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The Merciful Crow A future chieftainFie abides by one rule look after your own Her Crow caste of undertakers and mercy killers takes abuse than coin but when they’re called to collect royal dead she’s hoping they’ll find the payout of a lifetimeA fugitive princeWhen Crown Prince Jasimir turns out to have faked his death Fie’s ready to cut her losses—and perhaps his throat But he offers a wager that she can’t refuse protect him from a ruthless ueen and he’ll protect the Crows when he reignsA too cunning bodyguardHawk warrior Tavin has always put Jas’s life before his magically assuming the prince’s appearance and shadowing his every step But what happens when Tavin begins to want something to call his own CROWS AREN'T MERCIFUL THEY ARE EVIL| Goodreads | Blog | Pinterest | LinkedIn | YouTube | Instagram Wait I seriously get to rate and review my own book? Rad So my completely unbiased review is that it made me laugh cry and single handedly put Ben Jerry's grandchildren through med school And that was just from writing the dang thingAnyway I hope y'all like it I made it myself I came for the crows I stayed because I had already given up a couple of hours of my life and I might as well finish That said I wasn’t too invested in the story or the characters and especially not in the romanceIt wasn’t at all memorable It’s now August and I promise you that by the time the year ends I won’t remember a single thing I probably won’t even remember the main character’s namesThis book starts interestingly enough Fie’s group of Crows is sent to burn the plague infected corpses of the crown prince and his bodyguard Things take a turn when it turns out that the prince and his guard aren’t dead at all and that they faked their deaths to keep the prince from dying at the hands of his evil stepmother as she plots to sit on the throneWith a premise like that you’d think that the story would be full of adventure and fun and fights and being on the run?Well yes and noThe book does have an adventure I guess It’s just so gosh darn repetitive It isn’t fun or creative Its actually all pretty gosh darn boring and I wanted to skip through some partsI also wasn’t a huge fan of the writing style or the world building I had so many uestions but I also didn’t really care to know the answersThen there were the charactersI didn’t like any of themNone of them were memorable to me That said some were better than othersFie the MC was interesting enough but she kind of annoyed me after a while I could only handle so much of her Jasimir was the single most annoying character in this book Every time he opened his mouth I wanted to reach my hand into the book and slap him He was such a brat He was spoiled and childish and just plain ugh If you’re going to make a character like this at least make him interesting Sadly Jasimir wasn’tThen there was Tavin He was likable enough He might have been my favorite hereif only he weren’t so generic I’ve read his exact character profile too many times beforeAnd the romance between Tavin and Fie? Laughable Cliche Rushed Entirely unbelievable Mostly it was utterly predictable and extremely boringAll the other characters from Fie’s group of Crows to the people hunting them to the evil ueen were all so generic and so forgettable I can’t possibly tell you anything about any of their personalitiesI also wasn’t a fan of the caste system I’ve seen so many caste systems in YA fantasy lately that they honestly have started to bore me and this one wasn’t even remotely interesting or new other than the fact that the castes are named after birds The power system was also confusing and at points made no senseAlso this is just cause I’m a hater but why are the people with fire powers always in charge? You’d think the kings and ueens would be the ones who have the power to manipulate people’s minds? Or the ones who are immune to the plague that’s killing everyone? Or literally anyone else? But in every single story the 'firebenders' are always in charge of things I guess fire is coolAlso also this just made no sense to me personally and it’s the fact that everyone wants to kill the Crows The Crows are the only people keeping everyone alive If there are no Crows everyone in the country would die of the plague Hunting and killing the Crows put the entire world at risk It really makes no sense to me that everyone would want to hunt them down You wouldn't go out of your to kill doctors and nurses why would anyone kill the Crows????But again maybe I’m just hating nowThe one thing I will say is there are some racial allegories buried deep somewhere in here Mostly in the fact that the Crows are being hunted and killed by a group of racist ‘vigilantes’ in white robes that think they are doing the work of the gods by getting rid of the pests of the worldMake of that what you willAll that said I didn’t hate the book It wasn’t