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Witch Way Home Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery #4 Witch Way Home picks up right where Witch Slapped left off Thanks to help from Evangeline Holly has a meeting with the Haven Council to reuest her potions license Her SPA officer Harvey has promised to speak on her behalf Teddy her lawyer is confident they will have no issues but things goseriously wrongOnce again Holly finds herself sleuthing as she tries to solve a murder mystery as she also tried to figure out why a certain council member hates her Th story focuses on Holly the mystery and getting her license  While her motley crew of housemates and local PI Nick are present the secondary threads didn't overwhelm the case I felt Garrett allowed for some growth in Holly in Witch Way Home She is still finding her way but despite all the troubles she seemed strongerI found the murder mystery fascinating and loved how it weaved previous threads into the current case The author answered uestions shared the Seattle Haven with us from shopping to its governing ideologies It was fantastic to see Holly open up to her friends and accepts their help Something happens with Nick that changes the dynamics with their friendship and dealings with those from Beechwood Manor I was glad and liked how Garrett made it all happenGarrett still wove in her signature humor and snark balancing the light and the dark She makes me want to move to a small coastal town and live in a haunted manorAmanda Ronconi is a talented narrator with a wide range of voices She has become the voices of these characters and I couldn't imagine one without the other This review was originally posted at Caffeinated Reviewer 45 heartsThis is the best one in the series There was plenty of action and a good complex mystery Holly was a little too ready to jump into dangerous situations but she did pretty well There were many big happenings I have to wonder if Holly should be a PI or even an SPA person herself In the last installment Holly found out she had a chance at getting her potions license and reinstatement to the Haven with a Council hearing Witch Way Home takes it from there Poor Holly nothing is ever simple Her hearing doesn't go well when her character witness is found dead Harvey was working a high profile case and his work was dangerous and very discreet for the the supernatural policing agency he worked for Holly is an outsider now but is determined to discover who the hostile witch on the council was and who killed her sponsor HarveyMeanwhile she has human private investigator Nick starting to remember the events with the vampires in spite of the memory charm and a decision to make about her future Her boyfriend Adam and her roommates at the manor are supportive but just what will she do if she can't make potions?This one started out building slowly and setting the pieces in place for a very exciting finish I loved how it was a blend of internal and external conflict and I enjoyed tracking along with Holly as she worked through her fears and tried to hold it together as she tried to solve a few mysteries The action in the end gets pretty exciting and seeing Holly and her friends go up against a big supernatural threat was uite the slam bang finishI've really come to love this series and can't wait to pick up the next installment It's a cozy mystery series but I think those who like light urban fantasy would be a good match too My review and an extended sample of the audiobook are posted at HotlistenscomI really love being in Beechwood Harbor It is a really fun small town with some fun paranormal characters In this book however we spend time in the Seattle Haven as Holly works to get her potions license and be allowed back into the Havens system However her greatest ally was found dead in Seattle properI don’t want to go too much into the investigation I will just say that I really liked the SPA investigator who is an eagle shifter I can’t remember her name at the moment I didn’t like her partner a bear shifter from the beginningBecause this book doesn’t take up a lot of time in Beechwood Harbor we don’t see as much of some characters like the humans Nick the PI that Holly has worked with in previous books He does make an appearance and there are some other things with him but he isn’t involved in this investigation this time We also don’t seem much of the ghost landlord or vampire roommate We do however get plenty of time with boyfriend and werewolf Adam And also her witch friend EvieAnyway this is another fun addition to this series If you like your paranormal with some humor and some light romance this is a fun seriesNarrationAmanda Ronconi is amazing with this series She really brings out the humor with her narration I love the voices that she chooses for each of the characters both male and female Her pacing and tone are always spot on She has yet to disappoint me with anything she’s put outI like to thank the publisher for providing me with a copy of this audiobook in exchange for an honest review Holly’s faced some serious challenges following her banishment from the supernatural community but nothing uite like this She’s fighting for her freedom but when her strongest ally is found murdered everything is on the line—including her own life With her rag tag band of supernatural friends in tow Holly’s off to launch her biggest—and most