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Chasm In The Ordinary Town Of Edmonville A Tremor Hits, Followed By A Second Devastating Tremor, Then Darkness The Next Morning, The Survivors Discover That Most Of The Town Has Disappeared Into An Enormous CrevasseAs They Struggle To Survive, One By One People Start To Disappear Without Trace ➧ The Soldiers Wife Ebook ➭ Author Margaret Leroy – 9facts.co.uk Followed By A Second Devastating Tremor [PDF] ↠ Terms of Surrender (Alpha Squad Author Kylie Brant – 9facts.co.uk Then Darkness The Next Morning [PDF] ↠ The Surgeons Engagement Wish Author Alison Roberts – 9facts.co.uk The Survivors Discover That Most Of The Town Has Disappeared Into An Enormous CrevasseAs They Struggle To Survive [ PDF / Epub ] ✅ The Secret Seduction (The Brides of Holly Springs Author Cathy Gillen Thacker – 9facts.co.uk One By One People Start To Disappear Without Trace

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    Ever wondered where all your negative thought, evil deeds and terrible things humanity does goes In this book you truly learn the value of the physics definition for every action there is a reaction when the small town of Edmonville is devastated by an earthquake the survivors find themselves on strange islands in what can only be described as a crevas

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    One of the best horror books I ve read Couldn t put it down This Author does not get the acclaim he deserves

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    Make no mistake, this is a gripping page turner This is the third book I ve read from this author and he keeps getting better and better One thing I admire about his style is that his characters act so believably when confronted with the bizarre and supernatural There are no heroes here I would ve given this book five stars but for the inclusion into the story o

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    Another great read from Stephen Laws Quite why his work has never been adapted to the big small screen is a mystery to me This, like his others, is filled with extreme characters, horrific monsters, and incredible setpieces that, although it would be difficult to film, done right would be a sight to see and an experience for the viewer.Laws really is and under read,

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    I have read this book not once but twice, it is a great read The book has a story to tell and a lesson to tell Portions of the book is slow but once it moves the steam never gives up I really wish of Mr laws coils give us a sequel for a great read

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    I m a huge fan of fiction which takes a group of ordinary people and propels them into a supernatural alternate reality full of the unknowable dangers, and this book scratched that itch nicely It is in no way high art, but the idea was original and the characters held my interest My biggest complaint would be that the author really didn t seem to care about little things like

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    3.5 stars.Inter dimensional earthquake strands a bunch of strangers in an alternate version of their ordinary English town, where they are surrounded on all sides by a hellish sentient evil force known as the Vorla that is the product of human misdeeds and nastiness Good main protagonist who we hear from via his journal entries, lots of tension and a decent dose of gore thrown in f

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    It was the unique premise that hooked me on this one, making for an apocalypse story simply like no other The fantastic setting, in which the various parts of a town become isolated on numerous plateaus above a bottomless chasm, created some brilliant visuals in my mind Stephen Laws fills the accompanying story with diverse and interesting characters, and while the plot is ultimately to

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    This book came out years before the epic TV series LOST, I dont know if the creators of said show ever read this, but there are tons of similarities, I really enjoyed this novel as much as I enjoyed that show, its filled with suspense and a great cast of characters each with their individual flaws and virtues, that make up well written characters Pretty epic This book came out years before t

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    I ve no idea how this book has such a high review It s a simple airport novel dragged over too many pages Crammed with clich s, in a world full of fantastic horror and suspense literature, this falls way short of the mark for me

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