the worst I’ve read this year I just probably won’t remember a single thing about it come December I also have absolutely no interest in the seuel I probably won't even remember I read thi sby the time the seuel even comes aroundLastly I am 100% here for this cover It’s so pretty and so interesting If only the story lived up to it I received an advance copy of this book from the publisher in exchange for an honest review All opinions are my own Instagram || Twitter || Facebook || || Pinterest DNF 66% So I guess the new YA trend isn't just to write books that are derivative but also to title them in derivative ways as well? If so good plan because THE MERCIFUL CROW is a book that feels like dozens of books I've read before Caste based fantasy with an assassination plot gone wrong and a plot to overthrow an evil ruler with a band of crude talking underdogs YepI'm extra salty because my luck with books has been amazing lately and I've absolutely loved some of the YA offerings that 2019 has brought me but THE MERCIFUL CROW just didn't cut it The heroine Fie was so annoying I just couldn't stand her attitude or her smugness or her personality She was the worst I thought naming all the castes after birds was super lame and didn't really understand what the point of the caste system was or what they even did and no the index didn't helpThe writing was great but nice writing doesn't do anything for me if the world building is a disorganized mess and I hate the main character I probably could have forced myself to finish this if I'd really tried but I didn't want to try Who names their cat Barf? Oh and guess what the Crows have a stupid dance called Money Dance when they want to be paid They actually stomp around and everyone acts like it's sooooo scary LOL no Goodbye book Thanks to the publisher for sending me a copy in exchange for an honest review  1 star 35While this book was a bit slow in places the details of the caste system and the tooth magic interested me enough to keep readingFie was a great character She is a member of the Crow Caste the lowest caste there is tasked with travelling the roads to mercifully kill those who are infected with the plague Interestingly this plague never effects the Crows and rarely effects the highest class the Phoenix’s One day her and her group with her Pa as chief are summoned to the palace and tasked with mercifully killing and taking the bodies of Prince Jasimir and Tavin Prince Jasimir’s body double who have been supposedly infected by the plague Fie discovers that they have faked their deaths and now the Crow’s are involved with the politics of court than they ever thought they would be with awful conseuences Tasked with protecting these 2 men Fie must travel with them and face and fight many obstacles that stand in the groups way from getting to a safe place This book piued my interest as the caste system in this book all based on birds was wonderfully detailed The author focused on how Crows being the lowest caste were treated so unfairly by those “higher” than them The author also detailed all of the threats that exist to a Crow’s life sudden disappearances brutal killings not receiving education or proper jobs threats to their lives and livelihood Having Fie as a main character who is part of the Crow caste solidified the tough and unfair life of being a Crow and having no freedom due to who you are born to However we learn that Fie is a rare type of Crow she is a Crow witch which allows her to use the teeth from other castes and this gives her a variety of powers The detail and explanations of what this tooth magic could do and what it was used for captivated my attention The use of tooth magic reminded me of the Daughter of Smoke and Bone series by Laini Taylor which I enjoyed so I was highly intrigued by this book This book was overall enjoyable it piued my interest with the caste system and tooth magic Fie was headstrong and a realist and there was some humour throughout the book this is an amazing story full of action and an uniue magic system with dark atmosphere an amazing female lead who is complex rude and stands up for what she believe for she is trown in this adventure with an spoiled prince who I hated in the beginning and loved in the end tavin who is snarky brave and fun this is an amazing world and the magic is so intresting just pick this up if you love uests high stakes adventure with a lot of danger and loves crow's gave this book of coure 5 stars and recommend this for sure to the fantasy lovers out there I’m super glad I’ve just bemoaned all the disappointing YA fantasy so far this year because the universe sat up said ‘oh yeah?’ and tugged the rug right out from under me Bookies I present to you THE MERCIFUL CROW I knew nothing about this before beginning #TeamNoBlurbs and was delighted at every turn the story took This world is made up of Castes centered around various birds Crows