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4 thoughts on “Words Whisper to Me

  1. Kathleen Harryman Kathleen Harryman says:

    Words Whisper to Me is a beautifully crafted book of poetry; the title is so apt because these poems will whisper to you and touch you completelyThere is a good mix of poems and I especially liked the way that each of the poems varied not only in content but in lengthThis is a book of poetry that deserves to be read slowly as the words and meanings wash over you before moving to the next poemPoetry is hard to master in a few short words when written and crafted in such an outstanding way it can touch the reader like nothing elseJAnn Bowers certainly does this and is a testament to what poetry and a true poet living in a modern world can achieve

  2. KayCee K KayCee K says:

    Words Whisper to Me is that Words whispering a look into the world of writing Writing is the main theme of this poetry book along with a dash of nature and love It's also my newest favorite book by JAnn Poems like 'Same Star” “Why hate? Instead of love Why judge? Instead of accept We all live under the same stars and moon We all wish on the same star ” is playful but full of truth “Over and Over” “Who I Am” and “Coffee Pen The Writer's Life” are other poems I enjoy from this book This book is mostly filled with short poems that have strong messages that can impact you in just a few words Each new book the poets' poems keep getting wonderfully

  3. Anj Anj says:

    Read during the 7 in 7 ReadathonI really wanted to give this book a four star rating but there was something missing in this book All of the poems in this collection were about reflecting on writing and life Some of the poems were absolutely beautiful; they left me wanting for I would have enjoyed it even if this book was longer because JAnn Bowers is definitely talented and she stirs some deep emotions iin the reader's heart That said I enjoyed reading the poems in this collection and will be checking out of Bowers' works soon

  4. Hazel (Stay Bookish) Hazel (Stay Bookish) says:

    All I have to say is even poetry needs to be edited

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Words Whisper to Me Poetry is emotions When I write I become one with the screen and my emotions that I am wanting to paint It’s my time to release a small chunk of my soul to the world that I will never receive back With each passing poem a tender sweet part of me is given within the words and is built within your soul Poetry is so full of emotions one cannot help but miss the chance to recognize the souls of the poets To me as a poet of words and never knowing you nor your words And as you lift your pen to carve the love to the world; it may only be a mellow of reality of an endless world of inspiration that you have given me to do what I so love to do Draw My PenI draw my pen to writeThese words to you tonightBy candlelightYou guide each twist turnFor your soul I thee yearnTo teach me by your penOf inspirational loveOf words