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The Sea Beast Takes a Lover Bewitching and playful with its feet only slightly tethered to the world we know The Sea Beast Takes a Lover explores hope love and loss across a series of surreal landscapes and wild metamorphoses Just because Jenny was born without a head doesn't mean she isn't still annoying to her older brother and just because the Man of the Future's carefully planned extramarital affair ends in alien abduction and network fame doesn't mean he can't still pine for his absent wife Romping through the fantastic with big hearted ease these stories cut to the core of what it means to navigate family faith and longing whether in the form of a lovesick kraken slowly dragging a ship of sailors into the sea a small town euthanizing its grandfathers in a time honored ritual or a third grade field trip learning that time travel is even wondrous and perilous than they might imagineAndreasen's stories are simultaneously daring and deeply familiar unfolding in wildly inventive worlds that convey our common yearning for connection and understanding With a captivating new voice from an incredible author The Sea Beast Takes a Lover uses the supernatural and extraordinary to expose us at our most human

  • Hardcover
  • 240 pages
  • The Sea Beast Takes a Lover
  • Michael Andreasen
  • English
  • 04 July 2016
  • 9781101986615

About the Author: Michael Andreasen

Michael Andreasen holds a Masters degree in creative writing from the University of California Irvine His fiction has appeared in The New Yorker McSweeney's Tin House Zoetrope All Story uarterly West and elsewhere He lives in Southern California His first book The Sea Beast Takes a Lover was published in the US by Dutton Books in February 2018 and will be published in the UK by the He

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  1. ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ ☘Misericordia☘ ~ The Serendipity Aegis ~ ⚡ϟ⚡ϟ⚡⛈ ✺❂❤❣ says:

