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Shanghaied Mate of the Tyger Prince #4 Prince Vannos is sick and tired of being sheltered and treated like a child He’s a warrior and in his opinion it’s high time he was treated like one When he’s invited to a party by one of his older friends he decides to slip away from his guards even though his father Blake has forbidden it The next thing he knows he’s been drugged and kidnapped and is on his way to the planet of Moravia an insular world whose people are suspicious and hate outsiders  When Vannos learns why he’s going and what awaits him there panic sets in but it’s already far too late Soon he arrives on the mysterious planet surrounded by strangers who don’t know his real identity but if he tells the truth about who he really is harm will come to his family at home Forced into a charade Vannos has to marry the king of Moravia a handsome warrior king named Stefan He must also pretend to be a man who is far worldly in every way When the truth is inevitably revealed the king is angered by the idea that the Tygerians tried to force a political alliance on him and refuses to give Vannos a divorce or allow any member of the royal family to visit him Redmond is dispatched to act as a go between and he finds much waiting for him than just an lovestruck and unhappy prince in this distant world The two young men must fight their way to happiness through a confusing maze of romance murder and intrigue and Vannos and his king learn that you have to be very careful what you wish for in life because you just might get than you ever bargained for

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  1. Shin Mon Thway Shin Mon Thway says:

    I think this one and the first one in this series are my very favorites Despite the fact that some plots are a bit unrealistic I have to say Shannon achieved a very beautifully written story with this one 👏 The most important thing about this novel is it’s fresh I think it’s a very common cause to lose readers’ interest in multi books series because usually only the MCs and the characteristics of the them change but the world building and the spine of the stories are usually same or similar What I especially love about this series is it’s been 4 books so far and there are 3 different world settings and I absolutely adored that fact 😊 So now is the time for the story of Vannos Annar’s twin who had his own HEA in Risking the Wild Place Vannos is very much like his twin Annar and he’s uite sheltered innocent and gullible courtesy of the over worried and overprotective mother hen Blake 😁 And as the title said he’s been shanghaied at the first attempt to lie his Omak Blake and found himself being kidnapped and shipped off to Moravia a very isolated planet in the galaxy to marry their king Stefan He needs to use every wit he learnt from his Omak to not only survive the conspiracy of Ares agents but also the treacherous court of Moravia King Stefan is the monarch of the Bulgaron the biggest and one of the only two countries on the planet of Moravia After much dread and negotiations he had finally gave in to marry Nilz the other king of the only other kingdom in Moravia to achieve peace and to merge these two countries into one He had despised Niaz for a long time for his way of over indulgement in sex drug and luxury and the infamous arrogance So when he met Nilz again after 10 long years he couldn’t believe himself that he was completely enraptured and enticed by this arrogant and spoilt terrible and a very young looking despite his age Nilz The only thing is it’s not Nilz whom he fell for but Vannos 😁 Let me tell you I have a soft spot for virgins deflowering them and big dominant and macho men 😂 And Stefan deflowering Vannos is one of the most erotic and titillating scenes I’ve ever read👏 It’s just simply delicious and sexy 😍 I love how both of them had to work really hard to overcome the distrust manipulations and lies between them The rift of the culture between them was enormous too and it was truly fascinating to read how they finally understood each other and admitted their love to each other 😌 I love that every story in this series is always laced with Blake’s presence since he’s one of the wittiest shrewdest cleverest and funniest characters I’ve ever read 😘 I love how everything turned out to be ok in the end and they got a very deserved HEA 👏 Can’t wait to start the last book in the series and I’ll be sad if it will be the final book in the series There are so much potential and possibilities in this series and I hope Shannon will write than 5 book in this Tyger prince series 🤗 Favorite excerpts from the novel 💚💙💚 “He was a boy who needed a cock in his mouth or his ass the majority of time He’d have to see what he could do about that”“I’m so fucked” Redmond muttered half under his breath putting his forehead in his hand Behind him a voice said “Not yet but I’m working on it” 5 very dominant commanding passionate and sexy King lover stars ⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️⭐️  

  2. Lorraine Lesar Lorraine Lesar says:

    Would it be unprofessional to admit that I was jumping up and down like a maniacal cheerleader when reading Vannos and Stefan’s storyline so much so I busted my pom poms Yes? Then forget I mentioned it however if you want to get lost in a book then Shanghaied is the book for you without doubt the best book by Shannon West it was an absolute joy to readThe author didn't have to Shanghai me into reading it I joined freely of my own free will and it's the best decision I've made this year We were first introduced to this Series with the Mate of the Tyger Prince and I immediately liked all the players but over the subseuent books they have evolved into individual strong but so loveable characters With Vannos most probably evolving than any of them which this storyline proves beyond doubtI fell in love with him and I totally get why King Stefan did too Of course it didn't start that way Oh hell no Vannos very successfully manages to get himself entrapped in a devious plot to restart the war with the lives of his little brothers at stake And so this energising exciting and masterfully executed story beginsThe author gave us thrills and jealousies romance entwined with sexy sex loyalties and betrayals and maybe a new Royal? but she also gave usBlake Yes my all time favourite character is charging to the rescue of his beloved son and he conveniently forgot to tell his husband King DavosLoved it loved it loved it 5 of the biggest stars ever for this oneI voluntary reviewed an Advance Readers Copy of the bookThreebooksovertherainbowwordpresscom

