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  1. Anna Mace Anna Mace says:

    I have mixed feelings about this book It has a beautiful format with photos for every recipe which I love It also has some creative recipesHowever I feel some of the recipes just take good recipes and add chocolate in order to get the number of recipes up which doesn't always make it taste better For example the chocolate rice pudding tasted great until I added the chocolate at the end which ruined it Chocolate pancakes are also better off without the chocolate The chocolate zabaglione also would have been much better without the chocolate Just adding chocolate for the sake of it without actually making good recipesThere are also some real big errors in some of the recipes I tried the charlotte russe and the uantity of butter for the filling is completely wrong After wasting lots of butter making a buttery sugary water mixture that I had to throw away I looked online for similar recipes All recipes online said it should be exactly 50% of the uantity the book said I was so mad that they didn't double check the uantitiesAlso many of the recipes really are underwhelming Again I feel like they wanted to have 300 recipes so they lower the standard of recipes they will include just to make sure they have lots The instructions are often lacking and I also feel that sometimes they make you add ingredients one at a time in a specific order completely unnecessarily Every time I try a recipe from this book I pray it is not one of the bad onesThe format is awkward to read too the whole recipe is usually just one large dense paragraph I will often make a recipe and it will look completely different to the picture I don't know if the photographed version actually followed that recipe or if they just left out necessary steps from the instructionBottom line it's nice to look at the occasional recipe is good but many are underwhelming or actually bad recipes I really don't trust the author's cooking ability or proof reading ability The double chocolate brownie recipe is amazing though

  2. Kimberly Ann Kimberly Ann says:

    Oh my Where to begin where to beginAt the beginning 5 Stars MINUS 1 why? The book weighs over 4 34 lbs and that is a lot of book hold up and leisurely peruse throughNice clear recipes lovely photographs very easy to read font title ingredient lists in boldContents include Introduction 13 sections of recipes and IndexIntroduction a little bit of science about cacao history business de Gustibus In matters of taste there can be no disputesRecipes a sampling of the over 300 in the bookCookies Dipped chocolate orange Chocolate spice Piped butter Glazed cookie sticks Chocolate fruit salami Meringues Glazed mochaBars Brownies Double chocolate brownies Rich chocolate liueur bars Cappuccino suares Chocolate orange suares No bake chocolate suares Chocolate caramel delight Spicy chocolate pumpkin barsMuffins Cupcakes Chocolate cherry muffins Chocolate sour cream cupcakes Chocolate banana cupcakes White chocolate hazelnut cupcakes White chocolate strawberry muffins Chocolate rum raisin muffins Java muffins Chocolate chip brioche Chocolate zucchini muffinsPastries Chocolate pithivier Chocolate ricotta turnovers Chocolate cherry Danish Pain au chocolat Pear gallettes Plum tartlets Pistachio orange filo roll MillefeuilleElegant Desserts Affogato chocolate ice cream Iced cappuccinos White chocolate strawberry cheesecakes White chocolate raspberry trifle Profiteroles Coffee granita w cream chocolate Chocolate Cointreau mousse Chocolate sour cherry crepes Chocolate creme brulee Chocolate Bombes Alaska Charlotte russe Chocolate caramel puddings Chargrilled fruits wchocolate syrup mascarpone parcelsPies Tarts Grand Marnier walnut tart Chocolate almond pie Hazelnut cream pie White chocolate lime pie White chocolate coconut cream pies Rich mocha pie Apricot tart tatinPuddings Cremes Rummy mud pudding Chocolate Bavarian cream Chocolate sultana mousse Tiramisu Chocolate mascarpone cream Chocolate orange mousse Pear custard chocolate sauce Baked chocolate amaretti custardsTea Coffee Cakes Chocolate carrot cake Cinnamon marble cake Irish cream cake Chocolate gingerbread Chocolate chip oatmeal cake Chocolate raisin cake w rum frosting Chocolate peanut butter cake Chocolate applesauce cake Pineapple chocolate snacking cake Golden mud cakeLayer Cakes Black forest Peppermint cream cake Chocolate layer cake w fresh figs Chocolate orange roulade Almond white chocolate cake Chocolate coffee cream roll Opera cake White chocolate mousse w lemon kiwi Italian riccotta cake Chocolate dacuoise Cappuccino layer cake Chocolate orange gateauCandy Champagne truffles Chocolate brandy snaps White chocolate logs Coconut white chocolate truffles Pistachio logs Panforte Chocolate candied peel Easter eggs w sprinkles Honey nougat Chocolate toffee Chocolate drizzled croccant Chocolate orange meringue tartletsSavory Dishes Penne w chocolate pistachios goat cheese Shrimp w chocolate sauce Mexican turkey mole Chocolate mini muffins w robiola salami Beef tenderloin w chocolate Gnocchi w golden raisins chocolate Chocolate fettuccine w butter sage mozzarella Venetian ravioliDrinks Brown cow Irish chocolate White eggnog Bitter hot chocolate Chocolate monkey Mocha whirl Chocolate banana smoothie Chocolate martini Creamy white chocolate Cool chocolate coconut cream Hot mochaBasic Recipes Pastry Ganache Sauce FrostingA chocolate addicts delight It is ALL HERE

