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  • Hardcover
  • 520 pages
  • Do You Dream of Terra Two?
  • Temi Oh
  • English
  • 24 January 2014

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Do You Dream of Terra Two?publishing this weekfrom the blurb A century ago scientists theorised that a habitable planet existed in a nearby solar system Today ten astronauts will leave a dying Earth to find it Four are decorated veterans of the 20th century’s space race And six are teenagers graduates of the exclusive Dalton Academy who’ve been in training for this mission for most of their livesIt will take the team 23 years to reach Terra Two Twenty three years spent in close uarters Twenty three years with no one to rely on but each other Twenty three years with no rescue possible should something go wrong And something always goes wrongDo You Dream of Terra Two is a sci fi novel that uses an alternative history to tell the story of how humanity hopes to populate a far flung habitable planet named Terra Two because our own earth is slowly dying The book uses alternate viewpoints of the six youngest crew members of the spaceship Damocles to tell us the story of this space flight to another solar system These six characters are graduates of a prestigious school that trained only the brightest and the best with one target in mind; that of taking to the skies for the twenty three year mission to Terra Two This is very much a slow burning read that focuses a lot on character rather than action In the beginning it's a little difficult to fully engage with each of the six characters because the points of view are never written directly from the first person perspective However ultimately I really liked this style of narrative and found that it actually really works to tell this particular story The slight detachment from the characters really added to the closed atmosphere of the spaceship environment and heightened many of the tensions that came to fruition with living in such close uarters to other people I very much enjoyed that each of the main characters were uietly flawed and were not always likeable And I liked how each of the characters had their own story arc relevant to their personalities and how by the end I truly felt like I had been on a journey with them I did think that perhaps the book was a little too long at times especially as the real action of the book didn't happen until the 70% mark and this is a book with than 500 pages However I wasn't ever bored once and was always 100% invested in the storyline I'm a big fan of the ending of the book It leaves room for the reader to imagine endings they might themselves imagine for each of the characters but without leaving the ending too open ended I was very moved by some of the actions of the main characters during the last few pages and had to wipe away a few tears as I closed the book Recommended to those who like slow burning character studies four stars An e copy of this book was kindly provided to me by the publisher Simon and Schuster UK Fiction via NetGalley in exchange for an honest review When an Earth like planet is discovered a team of six teens along with three veteran astronauts embark on a twenty year trip to set up a planet for human colonization—but find that space is deadly than they ever could have imagined Have you ever hoped you could leave everything behind Have you ever dreamt of a better world Can a dream sustain a lifetime A century ago an astronomer discovered an Earth like planet orbiting a nearby star She predicted that one day humans would travel there to build a utopia Today ten astronauts are leaving everything behind to find it Four are veterans of the twentieth century’s space race And six are teenagers who’ve trained for this mission most of their lives It will take the team twenty three years to reach Terra Two Twenty three years locked in close uarters Twenty three years with no one to rely on but each other Twenty three years with no rescue possible should something go wrong And something always goes wrong 5 of 5 stars at The BiblioSanctum that such a great book deserves to be pigeonholed in any way but Do You Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh is a bit of a tough one to categorize Like its title there’s an element of the illusory a pensive uality about it that inspires wonderment and hope loses you in thought Yes it is a space adventure but one that emphasizes the human drama rather than the action though the plot also features a space disaster twist towards the end In addition despite the central characters being all in their early twenties and the tone of the novel giving off strong young adult vibes the story tackles mature themes in a thoughtful elouent manner increasing its cross genre appeal Whatever it is something about this book just really spoke to me because I loved itSet in a technologically advanced version of our present world the novel follows six young candidates for a highly competitive British space exploration program to establish a colony on far flung Terra Two a pristine Earth like planet possessing ideal conditions for life Having spent years studying at the Dalton Academy for Aerospace Science since they were preteens our six astronaut hopefuls have trained their hearts out for the opportunity beating out millions of others across the country But just days before the launch of their space vessel Damocles a sudden tragedy strikes altering the course of the mission forever At the last moment a backup candidate named Jesse is tapped to be the hydroponics replacement on the program joining five other exceptional prodigies Harry pilot extraordinaire and commander in training; Poppy language expert and a natural spokeswoman for the group; Eliot a budding engineer; and sisters Astrid and Juno