life or death situations without a great deal of adult supervision or even presence where jake sustains and guts out enough injuries that it made me ache just to read about them and where the authorities are for the most part inept corrupt or bullying if not flat out murderous there’s still so much realism; so much that was clearly researched details and flourishes that make the dodging bullets and thwarting villainous plots parts if not always 100% plausible at least not the only thing to look at there are a lot of cool little nerdy sciency details but obviously the best one is the “how to replicate the bermuda triangle in your own backyard” part spoiler alert you need to have really specific connectionsresourcesaccess which you likely do not have stick to baking soda volcanoes baking soda SUPERVOLCANOESi keep coming back to character but it's because they are so winning laurissa is formidable whether she’s saving jake’s life or cleaning up his wounds afterwards sweet talking salespeople or scheming out intel she's just a wonderfully no nonsense heroine who's maybe accomplished in the car chasejumping out of windows department than your average teen but the fact that she's also great at taking charge in real world settings somehow makes it all seem realistic she's competent across the board and honestly the scene where she's calling her credit card company and the dmv etc is to me her most impressive and heroic moment i go limp when i have to deal with that stuff it just flattens me and she's just like beep beep boop gettin' it done and while we're on character which we never truly left but whatever since the current trend is to simultaneously blast YA authors for “not enough diversity” and also blast them for cultural appropriation or lack of authenticity when they try to be representative lemme just say that i think mike mullin grown ass white man does just fine writing a teenage female african american character i'm only ualified to weigh in on half of that 23 if you count the fact that once i was a teenager but he's always written fantastic teengirl characters with a healthy gender roles who needs ‘em attitude and the fact that he doesn't write flimsy skinny flustered girls of any race is worth celebratingplus he writes excellent boyfriends as geeky as they are jake and alex are what girls really want pretty vampires and brooding bad boys are fine for fantasies but a respectful attentive boy who accepts boundaries without hesitation and isn't too proud to let his lady save the day? that's a keeper special bonus points for kindly librariansbut damn that cliffhangercome to my blog

  2. Dianne Dianne says:

    If the spirit of young adults facing unbelievable odds is something that draws you in Mike Mullin’s SURFACE TENSION is exactly what you need Geared to a young adult audience the main character Jake and his girlfriend Laurissa are average teens who become incredible survivors against all odds Even the anti heroine Betsy is a great character especially once her life is revealedJake was in the wrong place at the wrong time and it could cost him his life as both terrorists and the government are hot on his tail His one goal was to get on the USA cycling team and that’s what put him on that deserted road among semi trucks when a commercial airliner was blown from the sky Captured by the terrorists and in a moment of daring he escapes a moving truck When he awakes days later in the hospital his memory is almost non existent his dreams of cycling greatness are gone and someone is trying to kill him When the FBI needs a confession for a crime he didn’t commit he has nowhere to turnOnly the uick thinking of his girlfriend Laurissa and her family’s wealth and power give him any sense of hope in the legal arena but first he must survive the further attempts on both his life and the lives of those he loves by the terrorists and an unscrupulous FBI agent Mike Mullin provides high velocity tension giving readers a gut clenching and wild ride from start to finish With a cast of incredible characters that feel lifelike a seemingly insurmountable stack of odds against them and some pretty contemporary events Mr Mullin has created a tale that is riveting from that first page until the very endPerfect pacing action and crazy scary events make for a perfect young adult read no matter how old your birth certificate says you areI received a complimentary ARC edition from Tanglewood PublishingPublisher Tanglewood May 8 2018Publication Date May 8 2018Genre YA SuspensePrint Length 424 pagesAvailable from | Barnes NobleFor Reviews Giveaways Fabulous Book News

  3. Sherwood Smith Sherwood Smith says:

    Long distance high school aged Jake is doing his usual long distance riding exercise when he stumbles into a weird scenario on a deserted road passing a bunch of semi trucks giving off a nasty smell After an explosion he finds himself not rescued but captured by guys who apparently want to kill himHe manages to escape from a moving truck When he wakens days later he’s in the hospital his memory is as battered as his body His goal of joining the US cycling team is blown to smithereens but he gradually discovers that his dreams are only a small part of what blew upAnd There’s someone is trying to kill him We switch to the would be killer a girl named Betsey who at first has pejoratives for everyone not in her father’s secret society the Sons of Paine She’s a testbook case of brainwashing but she keeps remembering her mother who had misgivings about the group’s plansBetsey is ordered to try again or she’s going to be in deep trouble with her very very scary fatherMeanwhile Jake who is trying to reacuaint himself with his girlfriend Laurissa finds himself tangling with the FBI whose agents need a confession for a crime he didn’t commit he has nowhere to turnMike Mullin provides high velocity tension by showing the readers both sides of the conflict What Jake and Laurissa don’t know jacks the tension up might higher I think than if they were constantly encountering these dangerous jolts along with the reader I loved Jake Laurissa and even Betsey who I think deserves her own book The kids are smart believable and have sound moral cores which is such a relief to read especially these days when the news is full of powerful criminals and con men doing their best to wreck the world Great pacing makes this a terrific summer read Copy provided by NetGalley