  3. Lorena Lorena says:

    I have only tried three recipes; tiramisu double chocolate brownies and chocolate chip cookies but man have they all turned out delicious Everyone especially loves the tiramisu recipe and have said its one of the best tiramisu's they've tried

  4. Jennifer Jennifer says:

    Visually stunning book The pages are all edged in gold and the pictures are fabulous I honestly only saw two recipes that I wanted to make Very disappointed

  5. Cassidy Cassidy says:


  6. Ceniza Akbar Ceniza Akbar says:

    All the recipes are with pictures which is important aspect for a baking book and the recipes are OK for novice intermediate cook I tried some of the recipes and turn out to be good

  7. Patricia Patricia says:

    I think I gained three pounds just thumbing through the pages

  8. Leigh Leigh says:

    Excellent book with lots of enticing recipes and great photographs Would give it 5 stars but the binding is fragile

  9. Ama B Ama B says:

    The ultimate recipe book of chocolate based cakery and bakery Chocolate is my favorite and this book is my favorite as well

  10. Книгомания Книгомания says:

    Наистина много красива книга с много вкусни рецепти които не са сложни за приготвяне

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The Golden Book of Chocolate Over 300 Great Recipes This book might easily be the most lavish the most complete and most beautiful book ever published on the subject of that most sensuous of all foods chocolate Filled with history anecdotes and recipes and featuring hundreds of lavish full color photos The Golden Book of Chocolate is literally a chocolate lover's dream come true A fascinating detailed account chronicles chocolate's origins among the Aztecs of ancient Mexico its importation to Europe and the development of the modern chocolate industry as we know it today But recipes are at the heart of this book Separate chapters are devoted to chocolate's central role in easy to follow recipes for Cookies Bars and Brownies Muffins and Cupcakes Pastries Elegant Desserts Pies and Tarts Puddings and Creams Tea and Coffee Cakes Layer Cakes Candy Savory Dishes Drinks Basic Recipes Each recipe includes a list of ingredients step by step instructions and a large full color photo of the finished item The book's final Basic Recipes chapter shows how to prepare chocolate ingredients that go into the making of other chocolate based delicacies They include chocolate pastry cream chocolate custard chocolate sauce and several other sumptuous ingredients This beautiful book is embellished with a ribbon place marker bound into the spine and features golden tipped page edges sidebar A Capsule History of Chocolate Among the Aztecs the drinking of chocolate was confined to the royal house the lords and the nobility A report by Spanish conuistador Bernial Diaz del Castillo noted that Montezuma drank chocolate several times a day from beakers made of pure gold The Spanish brought chocolate to Europe in the late 1500s and by the 1660s it was a favorite drink of Renaissance Italian noblemen In the 1800s it became a popular drink among the literary figures who gathered in London's coffee houses and in the nineteenth century the world's first chocolate candy was produced in the city of Bristol England

  • Hardcover
  • 703 pages
  • The Golden Book of Chocolate Over 300 Great Recipes
  • Carla Bardi
  • English
  • 27 February 2015
  • 9780764161575