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Mall From the award winning avatar of contemporary urban theater and author of such modern classics as Talk Radio and subUrbia comes this outrageous novel about five suburbanites whose lives intersect in one violent and life altering night at the local mall Mal a thirtysomething speed freak shoots his mother torches his house and heads to the local mall with a sack of weapons and a plan for mayhem Danny a voyeuristic businessman with a fetish for young underwear models is caught by mall security peeking into dressing rooms at JCPenney Jeff a teenager with existential troubles drops acid and departs on a philosophical nightmare Donna a hungry unsettled housewife is on the lookout for a one night stand Michel a Haitian immigrant and mall security guard seeks salvation All long for a kind of satisfaction and this longing leads them to the modern plaza of possibility the shopping mall where their appetites converge in explosive ways Satirical and provocative Mall is an eye opening look at suburban life and the idea of normalcy In this his first novel Eric Bogosian delivers a dark hilarious and biting commentary on an American culture fraught with sex drugs violence and congested thinking Found this book in the parking lot at Joauin Miller Park Needed a uick and literally light book to take on a backpack trip The book tells the stories of five people who experience a series of difficult events in and around a suburban mall Characters overlap but only one connects with all of the core characters The book strives to make a lot of social commentary about the suburban way of life However the characters remain character types pushed through a story rather than characters interacting and actively affecting a chain of events It would have taken a lot pages to draw the actual characters out but I don't think this story would have benefited from pagesWriting was fine but seemed to try hard to shock at times Basically it was okay for a short uick read that I didn't have to give a lot of my brain space The end is better than I expected because the author leaves room for the reader to tease out what might happen next I've been intrigued by Bogosian as a sort of renaissance man so I've wanted to read this novel of his for awhile now It predates a bunch of real life American mass killing sprees although it was written after Columbine so for better of for worse it now seems a bit naive in its treatment of one as if it's trying to tackle a modern problem with old technology I think too he strikes a couple of wrong chords especially with his portrayal of the attitudes and competencies of the police who seem almost like keystone cops in a way that doesn't mesh with the black humor of the rest of the book I like the structure of this book though short chapters in the point of view of vastly different denizens of a suburban mall It feels like he didn't uite get to the heart of some of them but he writes from the point of view of a naif alterna teen boy better than anyone I've seen and he has some great flowery prose This seems like it was a fun book to write a fun exercise and even though I don't think it really got to where it was going for the most part it's still a good example of building tension and point of viewExample of suburban teen POVJeff was trying to be miserable but the misery wasn't big enough it wouldn't cover himWhat difference does it make? All that thinking and passion and desire to see the big picture was a thing only book people cared about The people who came to this mall or drove their cars on the freeway or watched sitcoms didn't care about the big picture or history or literature or any of that Trying to understand was old fashioned There was nothing to understand The mall was right here right now and that was all that countedExample of psycho POVThis was all a person could ask for in life to touch others mess with their destiny Otherwise a person just came and went as if he was never alive in the first place Mal's shadow days were over Mal had tossed a hook deep down the world's throat was reeling it in and it couldn't get away A disturbing trip through the mind of a psychopath and his victims I enjoyed the crisp writing of Bogosian and the gritty reality of his suburban landscape The most difficult part of the book for me was the cast of characters I didn't find myself liking any of them That may have been Bogosian's point though Best thing about the book THE SHORT CHAPTERS I love short chapters It makes reading a book so much easier Anyway about the actual story now Loved it The mix of different characters was fantastic and all the added elements such as murder sex drugs Highly recommended

  • Paperback
  • 256 pages
  • Mall
  • Eric Bogosian
  • English
  • 20 May 2015
  • 9780743214551

About the Author: Eric Bogosian

Eric Bogosian born April 24 1953 is an American actor playwright monologist and novelist Wikipedia

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