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The Unmourned Monsarrat #2 For Robert Church superintendent of the Parramatta Female Factory the most enjoyable part of his job is access to young convict womenInmate Grace O'Leary has made it her mission to protect the women from his nocturnal visits and when Church is murdered with an awl thrust through his right eye she becomes the chief suspectRecently arrived from Port Macuarie ticket of leave gentleman convict Hugh Monsarrat now lives in Parramatta with his ever loyal housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney Monsarrat as an unofficial advisor on criminal and legal matters to the governor's secretary is charged with uncovering the truth of Church's murder Mrs Mulrooney accompanies him to the Female Factory where he is taking depositions from prisoners including Grace and there the housekeeper strikes up friendships with certain women which prove most intriguing Monsarrat and Mrs Mulrooney both believe that Grace is innocent but in this they are alone so to exonerate her they must find the murderer Many hated Church and are relieved by his death but who would go as far as killing him Yawn Boring In this second novel of the Keneallys' Monsarrat series based in the fledgling colonies of New South Wales in the mid 19th century Hugh Monsarrat has gained his ticket of leave again and returned to Parramatta from Port Macuarie With the money he received from his previous employer Major Shelbourne he has bought a small house and employed his confidante and good friend Mrs Mulrooney as housekeeper His fine penmanship has once again earned him employment as a clerk this time with the Governor's secretary Ralph Eveleigh When the Superintendent of the Female Factory the prison housing all the female convicts Robert Church is murdered Hugh is sent by Eveleigh to interview the convict woman accused of the crime Believing her innocent of the murder but likely to be hung if the real culprit isn't found Hugh then sets out to investigate the crime with the aid of the indomitable Mrs MulrooneyThe murderer is not all that difficult to guess but the motive behind the murder reuires a bit of sleuthing by Hugh to uncover However these books are entertaining and engrossing not so much for the mystery element but for the historical backgrounds that are fully realised by meticulous research Despite having lived in Sydney for thirty years I know very little about Parramatta and the Female Factory there so I was happy to learn about it The main characters in this series are also likeable as well as brave and honest and their bantering relationship is delightful Care has also been taken to flesh out the minor characters and give them a realistic and individual feel At the end of the novel Hugh is told that he is being sent to Van Dieman's Land to help investigate a murder there so I am looking forward to the next book in the series The Power Game The arrival from Port Macuarie to Parramatta in New South Wales of Hugh Monsarrat and his housekeeper and friend Mrs Hannah Mulrooney felt advantageous Hugh was a clerk to the governor’s secretary and the small house he now owned was run successfully by Mrs Mulrooney But when the hated superintendent of the Parramatta Female Factory Robert Church was found dead with the immediate suspect being young convict and inmate Grace O’Leary Hugh knew he needed to act The hanging of the young woman was almost a done deal – with the governor’s secretary allowing him a week to find answers Hugh and his able assistant Mrs Mulrooney set to workBut as answers came so did danger Would they be able to discover the murderer before the week was up – and before that person killed again The Unmourned is the second in the Monsarrat series by Aussie authors Meg Keneally and her father Thomas I enjoyed this one a little than the first although it still rambled on at times But Hannah Mulrooney has come into her own in this book She has a dry wit especially when she’s with Hugh Monsarrat – a real laugh out loud character The historical aspect of the story with the Parramatta Female Factory is well researched with the notes at the end providing of interest; I’m looking forward to #3 Recommended Thoroughly enjoying this series 45⭐️'sAfter receiving his very long awaited ticket of leave the now ex convict Hugh Monsarrat is finally leaving Port Macuarie and bound for a new life and new beginnings in Parramatta Fortunate enough to be able to retain his loyal friend and housekeeper Mrs Mulrooney thanks to the generosity of a grateful benefactor in his previous life in Port Macuarie Hugh Monsarrat has a purse full of enough coin to see him through until he can secure a paying job preferably in his chosen field of expertise and where his intellect will be put to best useFor the time being Hugh's particular talent for problem solving and detective work has landed him an unofficial position as advisor to the governor's secretary where he has been charged with the task of solving a murder Hugh is determined to find a killer before a convict woman accused of the murder and who he believes to be innocent of the crime is hangedTime is not on his side nor is his status of being an ex convict regardless of circumstances convicts even reformed ones or ticket of leave holders are generally frowned uponIt was way back in 2016 when I reviewed A Soldier's Curse book #1 in this Monsarrat series and I loved it I couldn't wait for book two to come out however life got in the way for awhile and it is only now that I am playing catch up The good news is that I have two books to ready to catch up on and with I understand a book #5 in the makingThis is such an enjoyable series which can also be read as stand alones though I feel sure that once you try them you will be hooked alsoWritten in collaboration with her esteemed author father Tom Keneally or Thomas Keneally these books have a genuine feel for the authentic and it's clear that these two are professionals when it comes to attention to detail Having read Thomas Keneally uite extensively I can certainly notice his influence in the tone set and yet still note a subtle or delicate presence in some of the psychology of the characters involvedIt is uite fascinating to observe this collaboration between these two authors it makes for a very intriguing and well constructed storyAs with book # 1 in the series this one does not disappoint eitherHighly recommended as a stand alone or in seuence I am really looking forward to reading from Meg Keneally as a solo writer I gave this 45⭐️'s because I admit to being a little frustrated at the politically detailed backstory of Hannah's past in 1798 I understand some backstory is necessaryI just got a bit bored with it and thought for me it started to lose momentumhowever that was briefI love the attention to detail such as on page 4 Where Monsarrat met one member of the Burramattagal whose name the colonisers had mangled in christening ParramattaMany thanks to Netgalley and the publishers for my digital copy to read and review

  • Kindle Edition
  • 297 pages
  • The Unmourned Monsarrat #2
  • Meg Keneally
  • English
  • 14 August 2015

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Meg Keneally started her working life as a junior public affairs officer at the Australian Consulate General in New York before moving to Dublin to work as a sub editor and freelance features writer On returning to Australia she joined the Daily Telegraph as a general news reporter covering everything from courts to crime to animals' birthday parties at the zoo She then joined Radio 2UE as a

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