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Devil in Tartan Highland Grooms #4 I've given this an A for narration and a C for content at AudioGals the excellent narration bumps up the grade as a whole but the story is pretty lacklustreThe estimable Derek Perkins returns to Julia London’s Highland Grooms series to narrate book four Devil in Tartan which features Aulay the middle son of the Mackenzie brood and the one least often to be found at the family estate of Balhaire With his elder brother Cailean living mostly in England with his wife and stepson and his younger brother Robbie aiding their father in the management of the Balhaire estate and lands Aulay has increasingly come to feel something of an outsider and has or less resigned himself to a life alone He has made his life at sea captaining the Mackenzie ship and contributing to the family coffers by his various profitable trading enterprises but his latest voyage designed to bring in some much needed funds is destined to end in disasterA few days after they have set sail on their latest commission Aulay and his crew sight a smaller vessel which is clearly in distress and go to its aid Unfortunately however Aulay’s generous intentions prove to be his – and his crew’s – undoing because despite his caution the ethereally lovely young woman aboard proves so distracting that a momentary lapse of attention on Aulay’s part enables her crew to incapacitate him and the rest of his crew and to take over his shipYou can read the rest of this review at AudioGals Devil in Tartan is a tale of adventure that takes us to the seas with much at stake for both hero and heroine Lottie Livingstone has no choice but to take the illegal whisky and try and sell it in Denmark in order to earn the money to pay the rent for her clan Aulay Mackenzie is also on a mission himself to set sail and deliver goods he's been commissioned to do When his ship is taken over by this maiden turned pirate he finds himself in uncharted waters between desire for her and revenge for the piracy Lottie is an interesting character because she finds herself of a mother to her family and the responsible one for the clan What wouldn't you do for your family when your back is up against the wall? Desperate times call for desperate measures and she sees no other choice but to 'borrow' Aulay's ship to complete her mission When it all goes awry her only option left is to return and marry for convenience I understand the dilemma she faces and how much of an emotional stretch this journey has taken her over the last few weeks What she didn't count on is her own desire for Aulay and to put the woman in her first for a change Aulay knows what this job means to his family and will do his best to find favor with his father Now he's shackled and powerless to command his ship and in an unimaginable pickle His pride took a big hit when a woman took him down but now he sees her in a different light She's the first woman to stir a longing he's never felt before and he's not sure what to do about it Helping her out was the right thing to do and he falls hard for her the he's around her I can relate to Aulay coming from a big family and finding it hard to stand out on our own The one thing he did know is that Lottie was the one for him and he went to great length to have her in his life Julia London is a great storyteller and she delivers a wonderful adventure It had conflict humor romance and love; family and romantic It was slow in the beginning but picked up along the way and then it was hard to put down Both Lottie and Aulay are looking for their place in their family and to have what they all want from family acceptance This is the fourth book in the Highland Grooms series and can be read as a stand alone story I'm pleased to see there are two in this series and I'm happily looking forward to it My OpinionI enjoyed this scottish tale I could almost feel myself at sea with Aulay and Lottie at certain points in the story I found it adorable how she was with her father and brother I didn't like how she second guessed herself on several occasion as we might have all done ourselves but I thought it was overdone in this book I didn't like how much Lottie would go back and forth with any decision she made It seemed to be to much of a tug of war I can understand the second guessing but not so much that it was the basis of all her decisionsLottie has to get rid of a shipment for her family before the owner of the land finds out and they get in trouble A lot of things happen and her father isn't able to make decisions like he should have been doing all along He is a poor excuse of a Chief of Lotties family She has taken charge of the family since his father isn't capable of doing so since his wife passed away before that even His late wife was doing it before Lottie Lottie is used to the role but feels she is a poor decision maker and everything is her fault The two are mixed for me and therefore the book is a mix of emotions for me Lottie did have a good plan but nothing seemed to be on her side and that was sad for herThe sizzle in the love scenes were ok but didn't make me pant for me It was a