dangerous—investigation yet She must stop the killer without setting off the SPA’s alarms or else she can kiss her chance at freedom goodbye Grab a Lemon Cloud and come back to Beechwood Harbor with Witch Way Home the fourth book in the Beechwood Harbor Magic Mystery series of paranormal cozy mysteries where vampires ghosts shifters and witches all work play and—mostly—get along Witch Way Home opens shortly after the mysterious conclusion of the previous book with our heroine Holly the witch reacuainting herself with the Seattle Haven after being banished for the past year She’s preparing for her hearing with the Haven Council hoping to gain permission to get her Master Potions license and reopen her store Unfortunately things don’t go well for her at the hearing and it gets even worse when her SPA case worker Harvey suddenly leaves the hearing and goes missing Once again Holly ends up in the middle of a murder mystery and this time he own future is at riskWitch Way Home was an absolute delight and it addressed pretty much everything I felt was missing from wrong with the previous book Witch Slapped I loved the focus on Holly both her uest for her Potion license and how the events surrounding the trial and murder mystery impact her life Gone were most of the side stories and confusion surrounding Holly when she is around Nick Don’t get me wrong Holly is still uestioning what she’ll do with her life but it wasn’t couched in any sort of romanceman related setting It’s all her and what she’s going to do what will make her happy I also am very happy that she’s not running around behind her friends’ or Adam’s backs when looking for answers to the murder mystery during this story Holly relies on her friends and even better confides in Adam This is such an improvement over the past couple of titles And it’s not just with the mystery but also with her concerns over Nick and the fact that the memory wipe doesn’t seem to be holding The residents of Beechwood Harbor all come together to deal withhelp Nick and even Adam considers him a friend fist pumpOnce again Holly and gang are brought to life through the performance of Amanda Ronconi I adore her work and commend her interpretation of Holly Ms Ronconi convincingly portrays Holly’s thoughts concerns and expressions She helps solidify Holly as a favorite character of mine Her female voices are each a bit different and well suited However her male voices tend to be a bit problematic for me as many sound alike making it difficult to discern who is speaking from time to timeIn the end I really enjoyed Witch Way Home There was resolution of some of the earlier plotlines like Holly’s SPA battles her potion making Nick knowing about the world of supernaturals I also liked that this book’s mystery was personal for Holly and that she relied on the help of Adam and friends rather than being secretive My Ratings
Story B
Narration BReview copy provided by Tantor Audio I do really like this series I'll continue I'm enjoying the story development through the series I like these characters Great bookReally enjoy these characters and immediately wanted to start the next to see the addition of Scarlett No Wi Fi but have downloaded it now and can't wait to start Will e interested to see where Nick's story goes as well as what Posey's will look like from short story introducing Scarlett Would be nice to see her get a little time Would like to have Lacey filled out some too We get bits and bits and I'm enjoying her character development Another SpellbinderWow Danielle Garrett has created a community I want to continue to visit for a long time The deeper into the Beechwood Harbor adventures I go the of them I crave As the characters become fleshed out I find myself genuinely caring what happens to them and rooting for actions and outcomes If you enjoy magical journeys with mystical beings dive into Beechwood Harbor you won’t regret it I’m anxious to start the next trip there myself By now Holly is used to living in Beechwood Harbor but would really like to get her Master potion's license Her trial is finally here and Teddy Evangeline's lawyer friend is fairly confident that it will go well Harvey is going to speak on her behalf and finally Holly should get her license and be able to make potions legally If only things went according to plans Harvey disappears during the trial before he gets a chance to speak One of the council members is nasty and convinces the council to deny Holly's license Heartbroken Holly and Teddy try to get ahold of Harvey to find out where he went and what can be done Only nobody knows where Harvey isHolly ends up with another murder to solve in the name of friendship Along the way some astonishing discoveries make Holly and Teddy understand the council's decision Never giving up the fight Holly seeks to establish her innocence and deserving of the license When back in Beechwood Harbor the vindictive council member comes to town and releases horror on Holly's friendThis is an action packed mystery that Holly manages to put the puzzle pieces together just not uite in time I appreciated the author's descriptive words and shifting locations to make it such an exciting book It certainly had twists and turns that kept this reader anxiously reading to find out how things end A good book in an excellent series about supernatural beings

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