    'Our Fathers at Sea' is a vicious atrocity Unchristian and unConfucian and unDao and unWicca and unBuddhist and yeah overall unspiritual and plain scary It damaged for me the enjoyment of this book altogether Then most of the other stories were barely comprehensible so this might have been for the best At least the 1st story made me think on some difficult subjectsOur society tends to consist of individuals who are at their most vulnerable at the beginning and the end of our lifetimes The idea to protect each other at our weakest is not new It has been mulled over by many and still hasn't been resolved satisfactorily Which is why we often hear of old people dying of neglect or alone or from easily preventable mishaps or illnesses We hear of it we empathise and we do nothing Nothing worthy of mention in most cases We are too busy or are not ualified or have other issues or whateverThis story managed to drag casually into discussion a dystopian 'solution' of these issues we get a society where old people are thrown away like trash Even this process is called 'crating' For one thing I do realise the author probably thought it a good idea to make a poignant illustration of the fact that our society is sort of ill We try to do our best and still we often fail at it miserably We cannot develop a consistent view on euthanasia on who should care for the terminally ill or the mature people We believe that age is something to be ashamed of We do it both ways our children hurry to grow up to become adults scared of the time's passage For us the time is not a bringer of maturity but rather a foreboding of the end of our days Our standards of beauty health living style you name it everything is aimed at staying frozen at some point in time This is not a healthy way to live as a society or a person And still this is what's going onPersonally I dislike the casual approach I don't like the light handed touch where we can glimpse at this horror in a casual way One willing to do just that shoud remember 2 things Cautionary tales have the distressing tendency to cross the line and go on to becoming the new know how manuals Just remember the '1984' and 'Brave New World' Find any similarities to anything anywhere? The Overton window is still open Things we keep discussing casually might turn out to become the things our grandchildren do casually We wouldn't want to wake up one day in a world where the new norm is to kill off the old people as soon as they become 'too much bother' would we? Even if the killing off would go with nice bells and whistles“And don’t forget the pressure resistant window” the son adds “You’ll be able to see those dolphins nice and clear How about that Dad? Dolphins all the way down keeping you company” cI don't know how to rate it Therefore let's count The writing is cool clear and readable in the 1st story 5 stars The storybook is diverse and touches many topics 1 star 'Our Fathers at Sea' is very thought inducing 1 star The subject of 'Our Fathers at Sea' is beyond unsettling and way too light hearted for such serious a subject 1 star 'Bodies in Space' totally uninteresting It probably was supposed to be innovative and clever And it wasn't Instead it was a rambling mix of space breastsamoebas flirting a blinking diode in one's head techs blogging brands Volvo? ManWoman of the Future A salad of weird stuff 1 star Masturbation session in 'Bodies in Space' pointless 1 star The Sea Beast Takes a Lover' the best thing about this story is the heading The ending was inconclusive What was that with the refugee? What was that with the miniboat and minimonster? The crew? Did they die? Could we have skipped all this drama and just put it all in a 1 liner 'Everyone died'? 1 star 'The King's Teacup at Rest' Didn't get it 1 star 'He Is the Rainstorm and the Sandstorm Hallelujah Hallelujah' Didn't like it 1 star 'Rockabye Rocketboy' Ouch 'Plug detective'?? Euphemism for roboporn? The Rocketboy demise? 2 stars The Saints in the Parlor' Blasphemous? For what? 1 star 'Andy Lord of Ruin' Stupid didn't care about it 1 star 'Jenny' Uh? Was it written for shock value? 1 star for writing idea structure 1 star for everything else 'Rite of Baptism' Unreadable 1 star 'Blunderbuss' Time travel story 1 star for readabilityThis should have a total of minus 3 stars Since there is no such rating here this is going to be rated at 1 star which is rather generous I think The night before we load you into the crate and watch as the helicopter carries you off to the undisclosed location to drop you into the Atlantic Ocean we eat dinner as a family cJust follow your heart cI remember once not long after we crated Mom we took you and the kids down to Ainsdale cIt’s our lake yours and mine and now mine and my sons’ For all the fighting all the hurt feelings the years of not talking even before you lost the ability to speak we still end up here you and I looking at a lake full of stars cYou showed me how controlling the water level prevented them from maturing into frogs and how nice it was to keep tadpoles as they were blindly swimming around until they died and we replaced them with new ones c This reads ominous“Daddy’s gone” she says and I feel the relief whistle out of me like an untied balloon You’re gone I don’t have to crate you I’m so happy I dive into the lake where the dream lets me breathe freely the warm water hugging me close until I wake up cI remember one of the clowns made me a balloon giraffe and your father asked like some do not to be taken to be held over till the following year Next year he promised he’d be ready I don’t remember what you did if you wept or tried to argue with him or if you simply stood by like I am now I remember that he had the good sense to ask only once but even that small moment of pleading caught me off guard and I couldn’t shake it for weeks after cI’ve heard of this—reports of dolphins gathering at the undisclosed location I want to ask the son privately if this is just something cheerful he’s decided to say or if he has actual evidence of dolphins if he knows someone who can confirm it cI wish that Avery had drawn a few dolphins swimming alongside the crab and the starfish to give you a better sense of just how comforting this whole business is going to be cI wonder if we shouldn’t take Ernest to see live theater maybe a show now and then down at that little dinner theater place in Phillipsburg that Rosemary’s always talking about Maybe it’s the sort of thing that would help him locate something different and good inside himself cBesides I want to send you off with something forward looking Something hopeful cNone of the fathers are asking not to be taken which is rare cNozzle heads hang from the ceiling inside the crate waiting to release anesthetic gas when you reach critical depth I wish Avery could see these I don’t know if he knows about them but he should to understand that we’re not monsters That we care what happens to you after you drop cWe should be gathering around one another as a family relying on our shared love and support to light a path out of this parking lot and back to the happy lives we’ve worked so hard for cI will study this drawing often in the weeks to come meditating on its many perfections I will feel sorry that I am the one looking at it that it is here with me and not with you rolled out before you on your tray as the floodlights show you dolphins and marlins sea breams and hammerheads and all the other guardians of the undisclosed location whose waters we are told are calm and patient and deeper than we can know c The Winsome Bride has been sinking for months As far as we can tell the beast has mistaken us for one of her kind and is in her own fashion pitching woo She lowers us patiently tenderly as a mother might drown her child Her love struck tentacles have hamstrung our rudder bent our keel noosed up our figurehead cThe mermaids have appeared earlier than usual today because of the books The mermaids are blue skinned and black eyed but apparently literate enough to tackle the Brontës and Isaac Asimov The volumes that have not sunk or disintegrated bob couettishly in the water beside them The mermaids pluck them out at random and leaf through them dreamily cSpooning me from behind she looped her arms over my shoulders spidered her small legs around my waist and held me For that whole night she held me so firm and tight I almost strained to breathe but for the first time since the creature took up its amorous cause I felt the maddening anticipation ease sueezed out of me like a bellows In my ear soft as cotton she sang a steady hush her breath rising and falling with the waves harmonizing with the wind and though the creature’s grip was so firm upon us that neither wind nor waves held any sway and though her legs and arms felt strong enough to crush the breath inside me to diamond for that brief moment I felt returned to the sea I knew cThey pray for guidance and safety and certainty They pray for revelations and the wisdom to rightly interpret them They do not know if this is the correct action but they have faith They serve a mystery the Voice that can’t be heard outside the wordless barrows of the soul They can only hope they hear it correctly They fear that it might leave and that it might stay They want it to fill them up and drown them out It is the exaltation of being relentlessly tested the torment of being inescapably loved cAll time travelers share the same secret fear that one day their collective lack of self control their inability to resist looking touching taking will purge them from the ranks of having ever existed robbing them of a life a death and a birth all at once Honestly when they really think about it it’s a miracle it hasn’t happened already These are the thoughts that keep time travelers up at night c

