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The Immoral Majority An evangelical takes evangelicalism to task for surrendering it's theology in order to win and in so winning evangelicalism has lost its soul its ability to witness to Christ and to truly influence the world Rather than trusting God evangelicals decided to take over the government to further their own vision for America and have done so with a president highly unualified to lead a man of reprehensible character and malicious intentHowe's analysis is clear and to the point there's a whole lot wrong with evangelicalism and Howe doesn't shy away from probing all of itI certainly hope evangelicals read with care though as Howe says evangelicals will by and large hate this book Having for so long feasted on their diet of righteousness and endless justification for aligning themselves with deeply flawed politicians to further God's agenda as they see it; ironically now after excoriating Bill Clinton for his lack of moral character and claiming that character counts it's now nearly impossible for evangelicals to consider the idea that they may be mistakenWining at all costs has ensnared evangelicals and the GOP and such a morality only leads to darkness The outlook is not promising The best review I think I can give are the words that the author himself uses in the introduction“This is a book about what happens when the people who believe they have the moral high ground find themselves on the low road”Terrific book in helping us understand that the Moral Majority was always a fiction The Moral Minority is one man and he is Jesus The rest of us must follow him and never compromise our faith for the sake of political expediency I am not a Christian Howe is a Christian and speaking to his fellow Christians so take my rating with a grain of salt The book is filled with Christian scriptures and his ideas on what are Christian values Any new republican those who are republicans after the nomination of President Trump will call him an educated elitist liptard snowflake for his uaint backward ideas from the Bible I feel his pain My own education is in economics and being an ardent supply side market capitalist I'm for open borders I acuired such ideas from growing up listening to Reagan and Milton Friedman I know few new Republicans know who Friedman was I therefore always get a kick out of being called a libtard socialist by new Republicans because of my bias for market economics over a planned economy So I get his frustration Civil discussion on any topics that matter is dead Keeping relationships between friends means keeping conversation to the best flavor of coffee and cat photos I often see you members of that small little minority of Christians like Howe who claim that the vast majority of Chistians don't get Christian values and just aren't reading their Bibles correctly It would seem the vast majority of Christians don't agree with you Many of them surely know the scriptures forward and backward and they want to build a wall around themselves They don't share your values or mine There is a reason I'm not a Christian Welcome aboard Since Evangelicals were a key group to elect Donald Trump and have steadily remained among his supporters it seemed like this would be a good pick up I was curious to learn about it beyond what I had read in news What on earth drew these people to someone like Trump who had 3 marriages 5 children and is known to be unfaithful and worse As someone who is not at all religious I was justconfusedHowe is talking to other Christians So comments from people saying that it has that feel of observing a conversation as an outsider were on the mark for me A book filled with religious talk scripture etc was tough for me to read just unrelatable It makes my eyes glaze over sorryOverall I did agree with his arguments that they had sacrificed what will be an eventual long term loss for a earthly short term one Not everyone will agree and it does at times seem like this is not so But given what I've seen this just seems unsustainable even if it ends with half the planet blown away in a nuclear explosionPerhaps not necessarily the lesson the author intended but I can understand the basic themes of his arguments even if I don't care for his methods Also wasn't a fan of him claiming Merry Christmas could be said freely and openly again because really only a small group of people care that muchLibrary borrow for me Now a National BestsellerEvangelicals are losing the culture war What if it’s their faultIn 2016 writer and filmmaker Ben Howe found himself disillusioned with the religious movement he’d always called home In the pursuit of electoral victory many American evangelicals embraced moral relativism and toxic partisanshipWhatever happened to the Moral Majority who headed to Washington in the ’80s to plant the flag of Christian values Where were the Christian leaders that emerged from that movement and led the charge against Bill Clinton for his deception and unfaithfulness Was all that a sham Or have they just lost sight of why they wanted to win in the first place From the 1980s scandals till today evangelicals have often been caricatured as a congregation of judgmental and prudish rubes taken in by thundering pastors consumed with greed and lust for power Did the critics have a pointIn The Immoral Majority Howe—still a believer and still deeply conservative—analyzes and debunks the intellectual dishonesty and manipulative rhetoric which evangelical leaders use to convince Christians to toe the Republican Party line He walks us through the history of the Christian Right as well as the events of the last three decades which led to the current state of the conservative movement at largeAs long as evangelicals prioritize power over persuasion Howe argues their pews will be empty and their national influence will dwindle If evangelicals hope to avoid cultural irrelevance going forward it will mean valuing the eternal over the ephemeral humility over ego and resisting the seduction of political power no matter the cost The Immoral Majority demonstrates how the Religious Right is choosing the profits of this world at the cost of its soul—and why it’s not too late to change course It's important to know that I am a professing born again career homeschooling Christian Lest you assume the author is a left wing Christian hating atheist or any other prejudiced assumption it's also important to know that the author Ben Howe is a died in the wool Christian too So Howe's motivation for blowing the lid off of the former Moral Majority becomes not another bashing from the left but a cry from the Wilderness to believers who have blindly put their trust in their leaders' guidance on present day politics specifically the Trump presidency It was dismaying that many Christian influencers' names that I have held dear to my heart who spoke truth during the Clinton years about the importance of our president's character took a convenient compromising about face regarding Mr Trump during the 2016 election choosing any means even setting aside Biblical principles and their own to convince their followers to vote for him As a homeschooler I was gladdened to read that at least Michael Farris chairman of the Homeschool Legal Defense Association stood firm against a Trump presidency here uoted from his FB page on July 25 2015 I will never support Donald Trump Republicans would never again be able to say that we value moral character or family values if we support Donald Trump If it comes down to Donald and