A Hero Rises Earths First #3 Epub Í Hero Rises Earths

  • Kindle Edition
  • 277 pages
  • A Hero Rises Earths First #3
  • M.J. Caan
  • English
  • 09 December 2014

9 thoughts on “A Hero Rises Earths First #3

  1. Keith Blodgett Keith Blodgett says:

    A decent read It kept me page turning I was getting a little tired of the 'look how super my super powers are' look and feel to the story and cast It was hard to believe it was possible that they would fail saving the world And I guessed the surprise plot twist involving Jack it was practically telegraphed from about the first third of the book But the action and battles were pretty well written It's uite close to 21st century pulp Not high literature but uite a bit of rollicking funI had a couple of problems; first and foremost are the typos they're everywhere Some are so glaringly simple sometimes it's astounding they weren't caught before publication I get it that the series is self published but that makes it all the frustrating Without the help of professional editors you get with big labels I expect an author to read and reread maybe drag a couple friends in to help go over the writing It's really jarring and can snap you right out of the story's flow The entire series I'm than halfway through the fourth book in this trilogy blame hurricane Irma for the delayed review seriously needs the work of a good editor In the first two books I probably reported over a dozen glaring typos and grammatical mistakes and I'm sure I missed Other problems; though minors the author advertises a web page The URL goes nowhere just a domain parking site He also put up an email address for people to write to him promising to reply I don't think he lives in the hurricane zone I forget exactly where his biography said he lived but than a week later and not even a form letter response Still the books are fun escapism Try snd ignore the typos snd hope the reported stuff gets fixed Worth reading though the current price difference between book one and two and three and four of the trilogy is somewhat annoying Hooked with low cost books then uadrupled the price if you want to see how it ends

  2. Glenda Nixon Glenda Nixon says:

    Read all three books Read all three books Really liked the characters and plot Couldn’t wait to see what would happen I would recommend reading the series Unfortunately there were a lot of errors that should have been caught by a proofreader As a professional transcriptionist these things stick out like a sore thumb and really bothered me Other than that these books were really well written

  3. Chung Low Chung Low says:

    No Sunday strolling hereI admit I jumped ship started book 3 here Dang if it wasn't a humdinger Good guys vs friggin bad guys kinda like caring juiced up Avengers willing to save the earth There's a few escaped former bad guys willing to pitch in The bought off traitor Nira won't be strolling anytime soon in her 6x8 cell Especially as the victors roomed her with the Doc She ain't gonna be bored if Doc has his way

  4. Paul Cannon Paul Cannon says:

    Proof reading is not an optionA little time and very little effort would have turned a very good story into a very good novel If you have read this and don't understand what I mean sorry

  5. mike scott mike scott says:

    Another good readThis installment started slowly Glad I stuck with it The STORY was an excellent ending to the trilogy Really hope sometime in the future we will read of the characters that MJ Caan has created

  6. Masters Masters says:

    Great seriesI enjoyed reading this series The novels had great characters and great action To the author keep writing I look forward to reading from you in the future

  7. Charles Venable Charles Venable says:

    Bad proofreading Good story nice ending to this three book series here It’s just too bad that myself reading it kept wandering back to the Star Trek Next Generation episode “Tin Man” Also while reading it became discouraging to run across misspelled words that made no sense

  8. Brad Streeter Brad Streeter says:

    My kindle had way to many incorrect works like that to make this an enjoyable ready even though the plot was great It's a shame nobody bothered to proof read it

  9. richard b. rupe richard b. rupe says:

    Truly excellent endingWell writtenwell played The ending is spectaculer altjough I had imagined something of the sort as a gitting result for nia

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A Hero Rises Earths First #3 War has broken out following humanity's first contact with alien life Maura Riley and her friends have taken the fight for the Earth's survival to the stars Aboard the great star faring vessel known as Mothership they battle the destructive race of aliens known as the Anisari The Anisari are determined to destroy humans and erase all evidence of their existence from the known Universe To that end they have released the planet devouring World Engine to harvest our planet's core The war to save the planet will be fought on two fronts Maura and her friends have teleported onboard the great star ship in hopes of stopping the devastating attack while on Earth the massively powered alien who initiated first contact with our planet known simply as The First seeks to stop the living World Engine Both teams are running out of time as life as we know it is slipping away This is the thrilling conclusion to the Earth's First trilogy The story of first contact with alien life and the incredible changes it creates in a few lucky humans Those humans must pit their bravery skills and the incredible accelerated abilities they develop against a ruthless horde of alien destructors that are sweeping across the universe Can they survive an onslaught of alien warriors as well as various domestic shadow operations with plans of their own Will they be able to destroy a living starship that the Anisari have enslaved Can The First and his alien comrade Talin stop the world ending behemoth that strides across the African continent in search of the one place where it can end all life on our planet How can Maura and a handful of her Accelerated friends stop an army led by an alien powerful than any they had ever faced before Find out in the thrilling conclusion to the star spanning sage that is Earth's First