  2. Hannah Hannah says:

    I was beyond excited about this it sounded so very much up my alley The biggest strength of this collection is Andreasen’s fascinating use of juxtaposition pirates with smart phones doubting saints death as celebration His premises are brilliant and his imagination flawless; however there was something missing for me here I cannot uite pinpoint what exactly my problem with this collection was There is nothing wrong with it per se but it did not invoke any strong feelings in me whatsoeverAs usual there were stories that were stronger than others I particularly enjoyed Rockabye Rocketboy; a story about a boy about to explode It’s uiet rumination on compassion and doing what is right really resonated with me I also really happen to love short stories told from a collective we perspective I also adored The Saints in the Parlour I found it funny and moving and just very clever On the other end of the spectrum I thought The Man Of The Future fell flat The main character was unsympathetic and felt slightly lazily constructed The message of this story stayed muddled for meOverall the writing is solid the premises intriguing It just was not the slam dunk I thougt it would be uite far from it actually I did include it in my 5 star prediction post and my list of most anticipated releases after allI received an arc of this book curtesy of NetGalley and Head of Zeus in exchange for an honest review You can find this review and other thoughts on books on my blog

  3. Evelina | AvalinahsBooks Evelina | AvalinahsBooks says:

    The Sea Beast Takes a Lover is a collection of slightly odd short stories which all share a similar vibe however not one I can just pinpoint like that They are easy to read uite imaginative and all of them pretty shattering by the end I am not a huge fan of short stories as they almost always involve incomprehensible levels of oddity and maybe that's why I feel like I could have enjoyed this book But if you're a fan of short stories you will probably like The Sea Beast Takes a Lover Some Of The Stories Are Brilliant My favorite is probably the one with the sea beast the one that gave the book its name Yes it's literally a sea beast who decided to mate with a ship And its love and care is currently sinking it The story is refreshingly witty colorful and lively and the ending is simply perfect Mermaids who like to read Bronte sisters and Asimov An amorous sea monster A drowning library A cannibal admiral it even rhymes And all of that humor in death T he ship is almost an allegory of our current political and economical system the world nothing than a sinking wreck the deck hands eating scraps the officers still eating good food and the captain eating the officers All sailors are Christians moonlighting as witch doctors had the rest of the stories been as strong as this one I would have felt much differently about this collection But Some Of The Other Stories As it is typical with short stories they are decidedly odd as I've already mentioned Some of them are odder than others And I feel like this was most of the stories in this collection Roughly around the middle I just stopped trying and gave up wrapping my mind around some of them And that's alright maybe they're just not for me Hence the 3 stars Other Books You Might Like I have however read short story collections that I really liked While they share the oddity they also carry significance in my opinion Things to do when You're Goth in the Country was truly refreshing dark and just about weird enough to still be really cool Meanwhile Rockets Versus Gravity was all interconnected and an absolute play on feels some of the time and I truly enjoyed it I thank The Penguin Group Dutton Books and Apollo for giving me a copy of the book in exchange to my honest opinionRead Post on My Blog | My Bookstagram | Bookish Twitter

  4. Jillian Doherty Jillian Doherty says:

    Wildly imaginative oddly emotional bizarrely wonderful and truly fantastic and unforgettable stories Other reps have been raving about this their early reads speak to it's awesome uality too It has a uniuely clever voice and prose you don't know where the stories are going but since they feel familiar yet raw you blindly accept them and feel the emotional human connection