Hillary I will run as an independent It would do well for the others who have strayed from the Truth that is to reflect Christ and to be examples to their flock to remember that God's Word is clear about the greater condemnation on leaders Perhaps the 2020 election will give them an opportunity to humbly return to the fold In any case Mr Howe can at least rest knowing that he wasn't afraid to be a Gospel witness In conclusion my review of this book is not meant to sway readers one way or another about their vote It's about following the example of the Berean church who the Apostle Paul praised for not even taking his word on the Scriptures but who studied them for themselves before believing Listen read then hold everything up to the Light of Truth Be a BereanThis book was given to me as a gift For several years I’ve become and restless with evangelicals and their increasing willingness to overlook various moral issues so that their political agenda could be advanced I was never able to clearly articulate why I was feeling that way I’m now over halfway through this book and am already thankful that Ben took the time and effort to write it He has put into words many of my concerns and laid out how they have come to be Using biblical truths historical events numerous sources on both sides of the aisle and personal stories Ben has done a great job of clearly articulating what I and so many others have been feeling He lays out the path that has led so many who once called for ‘compassionate conservatism’ to the current ‘win at any cost’ climate that is a far cry from the teaching of Jesus This is not an anti Trump book or a declarations that Christians shouldn’t be a part of the GOP or a bashing of Christians in the GOP It is a call to evangelicals to stop and reconsider their current course of action and its longterm effects regardless of the candidateI appreciate the fact that it is written from an ‘insiders’ perspective he grew up in a Christian household continues in his faith and has several years working in the republicanParty not an ‘outsider’ simply throwing stones attempting to discredit a religion or political party In my opinion makes this book of an honest look into the issues that are addressedFor those of you who consider yourself an evangelical republican I encourage you to buy this book and read it with an open mind A conservative evangelical himself Ben does a great job of asking uestions that need to be considered and speaking truth into places that many have been unwilling to goFor those of you who like me have long struggled with how the religious right’s valuesmethods don’t seem to line up with the teachings of Jesus and are interested in healthy civil dialogue I believe this book does a great job of giving specific examples and scenarios that allow for educated uestions and answersFor those who aren’t of the Christian faith and feel like public figures such as Jerry Falwell Jr and Robert Jeffress represent the stereotypical Christian and therefore an accurate representation of who Christ calls us to be please read this book Ben lays out a good basic foundation of some of the key characteristics of who Jesus calls us to be humble compassionate loving etcIs this book the final answer to the issues that evangelicals must wrestle through? Of course not But I do believe it is a great step towards civil dialogue; something that is greatly lacking in today’s political climate Wow Finally someone who is saying what I've been thinking for a long time However Ben is saying it far better than I ever would or could have Ever since Obama became president I'd chosen to stop listening to conservative radio and television This was because I noticed what seemed to me a different level of vitriol on the attacks against him that I didn't want to take personally being a black conservative While I didn't agree with Obama's policies I was extremely proud that he was my president and I was extremely proud of my country for overcoming a legacy of prejudice in electing him I was proud of the evangelicals who rejoiced that our nation had overcome this legacy to vote for him as president and even prayed for him However this all changed in 2016 when Trump won the Republican nomination for president I wasn't surprised that many evangelicals voted for him because I assumed that they were voting for the lesser of two evils But I was not prepared for the amount of love and support they lavish on him Reading THE IMMORAL MAJORITY has shed a lot of light on what has been going on behind the scenes that explains the love for our current President It is shocking and sad There are Christians whom I have respected who have now changed long held beliefs to confirm Trump's behavior and words for political advantage to the detriment of eternal advantages This all very sad to me and is documented throughout THE IMMORAL MAJORITY I wish that everyone could read it with an open mind but sadly I think that it's likely that people will retreat to their respective political camps However if you are open and want to really examine your own political agenda especially as a Christian please give this a read It won't disappoint This was a fascinating read for me because it was like watching a movie that I was an extra in The Author and I were in the same circles and we've interacted several times in the last 14 years I was a state level political blogger I spoke on panels at political events and trained activists I traveled to CPAC multiple times as a credentialed blogger and interacted with many of the people in this book As Howe weaves his narrative of his new realizations about the nature of religion in politics I was following a similar journey and we both ended up with similar conclusions So the book was engaging and nostalgic for me If you didn't have the context his arguments and statements may come across as disjointed and would be difficult to follow It is a book that needed to be written and Howe was a good one to write it Ultimately this book is about the deep struggle of conscience that one should have when engaging with politics which it seems that many voters don't undertake It is a messy business with no clearly defined answers but as William F Buckley said Decent people should ignore politics if only they could be confident that politics would ignore them Frankly a hard to read book that I struggled with rating I didn't want to read it because it reminded me of things I would prefer not to think about and in the process depresses me But it is a fairly straightforward outlining of the ways self professed evangelical Christians have given up the Character Matters perspective and instead embraced the using power for the right things is what matters approach The challenge is understanding just how prevalent this viewpoint is within evangelicalism at large Howe illustrates how at the very least vocal and prominent leaders with millions of followers have taken this approach and uses polling data to argue that the people in the pews have embraced or take on this view as well; maybe even to a deeper degree than their leadersWhat I think is clear is that this faustian bargain has done serious damage to the perception of both Christianity and conservatism in ways that we will only begin to understand in the coming years This book outlines the various arguments and rhetorical devices used to make this turn and how it is not based on faith Christian values or scripture but on insecurity self interest and a desire to help God by winning

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