A City Possessed The Christchurch Civic Creche Case Epub

A City Possessed The Christchurch Civic Creche Case I have to admit I did not read this book cover to cover there is too much Why do I still give it five stars Because Lynley Hood needed to make it somewhat chewy and overworked to dispel accusations that she might not have looked into the case deeply enough The case being a man Peter Ellis accused of satanic abuse in a childcare center where he had worked and found guilty of some but not all of the accusations Charges against his female co workers originally also accused were dropped He got ten years prison from which he was NOT released early because he refused to say he was sorry; he showed no regret ever He said How can I show regret for something I never did search and see the Peter Ellis website if you want to know Lynley Hood writes this book for everyone who heard about this which is every single person not living under a rock in New Zealand at the time who had wondered what was the truth behind this I had heard about the controversial case of course and thought to myself at the time the accusations sound like bullshit No such thing could happen in a childcare center going on for years without anyone noticing Hood proves beyond any reasonable doubt that my gut feeling was correct NOTHING happened And she needs to write a bit of a tome to prove that point She goes into detail than I care to know but the parts I did read I learned so much about the background about the role of The Courage to Heal the one book on my shelves I included because I HATE it and the trends this book and others like it promoted the atmosphere leading to false accusations other stories like the Ellis case Lynley Hood deserves an extra ordinary PHD for her work Apart from that the book is very nicely edited and crafted I love the wee woodcuts of a horny devil separating the chapters I love Hood's style I love the fact she had the courage to tackle that whole knot of pseudo feminist hysterical man hating nonsense I regret her book has not led to a proper review of the Ellis case before the courtsPS apropos faulty memory syndrome all the horny devils are on the cover of the book not one of them between chapters Our memory is not as accurate as we wish to believe FINALLY finished this If you just want to know a bit about the creche case I would start around page 200 Before that it's all about feminist politics and the establishment of an over zealous child protection movement that saw all the experts interviewers social workers etc trained to believe kids no matter what and to push kids into making accusationsThe book seems to be very well researched and put together Hood provides loads of evidence that the process leading to Ellis' conviction was massively flawed I find her style a little supercilious but that's a minor complaintHidden within this mighty tome is the material for a 250 page book that would be accessible to any reader and would convince most if not all that the Christchurch Civic Creche case was a hysterical witch hunt Because of its heft though I suspect that the book has not been read as much as the topic deserves Even though I agree with Hood's main point that Peter Ellis is innocent and his conviction was the result of hyteria I have serious reservations about this bookIt's hard to believe that she was partially awarded a PhD from Otago University based on the scholarship in this books She repeatedly calls radio presenter Sharon Crosbie a 'radio diva' She suggests Christchurch has always been prone to outbreaks of hysteria because of its geographical layout without any citations She also suggests the nor'west has an influence She argues that sexual abuse therapists found sexual abuse everywhere out of self interest financial and career She argues that evidence that sexual abuse has always been taken seriously in NZ contrary to the assertions of sexual abuse therapist is evident in how child abuse was reported in the trashy tabloid 'The Truth' She argues that sexual abuse therapists have authoritarian personality types These sorts of statements are either ridiculous or unsupported and as such detract from her argumentAs does the fact that she responded to initial criticism of her scholarship particularly related to her assertions about the prevalence of child abuse in NZ Legal Journal by dismissing their concerns as what she'd expect from those invested in 'the sexual abuse industry'Hood could have convincingly argued Peter Ellis is innocent and the victim of public hysteriaprejudices without dismissing the whole field of sexual abuse therapy As it is she throws the baby out with the bathwater and in the end does Peter Ellis a disservice A thorough investigation of one of the worst miscarriages of justice to occur n New Zealand which has still not been rectified It's a harrowing story of how one man and numerous children can be abused by the system and in the children's case by the very people who should have been protecting them from abuse; their parents the interviewers the police and the judiciaryThis book is well worth the read though one will be astounded and disgusted by the revelations in it Researching and writing this book often felt like the literary euivalent of a solo crossing of Antarctica Lynley Hood A City Possessed is a strong compelling and shocking story about one of New Zealand's most high profile criminal cases a story of child abuse allegations gender politics and the law In detailing the events and debates leading up to and surrounding the Christchurch Civic Creche case Lynley Hood shows how such a case could happen and why Her penetrating analysis of the social and legal processes by which the conviction of Peter Ellis was obtained and has been repeatedly upheld has far reaching implications not only for our justice system but for the way in which we see ourselves Thank god that man is dead The children get to Rest In Peace At last This is such a thorough well documented account of the Civic Crèche Case and the huge disuiet among New Zealanders about what happened in the trial There is a huge sense of unease about the whole saga and it really bought home to me how unjust the outcome was Very insightful and comprehensive and such an interesting read A flawed but fascinating account of a case that continues to resonate in NZ today

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