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Clem Hetherington and the Ironwood Race I do love race stories crazy contests and post apocalyptic tales and this book has all of those things plus a robot brother and a super awesome art style Mad Max meets competitive Archeology This graphic novel was a bit of a mess This is what I know Clem has a robot named Digory for a brother This is perfectly normal in this unusual world of humans robots and anthropomorphic animals and insects Clem and Digory ran away from an orphanage and are living in a dilapidated building Clem has some serious archaeologist skills most likely inherited from her famous archaeologist mother Clem finds herself being coerced into driving a car in a race called the Ironwood Race where she has the opportunity to find ancient artifacts that could change her circumstances in life BUT I don’t really know much about this guy Kilburn who shows up out of nowhere and uickly gets her involved in the race I know nothing about this world or how Clem became so good at archaeology I guess you’re suppose to infer a lot from this statement “Mom and Dad raised me and Dig on archaeological sites around the world” p 24 Those things withstanding I liked Holgate’s artwork and color palette and I enjoyed reading about a determined young girl who isn’t afraid to drive a fast car and out maneuver menacing drivers Read Harder task A comic that isn't published by Marvel DC or Image Parts of this were really good Orphan girl and robot in a really interesting convincing Sci fi world But the story falls short in several ways odd leaps in logically or story telling What's sad is I'm sure all of the jarring jumps could have been addressed with better editing the underlying story and writing were good 35 stars it was fun and breezy sort of Mad Max meets archeology I didn't dislike it nor did I love it it was perfectly fine if I was a kid I would have LOVED this Rad story rad art Clem and her robot brother Gregory join a black market off road archeological race Hard to explian easier to read Check it out Copy provided by Young Adult Books CentralClem's archaeologist parents were both killed in an unfrotunate accident and she has been sent to an orphanage from which she has escaped She goes to the Professor hoping he will let her work on his digs but he says that she is too young at 14 to do this She and her robot companion Digory live in an abandoned building that has enough electricity to keep Digory charged but the two are barely eking out an existence When Digory is attacked and injured Clem breaks down and contacts Kilburn who had worked with her parents but didn't help her enough after their death When he tells them about the Ironwood Race Clem decides to enter with her parents' vehicle The teams have to find certain antiuities but there are no rules for the race which gets very rough and tumble Will the team be able to win the race and have enough money to fund future archaeological digs?The setting of this is an appealing South Western futuristic dystopia peopled by robots and a variety of crocodile and lizard like humanoids The color palette of the graphic novel reflects this with browns rusts and olive greens The action scenes are well drawn even if Clem is a dead ringer for Speed Racer behind the wheel of the car in her helmetClem is an appealing character She wants to follow in her parents' footsteps but doesn't want to take the time to go through school which is understandable given the precarious nature of life in her world The professor is a scatter brained but warm influence who wants the best for Clem even if she doesn't agree with her vision Kilborn is complicated and hard to understand adding to the mystery element of the book Digory is an engaging and capable robot companion Even Tte young mechanic they meet during the race Hec is a nice additionThis is a well formatted graphic novel It is about the trim size of a standard middle grade fiction book which gives space for pictures and the text is slightly larger and readable than some manga There isn't too much of it either so it's easy to comprehend the words that are that This may seem like a picky observation but since reluctant or struggling readers are drawn to books with pictures I am not happy when there are a lot of tiny words crammed on pages in graphic novels The Scholastic Graphix books usually have given thought to the ratio of pictures to words as well as these other formatting issuesFans of Winnick's Hilo or Brailliers The Last Kids on Earth will enjoy racing along with Clem and Digory on their uest to uncover artifacts and get themselves into the good graces of the archaeological world The start of an exhilarating high stakes graphic novel series that is sure to appeal to fans of Kazu KibuishiA dangerous rally race and archaeologyClementine Hetherington and her robot brother Digory have run away from the orphanage they've been living in since their parents died Clem and Dig want to follow in their famous archaeologist mother's footsteps but no one will take them seriously Their chance arrives when a man from their past saves Digory's life and to repay the debt they enter a multiday rally race to recover stolen artifacts Clem and Dig hope to win so they can give the artifacts to a museum but their opponents want to sell them on the black market The Ironwood Race has no rules and Clem and Dig might be in over their heads 13 year old Clem and her robot brother Digory have run away from the orphanage They long for the days of excitement when they used to conduct archaeological excavations with their parents On the run those days seem long gone until an oldfriend and partner of Clem’s folks returns with another chance for some adventureClem and Digory are recruited to drive their father’s custom made roadster in a competition called the Ironwood Race Racer’s run in series of heats in hopes of uncovering 4 missing artifacts The team who find the most treasure while running the fastest wins Other than that there are no rules in the Ironwood Race It’s the ultimate fight to the finishClem Hetherington is a cross between Indiana Jones and Mad Max There’s secret passageways and enigmatic maps futuristic technology fierce mutants and no holds barred racing Being from Australia the birthplace of apocalyptic adventure storiesthis seems like a perfect project for the team of Breach and Holgate Some scenes of action and adventure may be a little too intense for very young readers Also there is some violent scenes both implied and not that prevent this book from being an all ages read Recommended for readers in grades 3 7 I wonderif grade 3 might still be a bit too young to read this bookThe story itself was uite original I’ve never seen an event just like the Ironwood Race as I never really thought to put race car driving with archaeology Yet this is a logical pairing as TV and movies are filled with treasure hunters racing to beat their rivals in order to discover a hidden temple or forgotten tomb I really look forward to further adventures of Clem and her brother Digory They were an interesting duo and they really engaged the imagination I hope they are preparingfor another race because if they are I’ll be watching from the front rowAn extremely inventive read that may be too intense at times for readers in grades 3and under I didn't think I'd like this graphic novel part of a planned series as much as I did I saw a robot in a car on the cover and I immediately concluded that it would focus on some kind of road race And while that conjecture is true there is a whole lot to the book than what's on the cover Fourteen year old Clementine Hetherington and her robot brother Digory are on the lam hiding from the authorities after running away from an orphanage Clem has spent her childhood by the side of her mother who was an archaeologist and she has skills and knowledge that no one else her age does But when she reaches out to Professor Perton a family friend for help he dismisses her and tells her she needs the credentials that an advanced degree and field experience will give her When Dig comes close to dying as he engages in a shady deal with some street hoods Kilburn her parents' friend happens to arrive and offers to help But his aid comes with strings attached and the two siblings find themselves in a brutal race to find various artifacts There is plenty of action and readers will race through the pages to find out what happens next as well as to see whether Clem will compromise her values or change the way she operates in order to win In a race where just about anything goes how can two youngsters who play fair and play by the rules possibly hope to win? I had no idea that archaeology could be so brutal or so cutthroat I won't be the only person waiting impatiently for the next installment in this series and anxious to see what comes next for this pair who seem to be betrayed at almost every turn

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