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All These Beautiful Strangers My thanks to NetGalley and Penguin Random House Children’s UK for a review copy of this bookThis young adult mystery is the story of Charlotte ‘Charlie’ Calloway the daughter of a real estate mogul who attends a posh prep school Knollwood Preparatory She has just received an invitation to be inducted into the very secret club the ‘A’s’ at the school for which she and other initiates will be given three difficult challenges which will get them to push many boundaries But Charlie’s life is plagued by another mystery—her mother disappeared ten years ago literally all of a sudden and no trace has been found of her Grace Calloway was from an ordinary working class background so the Calloways only think the worst of her—her being a gold digger and such On the other hand her mother’s family and friends believe Charlie’s father had something to do with her mother’s disappearance When Grace’s brother Charlie’s uncle Hank contacts her with some information about Grace she decides to start looking into the matter As the story proceeds we start to see different events in different timelines from the perspective of Grace and also of Alistair Charlie’s father besides Charlie herself Going back and forth in time the different pieces of the puzzle start to come togetherWhile this was a mystery one of my favourite genres it was very different from the mystery stories I usually read with the prep school setting and Gossip Girl vibes as the description itself said But still I found it to be a pretty interesting read I liked how the story switched between different timelines and viewpoints which meant that at times the reader had learnt about the characters’ Charlie’s parents and friends and relatives complicated very backstories than Charlie had at that point and one was waiting to see how she finds out and how it helps her put the puzzle together Being in a school setting there are the usual school storylines moving on alongside—escaping curfew classes homecoming dance and even a touch of romance Though most of the students are the typical prep school rich kids a la Gossip Girl one does like Charlie even if not many of the other characters As far as the mystery itself was concerned it turned out that there was than one puzzle that needed solving but about less than halfway into the book one could or less work out what the broad answers to the mystery would be and how the two main mysteries were connected But despite that I found the book did have me hooked and reading on both because I wanted to see whether I was right and how things would turn out for the characters Also the whodunit I only figured out a little later Although about 500 pages long a little over in fact the book didn’t feel like it was dragging at any point and kept me interested all through My rating 4 stars for this one—for a mystery to get full points from me it really has to surprise me or have a twist I didn’t see coming which this one didn’t really But still it was a very enjoyable readThis review also appears on my blog WELL THAT WAS UTTERLY AND IRREVOCABLY DISAPPOINTINGLet me just start off that if you like Gossip Girl Pretty Little Liars and the dramatic flair for the points of being hella extrathen look no further folks because we got here the same run of the mill mediocre and somewhat boring mysterydrama tale of a pretentious high school student uncovering the buried secrets of the past all the while getting caught up in a tangle wood of lies and deceit in the presentDoesn't that sound like a juicy fishhook of a TV showmovie you might find somewhere like on the CW or Lifetime??Because literally hellllll nooooo I'm over it alreadySo I legit thought this book was Adult but it wasn't; it's YA And if y'all know me chuckle chuckleI LITERALLY DO NOT LIKE YA MYSTERY THRILLERS Well most of the time anyways And 'thriller'??? Um nonexistent Maybe that's just on me and its just marketed as mysterysuspense Well whatever because that wasn't even the fault I had with the book; it was with the main character herself Charlie Fairchild And don't get me started on these names lmaooo Ie montgomery spencer averyrich spoiled ass # In short I found Charlie to be extremely arrogant and ignorant She was annoyed and rude to her 'friend' and found this so called 'friend' irritating because she wasn't some rich girl who wore the designer clothes and labels No it was like she was trying too hard because her parents couldn't afford the school so she's on a scholarship so what a try hard yada yadaum excuse me as someone who was on scholarships for the very same reasondon't get me started And the suicide jokes Really? It's 2018 Not even that It's just in poor taste and uality But all things aside was it the worst book I've ever read? Hell no But to say in the least somewhat overbearing and pretentious this book does have an interesting aspect unrealistic of an anonymous club full of hierarchy and power and the corruption that runs with it Not to mention the conseuences This book is choked full of them in fact 2 JUDGE JUDY STARS Arc provided by authorpublisher in exchange for an honest review Thank you to William Morrow for sending me an arc Twitter | Bookstagram | Youtube | A young woman haunted by a family tragedy is caught up in a dangerous web of lies and deception involving a secret society in this highly charged addictive psychological thriller that combines the dishy gamesmanship of Gossip Girl with the murky atmosphere of The Secret HistoryOne summer day Grace Fairchild the beautiful young wife of real estate mogul Alistair Calloway vanished from the family’s lake house without a trace leaving behind her seven year old daughter Charlie and a slew of unanswered uestionsYears later 17 year old Charlie still struggles with the dark legacy of her family name and the mystery surrounding her mother Determined to finally let go of the past she throws herself into life at Knollwood the prestigious New England school she attends Charlie uickly becomes friends with Knollwood’s it crowdCharlie has also been tapped by the A’s the school’s elite secret society well known for terrorizing the faculty administration and their enemies To become a member of the A’s Charlie must play The Game a semester long diabolical high stakes scavenger hunt that will jeopardize her friendships her reputation even her