  3. Makhda Makhda says:

    35 starsUnfortunately I hate Stefan's hot and cold behavior Frustrating There's not much romance between Stefan and Vannos It's about politics and action stuff I'm just not interested in politics I'm interested in Redmond and Tallon's story Can't wait

  4. Jackie Jackie says:

    I really enjoyed this there's not a weak link in this series I feel like I'm visiting old friends

  5. Kaye Kaye says:

    Really enjoyed it and I'm looking forward to the next in the series

  6. Daesy Daesy says:

    grmThis 4th book too wasn't bad and kept my interest Vannos like his twin brother Anarr didn't just want to obey orders and be submissive also if Anarr's personality was stronger than his Stefan probably for the fact that he was a King was commanding but in the end he did what Vannos wanted and loved him deeply Their story didn't start the best way but with a lie and a misunderstanding but when they had sex for the first time it was consensual Maybe Stefan didn't know who Vannos really was but he sure knew that he wasn't who he had said to be but like Tygerians Moravia's ppl fall in love at first sight and mate forever Sadly we didn't see Stefan change into his animal form but the author told us that while Tygerians are the typical image of the most common tigers on Earth Stefan and his ppl are whiteOne of the difference btw this and the previous book was the mpreg Here Vannos ends up expecting a boy while Anarr and his husband in the last book decided to wait and experience new places and things before starting a family35 starsI still loved Anarr and Renard as a couple

  7. Christy Christy says:

    'Shanghaied' is book four in the 'Mate of the Tyger Prince' series and I can't state strongly enough that I do not recommend these books be read as standalones With that in mind I'm not going to repeat much of the culture and history that I have mentioned in my reviews for the previous three installments This book revolves around Prince Vannos Anarr's twin and he's been just as sheltered and kept uninformed as his brother was I adore Blake but if he didn't restrict them so much his boys might not have gotten into so much trouble “Due to your really rather astonishing likeness to me you’re on your way to Moravia to marry King Stefan in my place” He waited while Vannos got his spluttering and breathing under control“What are you talking about Nilz? Damn it explain yourself”Ah Vannos Didn't you wonder why this cousin you barely knew suddenly started spending time with you? Oh dear Blake is gonna scream louder than he did when he found Anarr on a chain gang Of course all of this is happening at the hands of ARes because it would be too easy for them to have been completely defeated yet Poor Vannos He is not a good actor and trying to impersonate his rude condescending whore cousin Nilz is not a challenge he thinks he can pull off And sure enough once they hit the wedding night Stefan isn't fooled and all bets are offMikos and Davos send Redmond to Moravia to find out the status of Prince Vannos's health and well being while Blake throws a temper tantrum the likes of which Tygeria has never seen Redmond is dismayed by several things when he arrives but primarily by Stefan's second in command Tallon who infuriates Redmond and has him incredibly flustered and by the attempt on Vannos's life Now they must all work together to figure out what is going on Granted they have no idea that Blake is working his own way to his son without even Davos or Mikos being aware and hell hath no fury like this human father If I were Stefan I'd be a tad concernedI really loved this installment There was action adventure mystery and fabulous sexy times But I really adored Vannos's innocence and his way of looking at the world in such a realistic fashion very black and white Redmond was a wonderful surprise and I was so glad to get to know him better and now that I know the next book features him and Tallon I can't wait Stefan was exactly what I expected and I was happy to see him and Vannos work everything out A truly fantastic series that I highly recommendNOTE This book was provided by Dark Hollows Press for the purpose of a review on Rainbow Book Reviews

  8. Ellele Ellele says:

    I like him Vannos easygoing well bred big heart and he is a brilliant warrior I think in some wayThis story was exciting I really enjoyed

  9. Brandy R. Brandy R. says:

    Surprisingly loved itI wanted to hate this book but couldn't I was hoping Vannos was Redmond's mate and he wasn't I didn't like King Stefan because of how mean he was to Vannos but he changedSadly him not believing a word his mate said lasted till the end of the book was tiresomeNow have to wait for the next book and hopefully there will be a preuel because I would like to read Davos and Blake's story As for Blake and Davos when they fight and Blake throws things they always say the King gets injuredspousal abuse is not funny

  10. llv llv says:

    Rating 25 stars I had the same problem with this book that I did with the last one Both Vannos and Stefan were not likable as main characters Vannos was too vapid for me and Stefan was too overbearing for my taste I was interested in Redmond and Tallon's story than this one I found myself skipping a lot of the book because it bored me and I didn't really care what happened to either Vannos or Stefan After finishing the book still don't feel like I missed anything

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