two extremely talented and brilliant young women who have worked their entire lives for Terra Two though for very different reasons Along with a few adjustments to the command crew which consists of a team of older and experienced astronauts the mission is saved and allowed to move forward as plannedHowever with emotions already raw from having to leave their loved ones behind and knowing that they will all be living within the tight confines of a spaceship for the next twenty three years the original five young candidates aren’t feeling particularly welcome towards the newcomer resenting him for the way he joined their program With such a long journey ahead of them Jesse hopes that he will eventually be accepted though getting used to life aboard Damocles is proving to be a rough process with homesickness self doubt depression and other personal fears plaguing each of them in turnAs you can probably tell Do You Dream of Terra Two is a story about relationships and the human experience than it is about space travel even though most of it takes place aboard a spaceship Admittedly the science fiction elements are on the lighter side glossing over much of the physics and specific details as it relates to Terra Two—including how scientists learned so much about such a distant world and the technology to reach it—by simply providing the explanation that science has come a lot further in a much shorter period time in this universe than in ours It also doesn’t explore the implications of this on other aspects of culture and society leaving those areas hazy and indistinctAt the same time there’s an element of the mystical surrounding Terra Two going back to the namesake of our characters’ prestigious academy Tessa Dalton Long before anyone even knew to look for the planet Tessa had visions of this untouched utopia in her dreams and later when scientists found Terra Two they couldn’t help but notice the uncanny similarities to her descriptions Conseuently some called Tessa a prophet while others chalked her clairvoyance up to nothing than mere coincidence and a chemical imbalance in the brain But this background knowledge also sets a precedent for the dreams and visions our characters experience in this book leaving readers speculating why it is happening and what it could meanBut like I said the focus is mainly on the dynamics between the six young adults of our crew all of them starry eyed lacking in self discipline and life experience barely out of their late teens—what could go wrong Except of course all these developments make for a fascinating engaging read The book addresses a number of topics including the yearning for social acceptance dealing with feelings of inadeuacy mental health issues as a result of crushing expectations relationship woes and fears of the unknown True all of these are relatively common themes in coming of age fiction but to the author’s credit she tackles these conflicts in a way that doesn’t trivialize or overplay very real problems for the sake of sensationalism The members of our young crew are all phenomenally fleshed out and fully realized each one of them a complex individual with his or her own uniue dreams desires and motivations Just when you think they start to fall into predictable patterns you learn something new about them that makes you change your perspective and view them in a whole new lightAs you know stories that are first and foremost concerned with characters are very much my cup of tea so despite some of its vague and unconvincing aspects I still felt a deep and irresistible connection to this novel I also think it’s important to look at the big picture and recognize the kind of story Temi Oh wanted to tell After finishing this book I believe the concept of Terra Two and the premise of traveling there was merely a backdrop for what truly mattered—the people and the lessons they learn about themselvesAnd so it’s probably no surprise that I being a huge fan of books devoted to telling human stories absolutely adored Do You Dream of Terra Two If you enjoy character oriented tales with interesting relationships dynamics and lots of personal growth then this is one you can’t afford to miss A genuinely beautiful emotional and inspiring novel this one moved me deeply and kept me riveted from beginning to end Do You Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh is a young adult science fiction fantasy The story is set in the future at a time when the “space race” era has been renewed as all around the globe countries tested the boundaries of just how far and what could be discovered in space as it had come to be believed someday the Earth wouldn’t be habitableThe British have discovered a planet far off that just may be able to sustain human life in Terra Two The journey however to actually travel to this new world is much much farther than man has gone before It will actually take a team of astronauts twenty three years to reach their destination at light speed while decades pass on EarthIn order to actually have hope to make the journey and be able to begin colonization of Terra Two the British began a whole new astronaut training program The new recruits were all pre teens with the intention of picking the top six of the program and teaming them with three adults Soon the six are chosen and it seems the launch will happen as planned and they journey will beginPicking up Do You Dream of Terra Two by Temi Oh I couldn’t help but be fascinated by the concept behind the space program and where the world was at with space travel One of the things about exploring beyond our own moon is simply the time it takes to make those distances so teenage astronauts makes sense and I was curious as to how it would play out Now of course things don’t go as planned giving plenty of drama before and