place at KnollwoodAs the dark events of past and present converge Charlie begins to fear that she may not survive the terrible truth about her family her school and her own life No one can really understand the whole of a person In many ways the people I was closest to the people who meant the most to me were strangers Beautiful strangers 45 beautiful stars It’s honestly the best feeling ever when a book you were hesitant to start ends up in your favourites list and leaves you absolutely stunned First of all I would like to thank Penguin NZ for sending me a physical ARC of this book And let me also tell you first up that I was not expecting to love this book I don’t usually read mystery but I do enjoy YA contemporary and this seemed like a good mix which is why I was curious enough to give it a go Another thing I was not expecting was to fall in love with these characters and invest my heart in their relationships so badly that their grief would literally show in my mood I can’t believe that I am already looking forward to rereading the book again to experience those emotions again?? What has this book turned me into?? The MC Charlie Calloway was a joy to read about because honestly I have read about a lot of strong and badass women in fantasy but not so much outside of that genre so this was a great change I loved reading about her journey and noticing the changes in her character from the choices and paths she chose to follow and I’m just SO proud of her for doing what she did in the end ’ Okay since I mentioned relationships before let me clarify and say that they w r e c k e d me I am still a mess reeling from all those feelings I particularly enjoyed the first half of the book and I am glad I cherished all the build up because the second half just stole all my hopes and dreams and ripped them far apart Once again the flashbacks surprised me because I loved them so much It’s very unusual for me to like reading about the past since most of the time I end up finding it boring but I genuinely wanted to read about Grace and Alistair’s POV’s because their story was so heartbreaking and real and just so well writtenNow that I think about it one thing that I really liked about this story is that none of the characters are perfect They are all messed up in their own way and have their own issues which to me is a reflection of our society today Things almost never turn out to be as they appear to be from the surface and this story uncovers this harsh reality bit by bit as aspects from the past are revealed There’s three different timelines that are involved which maintain the suspense as you make your way through the story uncovering bits and pieces as you go and the result in the end was uite satisfying in my opinionI would love to read about these characters and I still have to come to terms with the fact that their story has ended Now the uestion of why I didn’t rate this 5 stars which y’all might be wondering as much as I loved this story and the surprises it brought me I wouldn’t say I was shook by any of the plot twists and i usually save 5 star ratings for books that do have that effect on me Regardless I am definitely looking forward to reading books by this author and hope to pick up mystery books similar to this one Ten years ago when Charlie was seven years old her mother disappeared Charlie is now seventeen and away at boarding school When she is tapped to join the A’s the school’s secret society she’s excited but a little concerned about the initiation process As she plays the game the A’s ask of her she learns they may not be as great as she originally thought In addition to school life Charlie starts to think there is to the story of her mother’s disappearance and looks into the past to uncover the secretsTold using alternating points of view – Charlie Grace and Alistair Charlie is the main character She’s popular rich smart and pretty She seems to have it all but she is haunted by her mother’s disappearance From Charlie’s viewpoint the reader learns about the present and the past Grace and Alistair are Charlie’s parents Their chapters are mostly about the past The alternating timelines and POVs were handled well and easily distinguished from one anotherA large portion of the book is about Charlie’s school life friendships and initiation into the A’s The initiation process involves an elaborate scavenger hunt that often has risks The mystery part comes from Charlie learning something new about her mother which reignites Charlie’s interest in her mother’s disappearance She decides to look into the past and attempt to uncover what happenedThis is listed under adult fiction but it reads like a YA mystery I was fine with that but if you don’t like YA books then this might not be a good fit for you If you enjoy YA mysteries and books that involve elite boarding schools then this is perfect for youA compelling debut novel Captivating mysterious and clever I look forward to reading by this author Find all of my reviews at All These Beautiful Strangers Not even kidding This was exactly what I was hoping for when my friend Michelle’s Review popped up on my feed I mean let’s face it while I would looooooooooooove to be able to say I spend summer break like this If I were every to vacay in the Hamptons I assume it would be like this Sidenote I totally read a book that gave me a serious Grey Gardens vibe Maybe one day I’ll get around to reviewing it Sidenote 2 If you haven’t watched Documentary Now yet you should immediately log off and go do it and then send me gift cards as a thank you for introducing so much awesome into your lifeOkay where was I? Oh yeah that I’m poor so my summertime fun actually is something like this All that being said I want to ESCAPE when it comes to July reads If that cover doesn’t sell you that you’re in for a YA beachy good time I don’t know what will I mean just look at it Did you look at it???? Okay thenWhat better way to spend a summery timesuck than with a bunch of privileged white kids? AmIrightoramIright???? The story here focuses on Grace a richie rich boarding school type of gal who has just received an invitation to begin the initiation process in order to become a member of a supersecret club known as The Skulls Whoops I mean the A’s Then you have a second storyline regarding Grace’s mother and Grace trying to figure out if she a ran away from home or b was murdered – dun