at the bottom Pheonixes at the top We see the world through the Crows’ eyes; they are mercy killers resistant to the plague that sweeps the nation able to draw power from teeth it sounds weird but it’s so cool and overwhelmingly reviled by everyone else They are spit upon treated abominably and yet every dying soul calls to them for mercy They keep the realm safe because without them plague would run rampant everyone would die And yet Fie and her father’s band of Crows are called to the kingdom to dispose of two bodies This is a rare event because royals for whatever reason haven’t been struck down by the plague in centuries And when they are moments away from burning the corpses it turns out they are far less dead than everyone thought And that one of them is the prince THE MERCIFUL CROW then goes on to weave a breakneck tale of disaster betrayal acceptance disasters betrayals and on and on This world was so rich and fascinating and holy forking hell was it diverse and delicious Skin colour sexuality talk of periods Owens tackled them all without ever feeling like she was checking off a box for including one element of another I loved that so so much It felt effortless Infact her writing in general was smooth and fierce and fraught with emotion Just like her characters My one complaint is that and it might be my fault for missing it though I’m not sure I did I’m not entirely clear why there is a plague in this world It was never explained But I thought every other bit was Jasimir the prince was mostly a naive spoiled shit — as one expects — but through him we get a closer look at the prejudice and discrimination and ignorance of this world and the thoughtlessness which is the kindest form of treatment they ever receive towards the Crows How the whole world is built on hating these people and yet relying on them How no one has thought to uestion why or wonder about them Or treat them as something than trash It was insidious underlying every interaction or belief and the author did a fabulous job at making this treatment abhorrent without ever making the story depressing Just tense and brutal As for Fie our lead and sole POV she was wow Brave and angry fierce and uncompromising full of doubt as she remained strong She burned herself out sacrificing not only for her people but for two individuals who hadn’t known her name hadn’t cared about her Caste until they needed her; time and time again she pushed herself For a promise for the hope of a better future even if it meant she wouldn’t see it herself We also had a love interest and I won’t say I saw it coming but I did And that was okay because I was totally onboard totally shipping it and the fact that we had some excellent exchanges around consent as well as discussion around sex itself? Hello hi here for of this in YA please When it comes to the ending I’m also a huge fan of it This is apparently a series duology? trilogy? don’t know and yet the ending was perfect I am so satisfied and yet curious and excited and maybe a bit worried Nothing has really resolved and yet it doesn’t really feel like anything is left hanging either It’s a great balance But that doesn’t mean I won’t be clamouring for book two I’m totally shocked this is the author’s debut and highly anticipate this’ll be something of a surprise hit for many readers You definitely need to keep this one on your radar I totally recommend I received an ARC from the publisher thank you in exchange for an honest review This review can also be found at A Take From Two Cities you know that moment when youre reading and you lose focus but your eyes still keep ‘reading’ so you end up having to backtrack and reread everything you just missed when you zoned out? yeah that happened to me soooo many times whilst reading this that i lost count at the halfway point i started skimming because i just did not have the attention span to fully commit to this i mean i really wanted to love this but other than a slightly uniue magic system theres not much going for this book that would have otherwise kept me engaged and i think its the dense writing and repetitive nature of the narrative that is so off putting also i think anyone who isnt a native english speaker will have a difficult time with this just because the writing is just so forced and crowded sure its a nice effort for a debut but this really isnt anything i havent read before definitely an unpopular opinion i know but hey what can you do? guess i could round up my rating at least ↠ 25 stars DNF I give up I’m not one to light heartedly leave a book unfinished but about sixty pages into this all I am is a annoyed by the writing and b wondering why in the world I should care about a single thing that is happeningIronic how only a few hours ago I was tweeting about not having it in me to dnf booksBlog | Twitter | Instagram | Tumblr | Bloglovin’

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