gloss over for me ie there but not exciting Although I felt they were right for each other I didn't get into either of their characters nor could really relate to them I liked that he painted but it wasn't explored or even enticing Lottie although at first seemed like a strong female character I didn't feel like she wasI did however enjoy the writing it flowed well and I didn't get bored with it My favorite part was the ending I like that little twist and how the clan came together to help the family I enjoyed the book and will get another in this series to see if I like it You didn't really feel that you missed others stories in this book there was a small part here and there sprinkled in of others but nothing that made you say Oh NO what am I missing which I enjoyed I hate when you feel like you are missing big parts in the backstory and this didn't have thatI give this book 35 of 5 stars It had been five years since I’d read a historical romance ones by Sylvia Day and Maya Banks With an enticing blurb hot Scottish hero Scotland setting and allure of the rich history I was excited to read new to me author Julia London’s romance Devil in Tartan looked like a good fitHowever I struggled with Devil in Tartan a story I tried to read for three days Unfortunately I could not finish than fifteen percent of this story one that did not resonate nor connect with me I was a bit lost while reading and could not wrap my head around the writing style nor connect with the characters This novel seemed to bounce a lot between characters causing some confusion for me I may try re reading Devil in Tartan in the future after I get accustomed to reading historical romance again I wanted to like this story—I really did Disappointingly it did not work for me at this time This was cute I wish it had a little emphasis on the romance But I liked HH I haven't read Julia London in so longReview coming I received an eARC at no cost from the authorDevil in Tartan is the fourth book on the Highland Grooms series by Julia London Having read the first three books it’s impossible not to make comparisons between them Sadly for me this was my least favourite book It had an interesting premise and I liked Aulay but I just couldn’t connect with Lottie Lottie is described as strong courageous fearsome woman but even if she was trying to do her best to save the illegal family business she just didn’t act nor did justice to her descriptions She was no doubt intelligent enough to use her pretty face to fool men but that didn’t make me like her – it actually made me like her less And Aulay although I did like him than Lottie he too was a bit of an empty character He was a painter which I liked but felt it wasn’t explored enough I liked that Julia London mentioned his role in the family how he felt because that made me connect with him but it just felt like it was lacking somethingI liked revisiting characters from the previous books but it was for such a short while that it wasn’t enough to save the book from a simple 3 star rating I just couldn’t connect with the characters as much as in the previous books and I felt that with both Lottie’s crew and Aulay’s crew always around it felt a bit too crowded and there were too many characters and sometimes I even got confused with who was whom – and I read the book in just two days and rarely get lost in these books but with this one it was hard to remember all the minor characters Julia London’s writing isn’t being put in uestion here she was as good as always I just felt like she tried to put too much in one book and ended up not focusing enough on what was really necessary Still it was a different read and I managed to enjoy parts of it When I saw a book by Julia London available on Netgalley I was thrilled London wrote one of my top ten favorite historical romances The Devil Takes a Bride She is one of the few authors whose books I freuently re readThis is my first book in this series although I've read most of London's other series For whatever reason I haven't read many historical romances set in Scotland and this made for a nice change of pace for me This is not your typical ballroom historical romance and it is an understatement to say Lottie is not a fresh from the schoolroom chit I loved Lottie Her struggle to save her family fortunes leads her to take control of a ship and thrusts her into the role of bootlegging pirate and she fills the role with panacheAulay is hot as are all of London's heroes I thought his chemistry with Lottie was perfect just the right amount of astonishment irritation disbelief and lust to start off with but which grew into something meaningful as the two get to know each other I loved both hH but really enjoyed Lottie Oftentimes a hero will outshine the heroine in a romance novel but I felt this book belonged to Lottie What can I say? If you have read London before you'll be pleased If you haven't? You're in for a treat Peril and passion on enemy seasLottie Livingstone bears the weight of an island on her shoulders Under threat of losing their home she and her clan take to the seas to sell a shipload of illegal whiskey When an attack leaves them vulnerable