  4. Josiah Josiah says:

    Mike Mullin's Ashfall is a good trilogy—if less electrifying than some post apocalypse novels—but Surface Tension is so intense it triggers a visceral stress response in the reader as seventeen year old Jake Solley navigates the Kafkaesue distortion his life has become The narrative takes nearly two hundred pages to get going but once it does watch out Jake's plight is maddening as he's victimized by powerful people on both sides of the law who think nothing of ripping apart his life Surface Tension starts with a mystery girl named Betsy calmly waiting in an airport boarding zone She knows a plane crash is about to occur that investigators won't find a cause for Betsy is part of a terrorist group that engineered the attack to murder a congressman because of his Muslim faith The Sons of Paine dedicated to inflaming Islamic American relations in hopes of causing war boasts many influential members including Betsy's father Betsy coolly watches Flight 117 rise into the sky then plunge almost gracefully back to earth just out of range for the sound to reach the airport The next mission for the Sons of Paine is ready to commence Jake isn't politically minded he just wants to compete in bike races against the circuit's top athletes Intensive training is key and Jake puts in the hours of hard work He's biking on a back road uite a distance from his mother's house when he spots at least a dozen tanker trunks by the roadside; the next thing he knows he's waking up in a semi truck beside two men discussing killing him The candle of his life burns short so Jake risks flinging himself from the speeding vehicle He regains consciousness wracked with pain in a hospital his memory blank Not even the sight of his distraught mother rings a bell Betsy has unfinished business left over from the plane crash she supervised The boy's body is broken and he's scarcely conscious; Betsy can sneak in and out and no one will realize his death was murder This is her chance to show her father she's indispensable to the Sons of Paine Betsy's fake ID that claims she's Jake's girlfriend Laurissa Davis gets her into his room but once she mounts him in the hospital bed she finds she can't go through with the slaying Betsy scurries off to take the punishment from her father at home and Jake's mother dismisses his wild eyed claim that a teenager calling herself Laurissa attempted to crush his chest Jake sustained a severe concussion in his biking accident his mother reminds him; his memory is returning in bits and pieces but hallucinations are expected Jake can't swear his murderer girlfriend was real but he's glad to meet the genuine Laurissa again She doesn't care that he's white and she's black that he's middle class and her father owns one of the biggest restaurant chains in the Indianapolis area She's also gentler with him than the Laurissa of his nightmares Jake is ready to heal and resume his life The Sons of Paine have no intention of letting him What Jake witnessed by the roadside on June 11 the day Flight 117 crashed threatens the Sons of Paine and the spread of their anti Muslim ideology If Jake recalls the circumstances leading to his accident powerful individuals could be sent to prison for life Two operatives are sent to finish the job Betsy botched but Laurissa and a still fragile Jake evade the spray of bullets and flee to the authorities They've yet to connect Jake to Flight 117's fate but the evidence is there if investigators can think outside the box Why are hit men dogging Jake and are Laurissa's father's pockets deep enough to counteract the resources of the people who want Jake dead? Here's where the world erupts in a fireball of mayhem Acting on a tip from an anonymous trusted source the FBI detains Jake as a suspect in the Flight 117 terror attack Agent Tapper assumes Jake was coerced into partaking in the plot meaning he won't bear culpability for what ensued but he must name his contact person or Tapper will put the screws to him in ways that would appall most ordinary law enforcement personnel Jake is bewildered and terrified; how did Tapper get the idea that an application on his phone is responsible for Flight 117? Jake barely remembers his bicycle crash let alone an interaction with a stranger that never happened Jake's mother doesn't believe what he tells her about Tapper threatening Laurissa if he won't cooperate with the FBI; she ascribes it to hallucinations from lingering brain trauma Laurissa isn't sure what to believe but her father forbids Jake from seeing her With terrorists trying to kill him the FBI on his leg like a rabid dog and friends and family disregarding his claims as post concussion syndrome the nightmare of Jake's life gets darker by the hour His mother takes action to put him in a psychiatric facility so he leaves home for the streets Leads are few but Jake and Laurissa came up with a few scant details about Betsy before the FBI arrested him If he can somehow contact Betsy maybe he can obtain the info Tapper wants before the FBI man employs extreme tactics to extract it from Jake Every shadow on a street corner could be an assassin every computer glitch an FBI override shutting down Jake's last ditch attempts to prove himself innocent every call on his cell phone the announcement that Jake's mother or Laurissa were murdered because Jake couldn't satisfy the demands of his tormentors We feel as desperate as Jake for a glimmer of hope but are the hearty people in his inner circle enough to stave off predatory FBI agents and an obscenely wealthy terrorist network? Surface Tension is action than philosophy but the foundational uestions are uncomfortable for any society that delegates its criminal justice dealings to government organizations that act without public accountability When people charged with maintaining peace use that power on a hunch to persecute individuals who may be innocent who are the real terrorists? Are they any better than the violent extremists who target certain demographics because they believe the people in those groups will eventually do violence? Government agents might argue they are doing the necessary dirty work so citizens can lead normal lives but don't terrorists reason the same way? You can't get moral results from evil methods; sooner or later society collapses under the weight of its secret sins Surface Tension inspects the root cause of terrorism and government tyranny eual threats to any society striving to forward itself while retaining the right of individuals to disagree what progress looks like or which policies should be implemented Mankind's greatest challenge is fashioning our future without eradicating ourselves I hadn't pegged Mike Mullin as a novelist who could make your heart pound and mouth go dry but I was wrong Surface Tension sneaks behind the reader's defenses and wreaks havoc The offenses committed against Jake will get your temper boiling and I'm amazed when a book can do that Cory Doctorow's 2008 YA novel Little Brother is mentioned on page four hundred eleven and I suspect Mike Mullin was partly inspired by it the themes are similar as is the narrative's claustrophobic energy Little Brother is one of the greatest books I've read and Surface Tension doesn't rise to that level but it provides all the drama thrills and potent messaging I could ask for and I'm rating it three and a half stars The concept is ambitious but Mike Mullin proves he has the talent to back it up

