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Nine Tenths of the Law “I believe you have something of mine Zach”The stranger’s accusation throws Zach Owens for a loop He’s never seen this man in his life and he’s not prepared when he finds out what they have in common—their boyfriend Jake Make that ex boyfriend With the jerk out of the picture Zach hurries after the stranger to apologize which uickly leads to some sizzling hot revenge sexDespite starting on the wrong foot Nathan Forrester can’t get enough of the sexy movie theater owner Still he’s jaded and distrustful—especially when Jake keeps materializing in Zach’s presence despite Zach insisting that relationship is overWith a devious ex boyfriend trying to sabotage their fledgling relationship Zach and Nathan need to learn to trust each other or they’ll both wind up with nothingThis 61000 word novel was previously published and has been revised to include an extended ending

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  • Nine Tenths of the Law
  • L.A. Witt
  • English
  • 14 September 2016

About the Author: L.A. Witt

LA Witt and her husband have been exiled from Spain and sent to live in Maine because rhymes are fun She now divides her time between writing assuring people she is aware that Maine is cold wondering where to put her next tattoo and trying to reason with a surly Maine coon Rumor has it her arch nemesis Lauren Gallagher is also somewhere in the wilds of New England which is why LA is al

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  1. Gigi Gigi says:

    This is a review of my second read of Nine Tenths of the Law a novel originally published in 2010 I read it back in 2011 and remember absolutely loving it and I loved it just as much the second timeMCs Nathan and Zach meet one night and find out that they share the same boyfriend the smarmy Jake Whoops Both are angry and hurt and leave Jake in the lerch before he can explainlie and decide to wallow in their sorrows together over a beer One thing leads to another and they end up in bed having some seriously amazingly hot revenge sex Like off the charts hotFlash forward 2 weeks and Zach can't stop thinking about his encounter with Nathan Forget about the fact that he was with Jake was 6 months Jake takes a backburner His mind is suarely on Nathan And wouldn't you know it? The next thing he knows Nathan shows up at his place of business for hot sex round 2 and the men start a whirlwind rebound sexual relationship Of course it grows into something much much bigger for both men but hurt feelings and jealously start to get in the way and then angst rears it's ugly headYou'll have to read the book to see how these boys resolve things And OMG you have to read these passionate sex scenes Just SO GOOD They are NEVER just physical I loved these boys to bits and piecesI highly recommend this book to all MM romance fans There is a nice big fight scene in here too Two actually Love those

  2. Heather K (dentist in my spare time) Heather K (dentist in my spare time) says:

    35 starsI actually loved how this book started It was something I haven't seen before and I didn't see it coming I try not to read many reviews before starting a book so I was totally in it with Zach in that bar However by the end of the book I just felt worn down The majority of the book is spent with a cycle of trust arguments followed by lots of sex very hot sex I might add Literally there are no other plot elements I just wish something happened during the story Overall this book was well written but it just irked me too much for than 3 stars

  3. DarienMoya DarienMoya says:

    ^^I DON'T KNOW ANYTHING ABOUT THE LAW AND THIS BOOK HARDLY HELPS^^This book was awfully frustrating to me at points I was so in love and then I would find myself getting eually pissed off The subject matter was serious how is one able to trust again after being cheated on and can you come to care for the person who was the one your boyfriend was cheating with Some reader might be appalled at the way both our main characters were uick to jump into bed I on the other hand found it kind of refreshing it sort of like sticking it to the man They both made a sad situation very sexyThe story begins with Zach in a bar meeting with his boyfriend he is all happy because he knows its going to be a goodnight All of a sudden a stranger interrupts and confronts Zach seems his boyfriend doesn’t only belong to him Well they both get rid of the cheating bastard who goes by the name of Jake well Zach is feeling guilty and he decides to explain that he had no idea Jake was seeing someone else He introduces himself and finds out the name of the other man Nathan has been with Jake for four years and that is like a knife to Zach’s chest With the intent to talk things over Zach invites Nathan to have a beer with the betrayal fresh they decide to get back at Jake with hot sex From there things become all sorts of complicated when a one night stand between two guys who had been hurt by one man turns to something The hooking up part was easy it’s the feeling that start to happen that makes things hard Told in first person we experience everything Zach is feeling his doubts happiness and his growing feelings for Nathan From the very first scene between Nathan and Zach we get the idea that Zach will fall hard That one hook up leads to many nights together and it is all about sex the relationship was built off someone else’s deceit and trust is a hard thing come by especially on Nathan’s side of things Not the best way to build a relationship and trying to make things work overshadows every aspect of the bookThe characters are likeable but that all depends on the connection the reader will have with the book Nathan’s worries became annoying yet it is understandable the reasons behind his paranoia he has been cheated on by someone he loved and he happens to be in a relationship with the person who was the other man Very likely there would be lots of confusion I found their inability to talk really had me grinding my teeth It’s like they know a conversation is needed but they avoid it for a few hours of hot sex and then they have days of worriesOverall it was an aright read for me the premise had potential but the constant bickering between Zach and Nathan really irked me and at the end there was never any solutions They at some point expressed themselves but never to the fullest a whole lot needed to be said and it just never happened The ending was just that an ending I am still feeling incomplete I don’t know if this was done purposely for maybe a seuel I just personally needed a little Once again this book is one of those that might be perceived differently from every reader you have to call this one on your own I just could not wrap my mind around Zach and Nathan I liked them but they annoyed me than anything I will say this I did like the writing style and there was some really sexy scenes to be expected cus all they did was have sex I am intrigued enough to go and check out the author's other works

