Redemption The Megan Black Series Book 1 PDF/EPUB ✓

Redemption The Megan Black Series Book 1 Some secrets can change lives while others have the power to shape our entire world when brought to light Sometimes that same light shines on sins we would prefer remain hidden in the darkness forever for we know that for those there is no redemption ARTIST MEGAN BLACK HAS NO TIME FOR ROMANCE That is until she meets the handsome stranger who haunts her dreams in the most startling ways and opens her up to passions the normally shy woman had never experienced before He is unlike any man she has met Little could she imagine what secrets her enigmatic lover is really hiding It seems like everyone is keeping secrets from Megan these days She finds out that even her own mother has been hiding things from her Things that threaten to shake her very core It seems like every illusion she had is destined to be shattered She leaves for Ireland in search of answers to the puzzle of her origin and to try to find peace for her aching heart Instead she finds something she had never bargained for

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