after takeoff but somehow the that came the I felt it slowed the story and my interest down Not a bad story at all but one that I felt ended a bit so so to meI received an advance copy from the publisher via NetGalleyFor reviews please visit Ahoy there me mateys  I received this sci fi eARC from NetGalley in exchange for an honest review  So here be me honest musings I wanted to read this debut ever since I saw it described as The Long Way to a Small Angry Planet meets The 100  I know nothing about The 100 but sadly this book did not live up to the comparison to the Becky Chambers work  In fact this book walks the plankPros The author's writing shows promise  For a debut novel I felt the writing style itself was decent I finished it in one day I really enjoyed the concept of ten astronauts going on a mission to set up a colony on an Earth like planet I enjoyed the set up of the novel and how the author chose to countdown to the launch and beginning of the missionBut there were a bit too many problems to make me like this bookCons The character point of views were the six young teenage astronauts on the mission  I really would have liked some of the chapters to have been from the experienced adult astronauts The teenagers all seemed to have an extreme problem an eating disorder depression hallucinations etc  I found it hard to believe that every one of them would have got through the selection process with a major illness Actually two of the adults had major problems a terminal illness and a griefanger problem At no time was there any real oversight from the supposedly in charge adults on the ship The characters were not really fleshed out and I often didn't know which character was speaking during dialogue sections because they sounded too similar in tone  In addition the blurb claims there were four adults on board  I just finished it and I can only remember three  Captain Engineer and Medic  Who was the fourth  If that person existed then I mixed them in with the Engineer The world building of the shipboard life did not seem realistic or detailed enough The majority of the story centered on the teens fighting with each other and odd relationship dramas Once the actual countdown to the launch occurs the plot began to disintegrate  The middle of the story was too long and drawn out  The 520 page story could have used substantial trimming  Also the ending in particular seemed a bit ridiculous with a deus ex machina rescue and lackluster ideas of what happened to the characters  The story really doesn't have a good resolution  There were also a lot of mystical occurrences that I didn't like involving dreams and other woo wooI am sad that this book didn't meet any of me basic expectations  I do think I could read the author's potential future books but I think I would have to read reviews of them first before committing to the timeSo lastly Thank you Saga PressCheck out me other reviews at I'm in love with this bookIt is a hugely compelling character driven drama from the feet on the ground to the start of an epic journey through space by the time you come to the end of this gorgeously immersive debut you will almost certainly be dreaming of Terra twoMere children still when they start their training Harry Jesse Juno Astrid Aria Eliot and Poppy have different feelings and reasons for their determination to be part of the beta crew who will spend over two decades in space attempted to colonise a new earth Revered by the nation thrown into the spotlight all of this has an affect on their psyche Temi Oh is a brilliantly descriptive writer when it comes to characterisation and interaction you will be absorbed into their world living and dying with them through every up and downAs alliances grow and develop as actions and conseuences abound in various ways as this small gang of pioneer's go from being classmates among many to only having themselves and each other to rely on you'll be hooked emotional and devouring every page Do You Dream of Terra two is a very human story in a lot of ways the fact that it is set in space is almost a secondary concernWhat it does is give the author a uniue set of challenges and moral dilemma's to throw at her group dynamic and within that explore every aspect of humanity and personality It is a beautiful sprawling literary delight with an unforgettable cast undertaking an unforgettable journey Completely brilliant insightful and melancholy thisis a stunning debut and I adored every damned fine moment of itHighly Recommended Group of teens are hand picked for the first mission to a new habitable planet which involves 23 years travel in a small spaceship to get there This is space opera setting but it's entirely a character piece very much focused on the individuals and the effects their journey and being shut up together starts to have on them It's a brilliant concept well executed and well written Unfortunately I stuck on nitpicky issues The teens have been hand picked as the best possible candidates but of the seven we see two suffer from severe mental illness two are worryingly delusional the trainee commander is a bullying belittling arsehole who couldn't build a team out of Lego and no thought seems to have been given in the selection to whether they all get along or how to handle sexual tension between horny teens I want a word with whoever was doing the psychological tests I think it would have worked for me with handwavium If we didn't have the initial chapters focusing on the intense testing and competition in the academy I doubt I'd have uestioned the selection process And of course this all makes for great drama and that's really what this book is about six ill assorted people trapped in a small space If you enjoy character based YANA with drama and intense teens and aren't bothered by SF trappings