  5. Skip Skip says:

    A high action suspense thriller about a 17 year old boy Jake whose passions are competitive bike riding and his black girlfriend Laurissa While out riding he witnesses a domestic terror attack and is nearly killed Due to his traumatic brain injury he cannot remember what happens and then several attempts are made on his life which are not believed He becomes a suspect and is persecuted by corrupt law officials Readers have a tough time telling the good cops from the bad ones His wealthy and loyal girlfriend Laurissa helps him again and again We also sympathize with Betsy his nemesis once we learn about her situation Mullin does great characters but this YA terrorist thriller is not as gos as his post apocalyptic series Ashfall Please hurry and finish Blades of Spring the next installment

  6. Bea Bea says:

    I love Mullin's Ashfall series and I was intrigued when I heard he was writing a thriller I was curious to see how Mullins handled a thriller and he didn't disappoint Surface Tension was a wild ride fast paced and high on actionSurface Tension starts with a bang and never lets up Jake is a high school student and a serious cyclist While out training for a bike race he sees a plane crash then is injured and wakes up in the hospital The details he remembers don't align with that people are telling him the police are suspicious and then someone tries to kill himJake Laurissa and Betsy are vivid memorable strong characters They are strong resourceful smart sometimes cocky sometimes impulsive but ultimately believable and enjoyable They felt like real teens and not a cleaned up version suitable for adults Jake made mistakes but most of the time his intentions were good He's in a race to save his life and top stop the terrorists from doing damage The police believe he's involved with the terrorists and treat him accordingly Federal agencies are involved also and I absolutely loathed one of the agents He was no better than the terrorists just working for the US sadly He was every bit as fanatical and unethical as the people he was fightingWhile Surface Tension had some unbelievable moments much of it was frighteningly plausible and possible I read it in one sitting gobbling it up and later had to go back and re read to catch some of the details I had missed the first time around Surface Tension combined memorable characters tight plotting thorough research a trademark trait of Mullin's a mostly realistic story line and made for an utterly engaging storyI received an egalley from the publisher for review

  7. Margaret Boling Margaret Boling says:

    10312017 Jake is a bike rider training to become a member of the USA cycling team He sees a group of people crashing a plane from the ground and they want him deadThe book has a strong supporting cast of Jake's girl friend Laurissa and the alternate narrator Betsy They are all everyday kids thrust into a life and death situation and their story helps us see how we can each step up to be a hero if necessary This book is primarily a thriller with a fast paced plot and several twists However it also explores issues of race and class through the relationship between Jake white working class and Laurissa African American wealthy Likewise through Betsy's eyes we see what it might be like to be raised in a racist xenophobic household and what it might be like to shift one's perspective and become open minded about othersFans of the Ashfall series also by Mike Mullin will not be disappointed Likewise readers who enjoy James Patterson will want to try this bookNote I am the wife of the author and have read numerous drafts of this manuscript