she transforms from a maiden daughter to a clever warrior For survival she orchestrates the siege of a rival’s ship and now holds the devilish Scottish captain Aulay Mackenzie under her commandTied captive and forced to watch a stunning siren commandeer the Mackenzie ship Aulay burns with the desire to seize control—of the ship and Lottie He has resigned himself to a life of solitude on the open seas but her beauty tantalizes him like nothing has before As authorities and enemies close in he is torn between surrendering her to justice and defending her from assailants He’ll lose her forever unless he’s willing to sacrifice the unimaginable Devil in Tartan is my first Julia London book and I have to say it's defiantly not going to be my last Aulay MacKenzie is the captain of his families only ship He's on a mission to prove to them that this ship can provide the much needed income to help the clan Hired to deliver cargo he sets off to Amsterdam to deliver it and make the paycheck his family needs Lottie Livingston the wild child from Lis island sets off in a too small boat full of illegal whisky to Denmark She desperately needs to sell this whisky to earn money to pay the families back rent Unfortunately Lottie and her crew were shot at and their too small boat is now sinking This is where Aulay and Lottie meet And the rest as they say is history I loved all the action in this book So much happens that you don't have a moment to be bored This book book can absolutely be read as a stand alone I haven't read the earlier books in the series If you like your historicals with a strong female heroine and a hero that has many layers then you will enjoy Devil in Tartan 📚📚📚📚📚Book🏴󠁧󠁢󠁳󠁣󠁴󠁿 Review📚📚📚📚📚📚Book “Devil in Tartan”By d Grooms Book #4Reviewed by Barb Massabrook of Tartan Book Reviews Purple Tulip Book Reviews Celtic Barb’s Tartan Book Review Blog Heat Rating🔥OverRating⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️Lis Island The Highlands Scotland 1752The hero of this novel is Aulay Mackenzie and the heroine is Lottie Livingstone The Highland Grooms centers around The Mackenzie brothers This one centers on Aulay Mackenzie This brother has been uietly mentioned I the previous novels in the series Though we do not know much about him so you can read this in series order or as a stand alone book Either way the reader will love this fabulous novel Lis Island The Highlands Scotland 1752Lottie and her family are in dire financial straits As they are in debts and owe money to many of their creditors Her father nonchalantly ignores this as if this was not a tremendous weight on their clans shoulders and livelihood Now her father is badly wounded and their ship is sinking So now she and her clan must smuggle a shipload of illegal whiskey to survive or face her Clans exile or worse Her alternative would be to form an alliance with a wealthy clan Not unusual for a chiefs daughterbut Lottie is not ready to throw down the gauntlet just yet She would do it as a last resort for the people and island she loves As her Clan’s survival means everything to Lottie Meanwhile her ship is sinking so she and her clan devise a plan to get another ship Of course this is only temporary as she means to return the ship after her smuggling business is finished Once she can pay off her creditorsAulay Mackenzie is furious as he had been trying to do the honorable thing and rescue a ship in need Never did he think such a beautiful woman would would double cross and deceive him He is totally humiliated that a woman did this to him Now he is devising a plan to get his sweet revenge The the problem is the he gets to know the lovely Lottie the less he wants to strike back As he has never been attracted to a woman the way he is to Lottie Could this be love and now what is Aulay supposed to do?Another beautiful awe inspiring book in the spectacular Highland Grooms series It is filled with uick paced riveting emotional adventure mystery suspense lovable characters star crossed romantic passion and so much If you love your heroes Scottish honorable and swoon worthy you definitely don't want to miss this book XBeautiful Highland settings wonderful dialogue amazing characters with twisting and turning plots that carry you away A definite must read for Scottish historical readers who love their heroes braw kilted honorable and sizzling hot I have loved every book in the Highland Grooms series I can’t wait Tempting the Laird book #5 coming in June This is Caitriona Mackenzie’s story This novel centers on a mysterious Duke who is attached with rumours of fear and murder to him He is also a bit of a libertine if the rumors again are true Definitely one you don’t want to miss Another drool worthy story I can’t wait to read I received a complimentary ARC copy from Harleuin publishers through netgalley I voluntarily agreed to read review and blog an advanced copy of this book All thoughts ideas and opinions are my ownHighland Grooms SeriesBy Julia London1Wild Wicked Scot2Sinful Scottish Laird 3Hard Hearted Highlander4Devil in Tartan5Tempting The Laird Coming June 26 2018Thank Buy Link

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