Mommy and the Maverick Montana Mavericks The Great Family

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Mommy and the Maverick Montana Mavericks The Great Family Roundup #2 And Daddy Makes Five Rust Creek Ramblings In a town as small as Rust Creek Falls it would be hard not to notice the new millionaire on Main Street even if he wasn't drop dead gorgeous But bachelor Autry Jones does not disappoint he's every bit as handsome as his settled down brothers Walker and Hudson However this business minded CEO not only shies away from commitment he's also heading for Paris in a month So why is he keeping company with Marissa Fuller a young widow with three daughtersMarissa and Autry have made a no stringsjust friends agreement but Abby Kiera and Kaylee clearly have other ideas Can a dedicated tycoon find happiness with a mom and her kids We here at the Gazette are hopeful Some contracts were made to be broken Millionaire Autry Jones finds himself attracted to Widow Marissa Fuller He doesn't want to be tied down to anyone with children but Marissa is the Mom of 3 little girls What was a 'no strings' relationship gets a little complicated because of Abby Kiera and Kaylee Marissa's daughters They find a way to get through Autry's tough exterior to the kind person he is inside Only thing that bugged me on this was she had 3 children and the book only shows 2 I also liked the ending cause it seems alot of these stories they end up where they fall in love