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From Runaway to Pregnant Bride The Fairfax Brides #3 Carrying her rescuer's baby Annabel Fairfax fled West in disguise to find her sisters But on her way a threat catches up with her and she's forced to turn to a ruggedly handsome stranger on horsebackClay Collier her reluctant protector tries to keep his distance from the beautiful runaway but neither can resist one stolen night Honor demands he marry her but discovering Annabel's affluent background convinces Clay she doesn't belong in his dangerous world Except his forbidden bride is already secretly pregnant

  • Paperback
  • 288 pages
  • From Runaway to Pregnant Bride The Fairfax Brides #3
  • Tatiana March
  • 11 July 2016
  • 9780373299355

About the Author: Tatiana March

Tatiana March is the author of several romantic novels She lives in the UK near the river Thames with her boyfriend of 22 years No kids no pets except for spiders and various other forms of wildlife seeking temporary shelterWhen Tatiana is not reading or writing she enjoys camping hiking and travelling particularly in Arizona where her historical western romances are setTatiana is fanatic

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  1. Emily Emily says:

    The final Fairfax Brides series is about the youngest sister Annabel and her journey to join her sisters in the west After Miranda runs away with Gareth hot on her heels Annabel receives money from Thomas and decides to follow them west Not long into her journey though she is robbed and instead ends up disguising herself as a shoeshine boy and working her way west on the trains shining shoes On one of the trains she runs into her cousin Gareth who no longer remembers who he is but does find her familiar Running away in fear Annabel jumps off the train and ends up in the company of Clay CollierClay works in a mine and reluctantly takes Annabel with him when he heads back He became an orphan at 6 and after losing his only two friends he doesn't want to get close to anyone again He uickly realizes that Annabel is a woman and the two of them have to hide that she is one from the mine owner Mr Hicks who hates women Annabel grows to enjoy working in the mine and the freedom she has there but that all comes to an end when Hicks dies in a mine accident The two of them consummate their relationship and plan to marry when they return to town Annabel is worried to tell him the truth about who she and Clay is worried that he's only in love with her because she is the first person to show him affectionAnnabel ends up kidnapped by bank robbers when she tries to withdraw some money her sister has sent her Clay goes to rescue her with Gareth who has popped up once again and in the course of things he learns who she is who Gareth is to run and Gareth regains his memory Clay chooses to leave and Gareth and Annabel go to her sistersMy first problem with this book is the title and summary You would think that the pregnancy happens fairly early in the storyline or at least by the halfway point Instead it happens in the second to last chapter The title itself spoils the storySecondly I hated the resolution of Gareth's storyline I don't care for amnesia stories where a person's entire personality changes because of a hit to the head In this case it was of a reversion to his former personality but I still wasn't a fan of it I also hated that the sisters forgave him so easily He tried to rape Charlotte He planned to do it again Sorry but it would be really hard for me to forgive the man that tried to rape me or my sister but all of three of them did so in five minutes and gave him all of their money The entire rationale for his actions was that their dad was actually dick and took away Gareth's inheritance which doesn't justify his actions in my eyes Also Gareth said that their dad blackmailed him to keep his mouth shut but his leverage was keeping him away from the sisters which seems like a really shitty blackmail incentive to me Gareth ended up pretty much doing that on his own Also the I didn't give you stuff because we had no money thing didn't really fly with me eitherI also didn't really get why their dad was suddenly an English lord I know that back in the first story they mention that their dad followed the English manner of inheritance and left everything to Charlotte but that doesn't really explain to me why a Boston shipping merchant is an English lord as well Also no matter what he did Gareth would still be a lord now It's really hard to impossible to give up a title so even if he stopped using it Gareth would still inherit it and any entailed properties I did like the romance between Annabel and Clay itself I thought they were both well drawn characters Annabel grew up over the course of the story and Clay learned to trust and give his heart away again

  2. Harlequin Historical Harlequin Historical says:

    Miniseries The Fairfax Brides

  3. Ruth Ruth says:

    I was torn between admiring her stubbornness and endurance and thinking I was too old to be reading about an 18 year old heroine

  4. Harlequin Books Harlequin Books says:

    March’s final book in her Fairfax Bride series is exciting emotional and sensual Readers will enjoy the uniue setting fast paced plot mad adventures and passionate romance between a runaway heiress and a taciturn miner 4 stars RT Book ReviewsMiniseries The Fairfax Brides

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