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Own It A new kind of career playbook for a new era of feminism offering women a new set of rules for professional success one that plays to their strengths and builds on the power they already haveWeren’t women supposed to have “arrived” Perhaps with the nation’s first female President eual pay on the horizon true diversity in the workplace to come thereafter Or at least the end of “fat shaming” and “locker room talk”   Well we aren’t uite there yet But does that mean that progress for women in business has come to a screeching halt  It’s true that the old rules didn’t get us as far as we hoped But we  can go the distance and we  can close the gaps that still exist We just need a new way In fact there are many reasons to be optimistic about the future says former Wall Street powerhouse turned entrepreneur Sallie Krawcheck  That’s because the business world is changing fast –driven largely by technology and it’s changing in ways that give us power and opportunities than everand even than we yet realize    Success for professional women will no longer be  about trying to compete at the men’s version of the game she says And it will no longer be about contorting ourselves to men’s expectations of how powerful people behave Instead it’s about embracing and investing in our innate strengths as women and bringing them proudly and unapologetically to work  When we do she says we gain the power to advance in our careers in natural ways We gain the power to initiate courageous conversations in the workplace We gain the power to forge non traditional career paths; to leave companies that don’t respect our worth and instead go start our own And we gain the power to invest our economic muscle in making our lives and the world better Here Krawcheck draws on her experiences at the highest levels of business both as one of the few women at the top rungs of the biggest boy’s club in the world and as an entrepreneur to show women how to seize this seismic shift in power to take their careers to the next level  This change is real and it’s coming fast It’s time to own it

  • Kindle Edition
  • 258 pages
  • Own It
  • Sallie Krawcheck
  • English
  • 06 March 2016

About the Author: Sallie Krawcheck

SALLIE KRAWCHECK is the Co founder and CEO of Ellevest an innovative digital investment platform designed to help women reach their financial goals She is also Chair of Ellevate Network a professional networking community whose mission is to advance women in business and the Chair of the Pax Ellevate Global Women’s Index Fund She is one of the highest ranked women ever to have worked on Wall

10 thoughts on “Own It

  1. Rhode Rhode says:

    Received this as a gift and have not been able to make myself crack the cover So I guess it's a DNS did not start The cover says THE POWER OF WOMEN AT WORK caps its Yet this photo is one of the least powerful portraits of a businesswoman I've ever seen She is incredibly vulnerably portrayedNudity Her arms calves and knees are bare If she's got hose on it's nude sheer invisible Her neck and most of her shoulders are naked and her top is cut fairly low She is not wearing a necklace scarf or anything else to distract from skin No businessman on the planet would ever show that much skin in a professional portrait For that matter no businesswoman I know would go about that unclothed unless she'd flung off her jacket because hot flash Science shows women's arms are generally colder than men's In a typical office setting our extremities are chilly That's why we all have spare sweaters in our cubes while men fling off their jackets whenever possible So why are women portrayed in media with relentlessly bare arms and legs? Well a very few may be warm Michelle Obama I'm looking at you I'd posit though for the remainder those bare arms are so we look attractive to men Men like to see skin But um if you are OWNING IT and being POWERFUL does that mean you have to strip clothing off show some skin so the boys like you? That's an incredibly depressing message for Ms Krawcheck's outfit to be sendingIn general in art the person who is nuder is the person who is vulnerable objectified there for the pleasure of others owning less personal power Stratospheric shoes Her pointy toed shoes are at least 4 spiky heels Maybe higher These are not shoes most people can comfortably stride down the corridors of power in Visually these are the western euivalent of geisha shoes They are beautiful They are lovely They are not powerful except in specific sexual or flirtatious situations Aside from looking uncomfortable and unsafe they also look height insecure The message reads women are not powerful in their natural stance They are not powerful at the height they are born with They must use aids to reach up to a man's height Short can't be powerful Ladylike postureYou know what says confidence and power? Spread legs Both feet on the ground in a stance that's hard to push over Arms akimbo Instead what we see here is a clenched ladylike posture Sure one arm is on a hip but the other lays protectively across her lap and her legs are carefully crossed Only the tip of one shoe even touches the footing This is not confident posture this is careful ladylike posture Her shoes say Dominatrix her posture politely asks us if we would like some sugar with our teaPrecarious positionShe is so precariously balanced on that little white ladder that I get the feeling I could blow hard and she would fall off Despite the smile she looks incredibly uncomfortable There is nothing she can do from that position aside from get down very carefully probably while holding onto someone's hand for balance She can't leap up jump stride wave her arms about give a rousing speech go forth dance run or even walk She can't take a step She can't climb up any further either There's nowhere to go She is stuck and needs help to do anything beyond smile and carefully pose This is the image of a powerful woman? How? In what manner?This is something alright It's powerfully sad Can you imagine if we asked a powerful businessmen to pose like a pin up girl half naked while balanced on a skimpy ladder? Yeah no Ms Krawcheck should have said no to this photo The fact that she approved it makes me wonder how little power she has