can apply your own handwavium I imagine this will be a perfect read Didn't work for me because I basically wanted something different from the story which definitely puts this in the category of it's not you it's me DNF at 60% but obviously engaged me enough to write all this so I will look out for the author's next Do You Dream of Terra Two is set during our lifetime but in a world in which space exploration has advanced much further than in our own There have already been successful human missions to Mars and Europa and now the ultimate goal is being frantically pursuedTerra Two is an Earth like planet light years away uninhabited but with atmosphere geology and natural resources suited for human life With advanced technology it will be possible for an initial expedition to reach Terra Two with a 23 year flightThe UKSA United Kingdom Space Agency is leading the way and they've come up with a controversial approach Train children from the age of 11 or 12 in an intensely competitive learning environment so that by age 18 when the expedition is ready to launch there will be a crew with a senior team and a younger generation in training After all even if they launch as teens they'll be in their 40s by the time they land And once they land it will be their role to prepare Terra Two for the colonists coming after themAs the book opens we meet the students at Dalton Academy the space training institution They're all fiercely smart but motivated by different dreams and goals There's the rich pretty boy who's the all star athlete who seems to have the easiest most cushioned life; the twins who each have secret dreams and desires motivating them; the beautiful girl who speaks over 20 languages but has her own demons and When an unexpected tragedy occurs the day before launch the remaining crew is thrown into tumult and a last minute substitute is both elated at his opportunity and miserable over feeling like he'll never be accepted or be good enoughThe book really gets going once the mission has launched One striking element is how well we readers get a sense of the practically unbearable claustrophobia and monotony of being stuck in a contained vessel with the same small group of people FOR DECADES Can you imagine how awful that must be knowing that these other nine people are the only ones you'll ever see or interact with for twenty three years I don't know how they could manage to not go completely bonkers It's not a spoiler to say that there are some pretty spectacular meltdowns and conflicts along the way these are high strung teens after allThe plot of Do You Dream of Terra Two is fascinating and thrilling I'm a sucker for a good space story and I loved reading about the terror and the challenges of prolonged space flight as well as the intricate interpersonal relationships that ensue when you have a small group in an enclosed space for such a long timeI did feel that the book was possibly longer than it needed to be At 500 pages it's a lot and sections dragged Again I don't feel it's a particular spoiler to say that the book does not cover all 23 years but rather focuses on the lead up to launch and mainly the first year after that but it does wrap up in a way that's both hopeful and satisfying although one character's conclusion particularly bothered me but that's by intentionIs it realistic that a space agency would train teens in this way and then send them into space Well maybe not but even in this book we see that this is a controversial program that leads to international inuiries and protests And because these are teens despite their advanced training there are moments of disobedience rule breaking and emotional upset that wouldn't occur with a mature crew yet serve here to create some of the drama between characters that drives the storyAll in all I really enjoyed reading Do You Dream of Terra Two and by the halfway point just couldn't put it down It's a great story very unlike anything else I've read lately and I'm really glad I gave it a chance If you like stories of space exploration check this one out Review copy courtesy of the publisher via NetGalley Full review at Bookshelf Fantasies I loved this character exploration into a group of young adults who are launched into a space mission to populate a distant planet covering everything leading up to the point where they form a crew and learn to work with one another Definitely character driven than action packed and I really enjoyed it Trigger warnings anxiety depression suicideFull review hereCheck out Happy Indulgence Books for reviews Review to comeThere were issues but this was also an advanced proof copy so maybe these will be fixed in the final copyThere were some problems with pacing around the middle though the last 100 pages rushed by Some characters were a lot well formed than others and I did NOT have a clear picture of the ship in my mind BUTI will say this was not what I expected going in but I am glad to have read it It's something of a space romp but with a lot of introspection and character exploration looking at the ways in which space might challenge people differently It's not something I can say I've seen before Most books in this vein tend to be about the catastrophes and attempting to survive them and this had some of that too for sure But this seemed to be a human exploration of space than we've seen in a lot of books recently

About the Author: Temi Oh

Temi Oh was born in 1993 in London to Nigerian parents She studied at Bishop Thomas Grant and then Emanuel School Battersea In 2015 she graduated from King’s College London with a BSci in Neuroscience Her degree provided great opportunities to write and learn about topics ranging from ‘Philosophy of the Mind’ to ‘Space Physiology’ After her final year she decided to pack up and pursue her dr