  4. Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books Heather the Queen of (Smut)Books says:

    Listen How you begin a relationship stays with you and trust is a very fragile line These two guys Nathan and Zach are good guys but one was the man who was cheated on and the other was the one who his boyfriend cheated with They have sex the first night they meet for all of the wrong reasonsout of anger and to get back at the one who hurt them Nathan carries many many issues and insecurities because of it which is understandable He was in a relationship with Jake his bf for 4 years His trust in Zach is fragile because he's not 100% sure Zach didn't know what was going on and when you throw in their angry ex trying to purposely cause troubleyou have a recipe for disaster Nathan and Zach were good together but Nathan's constant insecurities wear thin really uick and Zach still communicating with the ex is annoying There's never any real growthNathan accuses Zach defends himself Zach gets fed up Nathan apologizes and Zach takes him back Again I think if there was a separation where their was time for some healing and personal growth the relationship would have been real and their feelings for each other would have been tangible In the end I felt the HFN was kinda rocky at best

  5. L.A. Witt L.A. Witt says:

    Revised to include an extended ending

  6. Breann Breann says:

    This review might be redundant as is this bookLike other reviewers I liked the premise The meeting of Nathan and Zach was different and made for an interesting start They had some great chemistry which made for some hot smexin Like other reviewers that’s kind of where my likes stopped and then I had issues I thought Zach’s behavior towards Jake was immature and dumb He sank to his level by being the arrogant jackass Why did he have to flaunt his new relationship in Jake’s face? All that accomplished was Zach looking just as bad as his ex Ugh The trust issues Ugh again I get that it was a problem for Nathan I get it I do But it came up over and over The sneaking and the calling and the double checking Zach’s story was exhausting and redundant I really didn’t like how much of a presence Jake had in their relationship Yes he was the reason they met but he was always there in their minds He was like this annoying background noise that would not go away throughout the entire bookAnd the ending? It was a HFN and not even a solid one at that I can do HFN as long as there is some resolution What did their conversation resolve? Nothing Nada ZilchIt was uite enjoyable in the beginning But it took a couple wrong turns soon after ones that I just can't look past