  2. Leandra Leandra says:

    Of all the self help business books related to women this one spoke to me the mostWe men and women hear that women don't make the same amount as far as cents on the dollar She brought to light what that looked like over a work lifetime when we get to retirement 11 million Wow Money speaks and now I am listeningShe didn't berate men at all Mostly the book is about the tools we already have as women and how to actually use themI recommend this book for all mom and fathers Well pretty much everyone

  3. Kim Kim says:

    Wow There is really no reason why it took me so long to read this book I got it as a part of a “freuent readers group” but I can’t even remember the name of the organization now I really like to read and review without bias so maybe that’s why I wasn’t super excited about reading it BUT it was great It was right up my alley and ended at the MOST appropriate time in my life of starting a new business It will definitely be a reference book and one I will refer to other young women on their career journeys

  4. Busy Busy says:

    Love her positive attitude that it is the best time ever to be a woman and that things will only get better I hope that is true And love her recommendations Increase women and diversity in the work place and your business will be successful Respect work life balance and mean it Provide leave and flexibility without shame Let people be themselves and voice opinions Treat your employees like people And ladies speak up for yourself and don't be afraid to invest Sallie gets it

  5. Jen Jen says:

    Hardly ever write reviews so here goesIf you are a woman work with women live with women have women in your familyread this bookSallie Krawcheck succinctly shares how women can leverage their strengths in their workplace and she does it in a very matter of fact manner No high falutin' ethereal stuff here folks Just the real dealRealizing that The Sallie Krawcheck went through many of the same experiences that I have throughout my career was a surprise and a comfort More importantly her book gives women and the people around them the tools to improve the workplace for the betterment of business and at the end of the day the worldI only wish it would have been possible for me to read this at the beginning of my career

  6. Alexandra Alexandra says:

    I've met Sallie She is incredibleBut meh on the book? Women are statistically better at these things so 'own it' and be good at what you're good at Risk relationships complex decision making I did enjoy the idea that men think women are indecisive when really they are able to hold complex cues in their head at once and make a robust decision which reuires timeWas it better than lean in? I'm not sure I loved lean in when I read it but now? who knows I kinda expected Sallie to write a 'yeah she's fucking right no way around it' kind of bookWall Street was the only industry in the world in which one could make millions of dollars by being mediocre and essentially hiding in the packAnd at some point I decided that I really didn't think fighting those battleswas what I wanted to do So I uit I simply uit And I went on to choose battles that I thought were winnable

  7. Ellen Ellen says:

    Better than average how to succeed in business book told from the perspective of someone who witnessed the financial meltdown first hand The advice is nothing new and it was a little too obviously an advertisement for her new businesses for my taste but the personal stories from inside the executive suites at the biggest players in the financial services industry make it worthwhile

  8. Tara Tara says:

    I liked her take on financial proficiency being the next evolution of feminism Example The gender pay gap is one thing but the investment gap is even worse — ultimately leading to millions of dollars less in retirement for women than men Naturally her company Ellevest offers a solution but the takeaway is that the women understand their finances and ask uestions the economic power women will have And since we all know money talks economic power in the hands of women could lead to changes in families in the wealth management system in Wall Street in companies and in the government

  9. Vikki Herrett Vikki Herrett says:

    Altho the most of this book doesn't relate me my personnel life It was still an enjoyable read with lessons to learn Good steady page turner

  10. Claire Claire says:

    Full disclosure I have a complete career woman crush on Sallie Krawcheck so my review is unashamedly bias Loved her advice; love everything she is doing for women and the investment gap; love her ethos on life; love how she talks about failure and her failures

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