  8. Ms. Yingling Ms. Yingling says:

    ARC from KidlitconJake is out on a long early morning bike ride when he slams into the door of a tanker truck and is knocked unconscious He wakes up in the hospital not remembering too many details about his life so when a girl in a hijab enters his room he believes she might be his girlfriend Laurissa until she tries to kill him His mother thinks he is hallucinating and as threats to his well being occur no one believes him His actual girlfriend Laurissa does and tries to help him piece together what seems to be his part in the explosion of a plane right after take off In alternating chapters we also see the experiences of Betsy who tries to kill Jake Her father is a member of the Sons of Paine and they are trying to make it look like Muslims are committing domestic acts of terrorism therefore creating ill will towards them Betsy wants to make her father happy but after several failed attempts to kill Jake starts to wonder WHY she wants anything at all to do with her father Jake is under threat from several different groups and keeps getting involved in horrible accidents but his mother still doesn't believe him Can he figure out how to stay safe and how to keep another plane attack from happening before someone finishes him off?Strengths This had a lot of action and adventure and reminded me a little of Klavan's The Last Thing I Remember It's one of those rare books with a high school character that stays fairly middle grade appropriate I liked the twists and turns of the plot and my readers who have worked their way through all of the Alex Rider books will love this one The biking is great too and groups like the Sons of Paine are a timely topic Laurissa is an especially fun character Jake is too often concussed and spaced out to be all that well developed Weaknesses The first scene where Betsy tries to kill Jake is a bit edgy she climbs on top of him purportedly for hanky panky but tries to suash him and there are some evil policemen but it's not as violent as Camp Valor What I really think There seems like a seuel could be in the offing and I would be glad to read it Definitely purchasing We need thrillers and murder mysteries for middle grade readers

  9. Kelly Hager Kelly Hager says:

    The synopsis refers to this as a gripping story but I'm pretty sure that's one of the biggest understatements I've ever seen This book is insane It's definitely unbelievable but at the same time this would be a fantastic TV show I would normally say movie but there's too much It would have to be like four hours longThe story is mostly told from Jake's perspective with occasional chapters from Betsy the terrorist's daughter I understand why it was done this way but I wish we had gotten a little from Betsy Domestic terrorists freak me out the most because they're a much bigger threat than anything else and yet we hear about them the least But beyond that the other freakiest part of this is how uickly Jake become a target He didn't see very much and didn't understand what he saw And yet even the fact that he saw ANYTHING was enough to nearly get him killed multiple times One warning there is a cliffhanger And according to Goodreads no second book Which you know UNFAIRHighly recommended

  10. Kim Kim says:

    I was SO excited to enter a new world created by Mike Mullin His Ashfall series ranks among my all time favorites and is on a shortlist of books I have reread multiple times When an ARC came my way I dropped what I was reading and started on it right away Unfortunately this book didn't strike a chord for me I understand that some stories come with a heavy dose of suspension of belief but when you get to a point in a story where you start saying phrases aloud like Are you FREAKING kidding me? This is absolutely ridiculous and the like it has crossed the acceptable level of that suspension This overkill actually made me angry I learned the meaning of #RageReading thanks to this book I did finish it and there were a few plot twists that I found intriguing so if you like thrillers maybe you'll want to give it a shot Be prepared though you do have to have a HIGH threshold for crazy crap happening

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Surface Tension After witnessing an act of domestic terrorism while training on his bike Jake is found near death with a serious head injury and unable to remember the plane crash or the aftermath that landed him in the hospitalA terrorist leader’s teenage daughter Betsy is sent to kill Jake and eliminate him as a possible witness When Jake’s mother blames his head injury for his tales of attempted murder he has to rely on his girlfriend Laurissa to help him escape the killers and the law enforcement agents convinced that Jake himself had a role in the crashMike Mullin author of the Ashfall series delivers a gripping story with memorable characters and all too real scenarios

About the Author: Mike Mullin

Mike Mullin’s first job was scraping the gum off the undersides of desks at his high school From there things went steadily downhill He almost got fired by the owner of a bookstore due to his poor taste in earrings He worked at a place that showed slides of poopy diapers during lunch it did cut down on the cafeteria budget The hazing process at the next company included eating live termites