  7. Kassa Kassa says:

    25 starsThis book tackles the issue of jealousy but ultimately left me feeling frustrated It has a good premise and lengthy build up but a rather weak resolution with no clear vision of a happy ending It’s not horribly written per se though it’s often slow and sex filled but it’s that the issues brought up are repetitive with no resolution each time and little final resolution I think reader reaction and enjoyment will really depend on whether you like the characters and can buy into their relationship woes This is likely to vary pretty widely so I’d suggest reading a couple of reviews to get an idea of what will resonate with youThe story starts with Zach and his then boyfriend Jake out at a bar All of a sudden their cozy party is interrupted by an angry Nathan who claims Jake is his boyfriend of four years Disgusted and upset both Zach and Nathan leave only to hook up later that night out of anger and a way to get back at Jake Except neither Zach or Nathan can really forget that night and eventually they start dating Unfortunately Nathan has some serious trust issues and Zach is wondering when the fling with Nathan turned serious and how he feels about thatTold from Zach’s first person point of view the plot is mostly character driven This is a look at a relationship with unusual beginnings that may doom the entire thing The conflict comes from Nathan’s trust issues and fear of being cheated on again clashes with Zach’s frustration at not being trusted Compounding the issue is the joint ex Jake who tries to break the two up with some obvious manipulations This doesn’t really do much to the couple except show over and over again how little trust the two have between them This issue of trust is central and not very well dealt with Nathan doesn’t trust anyone and he’s open about it Zach has never done anything not to be trusted and thus doesn’t want to defend himself for others’ actionsBoth characters are sympathetic since they have good arguments It’s understandable that Nathan wouldn’t get over being cheated on by two serious boyfriends back to back very easily He’s open about this trust issues and claims he’s working on them Zach is sympathetic up to a point and then is frustrated Part of where the book fails for me is right here since I understood both sides of the argument and really felt that they simply weren’t suited to each other Zach runs out of sympathy pretty uickly and almost demands Nathan’s trust based on trust during sex Nathan repeatedly uestions Zach even after recognizing his own issues and can’t stop fearing the worst The two characters are decently developed but they just aren’t suited I found Zach not very sympathetic and relied too much on sex as a fix They two have numerous sex scenes and in fact the book is actually erotica with some emotional scenes thrown in since the sex is the resolution The two fight – mildly – then have sex No resolution and the issue comes up again and again Zach tries to force trust through sex which while a decent erotic scene has nothing to do with Nathan’s emotional issues So Nathan can bottom why does that mean Zach won’t cheat on him? This kind of leap in logic slows the pace for me since the story turns into a vehicle for a lot of sex with weak resolution The final resolution is perhaps the weakest of the entire story since there is no better understanding between the men and they seem to agree to drop it and get over it just like that I found Nathan a sympathetic character simply because he seems to be trying hard to be honest and upfront with his issues While I can understand why Zach gets frustrated and fed up with Nathan’s suspicion Zach seems unsympathetic and uick to expect trust Ultimately the two feel really ill suited to each other and I kept agreeing with them when they said perhaps they shouldn’t be together But really that’s going to vary reader to reader Some are likely to side with either Nathan or Zach and likely be frustrated while the reader that can understand and sympathize with both is going to be successful with the story It was ok for me but I wanted to throw it at the end since they didn’t work as a couple for me Try and see for yourself

  8. DaisyGirl DaisyGirl says:

    35 StarsZach Owens and Nathan Forrester have the unfortunate luck to be dating the same cheating bastard A night of revenge sex turns into a rebound fling which slowly grows into something But Zach and Nathan soon learn that two points of a love triangle are a poor foundation upon which to build a long term relationship And Nathan's trust issues threaten the tenuous bond growing between themThis book was better than okay but not great I liked Zach and Nathan a lot but Zach dealt with Jake aka cheating bastard of an ex so immaturely I didn't understand why Zach didn't just tell him to GTFO and leave it at that Why even converse with the loser? He's a waste of space In that sense I had a hard time believing some parts of the story since much of the angst resulted from Jake's sad ploys at manipulation Ugh That was juvenile and irritated me Bottom line an angsty and steamy yum read about betrayal broken trust and the courage to love again

  9. Lila Hunter Lila Hunter says:

    I had this book in my TBR for years I'm glad I finally read it but I think if I have done it back then I'd had giving it a five stars rating Now I just wanted to smack Nathan over the head lol Plus I'm a bit vindictive I wanted them to rub their relationship in Jake's face after all he did to intervene

  10. Chelsea Chelsea says:

    3 ❤️This is probably the perfect book to rate 3 hearts It wasn't bad it wasn't good it was the perfect amount of averageThis story is told from Zach's POV we meet him at pub having dinner with his boyfriend Jake when a man sits at​ his boothe revealing he’s actually Jake's boyfriend Well that turned into an awkward dinner fast The man Nathan leaves​ in a flurry of fury and after breaking things off with Jake Zach follows Nathan out in order to apologise for his unwitting role as 'mistress’ Insert hot revenge sexAfter said revenge sex both Zach and Nathan can't seem to forget each other rather than their ex boyfriend Jake After a few bouts of sex they decide to give the whole boyfriend thing a goThe story from here on out is sex paranoia and trust issues The thing is the sex was actually really really hot I was surprised but how much I dug it but from the 25 85% mark there may have been 5% of that which was in no way related to Nathan and Zach having sex See the rest of the review here

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