dun dunnnnnnnnn It’s only a matter of time before Grace starts to realize I’m pretty sure I need to go put my dinosaur back in his pen and finally check out Gossip Girl I know I know I am old and was still Twiharding superbad and missed all the gossipy good times I shall rectify it post haste I received a free copy of All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth from Goodreads for my honest review Wonderful read keeps you on the edge of your seat wondering what will happen next Charlie Calloway has it all a wonderful family fantastic friends money Charlie finds out about a secret society at her school and is determined to get in it Little does she know that the secrets are deeper than she can imagine Charlie always wanted to know about her mother's disappearance and now she might just find out The secrets that are uncovered about her family might destroy everything she is and knows ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️💫 5All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth will hook you from the very start and eat up ALL of your free time What it's about Charlie is 7 when her mother disappears from the family lake house never to be seen again Now at age 17 Charlie is going to a prestigious boarding school called Knollwood Prep where there is an elite group of students called the A's The A's have chosen her to be an initiate to their secret club but to be a part of it she must play a very serious game that will threaten everything As if that wasn't enough secrets of the past are coming to light and causing Charlie to wonder if her mom really did run off or if something much worse is at playThis book was SO GOOD I believe this is a young adult novel but I found myself forgetting that as I read I also cannot believe it is a debut novel because it reads like this author has been in the game of writing silly for a very long time I was fully engrossed in the story and had a hard time putting it down This book is over 400 pages but I didn't even notice because the pages fly by so fast All These Beautiful Strangers switches through a few different viewpoints and from past to present but I think Charlie in present time was my favorite overall I loved the boarding school setting and seeing her grow as a person throughout the book There are some pretty unlikable characters but most were the type that you love to hate and I saw enough growth in Charlie that she didn't end up bugging me as a character It was actually uite fun reading from her POV and I adored the humor Klehfoth infuses into the novel Plus I think we can all agree that the cover of this novel is gorgeous It screams summer to me and would make the perfect beach read or all year round read since it's so dang good I loved the mystery aspect about Charlie's mom and there are uite a few twists and turns that I wasn't expecting Final Thought Overall I really loved All These Beautiful Strangers There is a mystery a dash of romance secrets drama and so much The pace was on point and not once did I find this book dull or want to stop reading it I thought it read like adult fiction but maybe that's just me Either way I can tell that Klehfoth has a ton of talent and I can't wait to see what her next novel brings Highly recommend this addicting duplicitous novel Blog | Facebook | Twitter | Instagram | Pinterest A beautiful story about families love betrayal the difference between the rich and poor and a girl that tries to discover what happened to her missing mother while discovering herself Charlie Calloway has a life most people would kill for – a tight knit family a loyal set of friends and top grades a privileged boarding school But Charlie’s never been interested in what most people want Like all Calloways she’s been taught that she’s different special – better So when her school’s super exclusive secret society extends a mysterious invitation Charlie’s determination to get in is matched only by her conviction that she belongs there But their secrets go deeper than she knowsCharlie finds herself thrust into the centre of a decades old mystery – one that implicates her family in not one terrible crime but two Uncovering their past may destroy everything she knows – or give her the answer she’s always craved Who or what was behind her mother’s disappearance ten years ago?I haven’t heard about this book until I received it as a birthday gift from my sister The cover is just – gorgeous You can feel the raindrops on the cover and the sides are painted black and you can read out ”I KNOW” They have been thinking of all the little detailsimage error All These Beautiful Strangers by Elizabeth Klehfoth is a young adult mystery that is told from multiple points of view and several timelines Reading this one I had the thought that the author successfully made a book stew she managed to combine a couple of mysteries and some drama into an interesting storyFirst we have seventeen year old Charlie Calloway who is a junior at the prestigious Knollwood and looking forward to joining Knollwood’s secret elite society the As Charlie is ready to put her past behind her and step out of the shadow of her family name so when invited to join the high stakes scavenger hunt that begins the initiation into the As Charlie is excited to join the in crowdTen years before when Charlie was seven her mother had gone missing and even a decade later there were never any definite answers to what happened Rumors still swirl that Charlie’s father had murdered Grace but evidence points to Grace having planned to leave the marriage and disappearAnd then twenty years earlier there was another mystery that involved Charlie’s family Her mother had been good friends with a boy named Jake who had attended Knollwood back then and had been said to commit suicide Grace had never really believed of the suicide and blamed herself for not knowing what was going on with JakeThe story was very easy to follow along even as it changed the point of view and went back in time Just as much as Charlie’s pledging to join the As was interesting and drama filled in the present time the mysteries of the past were just as compelling This one became uite the page turner just waiting to see what would happen and how all the secrets and lies could be woven in together and be solved making a very enjoyable readI received an advance copy from the publisher via EdelweissFor review please visit