  5. Katy Katy says:

    When it comes to short stories I'm picky and hard to impress A lot has to happen in only a few pages and so many things can go wrong That being said I loved this book It was intelligent It was original It was funny and oh so weird As long as it's done well I love weird Bring on the weird Michael Andreasen manages to make even the most bizarre stories human and relatable something that isn't easy to accomplish In Jenny there's the suffocation felt by Jenny's brother who is stuck caring for his headless yet very alive sister He is her eyes and ears and is even forced to chew her food for her In The Sea Beast Takes a Lover the crew of a ship is helpless to stop the slow sinking of their ship due to the amorous attentions of a sea monster It sounds ridiculous but the story is a little funny very tense and I found myself feeling the crew's inevitable defeat Andreasen manages to say so much with so little and gives great depth to his characters in mere pages There were a few stories towards the end that I didn't really care for but that's to be expected There's always one or two Fortunately the book begins with IMO its strongest stories I found myself looking forward to each story ending just so another would begin Altogether this book is imaginative and strange but wonderfully written If you're a fan of short stories and love the bizarre I absolutely recommend this bookI received an ARC in exchange for a fair and honest review

  6. ✨Skye✨ ✨Skye✨ says:

    I received a free ebook version of this from Netgalley Thankyou to both Netgalley and the publisher for allowing me to read this My review is still honestThis collection of short stories was such a joy to read The stories themselves were a mixed bag there were a couple I really didn't like but some that I really loved As a collection however it worked very well as a book full of different concepts and thought provoking ideas and that is what I have rated it as If you are into sci fi at all this is one for you If you are like me and enjoy having a good idea about a book before reading then continue reading If you prefer to go in blind then please stop reading now There are no explicit spoilers but I do explain the premise and give a brief individual review of each story in this collectionOur Fathers at Sea is set in a world where the old are ‘crated’ in what is considered a traditional family ritual ‘Crating’ just so happens to be the term to describe when a group of the old and infirm are dropped into a crate in the sea and effectively eliminated This one wasn’t particularly exciting for such a controversial concept but it was interesting and had a very sociopathic character whose perspective was odd to read from It did seem a little too long winded and I think a lot could have been done with this concept so this one gets a 4 stars from meBodies is about robots and aliens and an affair I’m sure there was some deep meaning that I was meant to fathom but unfortunately this one went over my head I found it sweet and mildly interesting but I’ll probably forget about it uickly 2 starsThe Sea Beast Takes a Lover is an odd one about a sea monster that is gradually sinking a ship I think a story like this one works best as a great epic novel as I didn’t feel much about this in short story form It was exciting however 3 starsThe King’s Teacup at Rest is one of my favourites It follows the King of Retired Amusements a sentient bear and a boy trying to find his place It makes almost no sense but the atmosphere and descriptions in this one were excellent There was such a sense of unease and detachment and just a feeling that something is not right 4 starsHe is the Rainstorm and the Sandstorm Hallelujah Hallejuah is a story with a title that sounds like a Panic At the Disco song It was another good one about a disturbed child and twisted maternal instincts but it was ultimately unfulflling An open ending didn’t work well for this one 35 starsRockabye Rocketboy was also one of my favourites It was so strange and odd but I loved it It follows a world where people live in very high buildings and a young boy legend is known to fly around the skies on turbines The main character is a erotic star who is obsessed with the rocketboy This one was just the right kind of weird and I loved the weird setting and plot 5 starsAndy Lord of Ruin is the story of a boy who explodes It’s another endlessly strange one with no real meaning that I can discern but it was really entertaining to read Any one of these stories could be a full novel or movie 35 starsThe Saints in the Parlour is one that makes no sense to me It has a little irony and dry humour and follows saints who find themselves in an unfamiliar house It was interesting but I just didn’t understand this one 2 starsJenny is about a headless girl and it left me feeling very confused and icky I just don’t get the point of this one at all especially the ending 1 starRite of Baptism was about a twisted form of a christening I’d guess It was unspeakably bizarre and just a little bit funny Unfortunately it was another one that I just didn’t understand 2 starsBlunderbuss is about a school trip to a time travel institute I really liked this one It talked a lot about the dilemmas and ethical implications of time travel and was uite funny to top it off 4 stars

  7. Lata Lata says:

    Odd stories a few with an undercurrent of horror I liked the first story about euthanizing old men and the one about the sea beast Otherwise much of this collection left me coldI did really like the design of the book cover

  8. Vee Vee says:

    This was a very interesting selection of stories but it just didn't do it for meI think the problem I faced was that the stories didn't have enough of a plot to keep me going The stories were all very interesting blending science fiction with literary fiction and mixing up different time points But the stories were just there Nothing really happened There was no catalyst no change no sense of a build up The stories fell flat for me because they just seemed like descriptions of a different time and place rather than any specific event that I could focus onIt was also hard for me to connect with the characters There was no emotional connection with them and they felt very two dimensional It made it hard for me to want to continue reading the stories when I couldn't care about what was happening for themI think that this was a collection that was uniue in its blend of literary and science fiction However the lack of plot in the stories combined with the lack of emotional connection with the characters meant that it fell short for me I'm giving this a 25 starsFor reviews visit wwwveereadingwordpresscom

