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Tart initally started reading but got a bit melodramatic for my taste i usually like the raw rude type females but this both wasnt doing it for me didnt really finish unless you count skipping to the end to see what happens so i cant fully give it a bad rating though the fact that i didnt finish it is a bad rating in itself i see potential in this author but she needs a less contrive main character and a effortless main character and story line Good overall You can find in any bakery It's a fun read with a lot of coincidences on and off love story I really enjoyed this book I would classify it as a beach read but with just enough substance to keep it interesting Claudia Bloom is at a crossroads The main plot has her deciding if her new choice of career professor is something that she really wants to continue with She also must decide to change her thought process when dealing with relationships after meeting Mr Right Her parents divorced when she was a young teen and ever since then she decided to live a tart lifestyle in which committment is not in her vocabulary One line that I won't forget is when Claudia was in her 20's and wrote the Tart Manifesto the first line was When living the tart lifestyle never pass on sex or dessert Woo hoo think that may be my new mantra LOL All in all this was a good book that made me laugh and cry I couldn't put down As a matter of fact I read it all in one day In ‘Tart’ Claudia is unsure about what she wants in life After stealing her ex boyfriend’s bus her escapade ends abruptly when the engine catches fire Subseuently she meets Clay and sleeps with him only to realize that she can’t stop thinking about him and this goes against her belief in living the tart lifestyle in which there’s no commitment I did enjoy this book for the most part and I liked some of the hilarious moments However something was missing – a crucial something which would have made this amazing and I can’t uite put my finger on it but it is probably related to the main character I never warmed up to Claudia and found her to be exasperating as she was slow on the uptake and yet uick to jump to conclusions Several misunderstandings were of her own doing but she took pleasure in thinking the worst of other people without giving them a chanceThe romance was highly unbelievable to me Claudia and Clay slept together once and barely had any meaningful conversations but they supposedly had feelings for each other That didn’t work because the author didn’t write it convincingly Further Clay was simply boring There was too much emphasis on his physical attributes but there was nothing remotely interesting about him He seemed to spend his time trying to talk to Claudia and getting into her pants but he failed to tell her some important things giving the excuse that she never asked It made sense but it didn’t make him look any betterThere were also too many things going on in one story and the problem was none were well executed I would have liked to read about Claudia teaching in college and perhaps struggling to be the professional she should be Unfortunately there were only bits here and there showing how she almost got into trouble for being late or not reading her e mails Initially I liked the introduction of her cousin Rosemarie but that storyline didn’t have adeuate details to keep it fresh and interesting Claudia’s relationship with her estranged mother was a missed opportunity as it wasn’t fully exploredOverall ‘Tart’ was a decent but disappointing read as it was directionless and the title was misleading as Claudia didn’t exactly live the tart life I really enjoyed this book The only flaw is the main character never seems to actually behave like the books describes her personality It says she is one way but really she isn't The book is supposed to be the character having like a whole turn around in her personality but it never really shows her behaving in her old ways Other wise the plot was very good and it had just enough drama and it also made you want to scream and tell the characters what to do I would highly recommend it Jody Gehrman writes wonderfully and realistically This is one of the best chick lit books I've ever read It's funny descriptive and romantic The story takes place in Santa Cruz my home town and the author captures the vibe perfectly The characters are clearly drawn and by the end you feel like you really know them The opening scene when our heroine's car catches on fire from overheating on Highway 17 will be familiar to anyone who has ever made the commute It’s a bit like watching Kate Hudson in a rom com try to be a carefree promiscuous woman with a sarcastic streak on the surface it’s fine but if you dig any deeper it’s just the same old rom com heroine straining to be a libertine Claudia Bloom has stolen her ex boyfriend's VW bus to take her from Texas to California where a job as a theater instructor at UC Santa Cruz awaits her But the VW doesn't survive the trip; it explodes just after Claudia jumps out with her cat She is rescued by handsome Clay Parker and it isn't long before commitment phobe Claudia is falling for him But an obstacle immediately presents itself in the form of Clay's not yet ex wife Monica who is also an instructor at UC Santa Cruz Claudia tries to ignore her growing feelings for Clay as she focuses on her job and its challenges including obnoxious students Monica's wrath and the demanding department head who just happens to be Clay's mother Kristine Huntley

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