  9. ♥ Sandi ❣ ♥ Sandi ❣ says:

    35 stars Thank you to First to Read and Dutton Books for this ARC to publish Feb 27 2018Crazy stories out of this world but surprisingly relative to many human emotions From the death of our elderly which was my favorite in this collection reminiscent of Soylent Green to learning to live with everyday change and the loss of our norms these stories were were told in a rich fantasy From watching the world of plenty fall apart to riding the waves of a pirate ship this book will give you a wide invitation to your own individual interpretation Just the book to break up your normal reading pattern and cleanse your pallet opening up the imaginary sectors of your mind A new voice in the science fiction world and definitely one to follow

  10. Carrie (brightbeautifulthings) Carrie (brightbeautifulthings) says:

    I received a free e ARC through First to Read and NetGalley from the publishers at Penguin Random HouseDutton I was really excited to read this since Ray Bradbury and Karen Russell have fueled my love for weird short stories The downside is that the competition is extremely steepThe Sea Beast Takes A Lover is a collection of short stories that are part science fiction part literary fiction and part something else entirely In Andreasen’s worlds a giant suid anchors a ship for weeks desperate to be loved a girl survives into adulthood without a head and older generations are crated at the bottom of the seaI seem to be in the minority of readers who didn’t enjoy this collection at all I struggled through it and not one of the stories really stood out to me I’m having trouble pinpointing exactly what didn’t work for me overall but it seems to be specific failures in each story The most common one is that many of them lack any sort of plot or closure “The Sea Beast Takes a Lover” “Jenny” and “Andy Lord of Ruin” are good examples of this There are jarring in a good way juxtapositions pirates with cell phones and archaic settings with modern slang They provide interesting snapshots of things–a ship rendered immovable by a sea monster’s affection a girl without a head a boy who goes nuclear–but that’s all They don’t go anywhere Nothing happens Make of it what you willNot that things necessarily have to happen for a book to be good A story can explore characters or ideas eually well but there’s no strong sense of that here either The characters are by and large the kind of self serving and at times outright despicable cutouts that I’m weary of in adult fiction; it’s no wonder so many adults read YA which is at least full of people I’d want to know The narrator in “Our Fathers at Sea” blames his father for his illness the little girl in “He Is the Rainstorm and the Sandstorm Hallelujah Hallelujah” actively thinks about killing a baby and the brother in “Jenny” resents his headless sister for her helplessness There’s little to no empathy or human connection to be found anywhere and they’re not even horrible in interesting waysThe first story “Our Fathers at Sea” is probably the strongest narratively and emotionally It at least has a clear beginning middle and end and there’s no small amount of empathy in it–although that empathy comes strictly from the reader and not from the narrator In part it seems like a criticism of euthanasia but I don’t think the story comes down hard on either side of the argument If there is a message I think it’s something to do with paying attention to issues like this and not looking away because they make us sad or uncomfortable The rest of the collection is much less clear I’m just not sure what I’m supposed to make of it or of any of the situations presented here If there’s a moral or a philosophy it’s well beyond meIt’s mostly downhill from there with the religiously inclined stories hitting the bottom of the barrel “The Saints in the Parlor” reminds me of Chuck Palahniuk without the edginess or the insight that occasionally makes Chuck Palahniuk worth paying attention to “Bodies in Space” is the kind of penis centric literary fiction that I’d hoped we were moving away from and seems mostly an excuse to describe what boobs look like in zero gravity Honestly if you need than one paragraph to talk about boobs I think you should reconsider what genre you’re writing in Women do it and it’s romance but if men do it it’s called literary fiction The narrator spends most of the story bemoaning the fact that his wife left him after he cheated on her and then inconveniently was abducted by aliens He never once pauses to consider what that must have been like for her and he’s eually disdainful of his mistress The writing is a little preoccupied with its own cleverness as if Andreasen had a thesaurus open for each story and picked the most archaic words he could find I don’t think it’s intentionally pretentious just an awkward cross between science fiction and literary fiction that ultimately doesn’t do either very well Absent plot character philosophy or human connection the stories seem to rely solely on their ability to entertain–assuming readers are entertained by the same kinds of things Andreasen is It’s not a bad thing for a story collection to do but it’s a problem if you don’t find a single one of them enjoyable There’s nothing else to save itI review regularly at brightbeautifulthingstumblrcom

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