Secret Ingredient PDF/EPUB Ò Kindle Edition

Secret Ingredient Ummmmmm well I don't even know what to say Yup seriously filthy PWP Well This was pure filth lol A uick and dirty read ; Oh Amelita you filthy girl you Wow filthy filthy filthyCigars anyone A YAOI short And though I like pretty much everything on the kinky dirty sex spectre this one was too much The dirty talk was OK but really I DO need a little bit of plot to the sex ; 35 StarsYeah that was filthy good stuff I could have read of that for certain especially since we were teased with the idea of knottingvery frustrating without the payoffI don't know much about cigars so that whole aspect was lost on me; I can appreciate the attention to those details though I only wish the specifics had come to explain the AlphaOmega dynamics Was it just extreme human characteristics manifesting in sexuality or were they shifters The mention of knotting pups leads me to think the latterbut it was never verified My 5th Amelita Rae's Read This is the worst Amelita Rae's book I've read so far Yep smutty ABO goodness right here gulpsOh myThis was my first Amelita Rae and I think I needed to start with a beginners course instead of the advanced one I got hereDirty and explicit in all the ways imaginable This was definitely the most extreme ABO I’ve ever read Not sure my staid self could've handled much view spoilerThere’s plenty use of “cunt” “pussy” “boy” “wife” Oh and there’s bucket loads of bodily fluids used in uite the imaginative way and don’t forget fisting hide spoiler Impoverished cigar maker Duncan Howland spent every last penny of his inheritance to pay his true mate Addison’s brideprice Now unless he can figure out what the secret ingredient of his deceased father’s cigar recipe was he will be forced to close the factory Addy is eager to help in any way that he can When he goes into heat the young Omega ends up helping uite a lot but not in the way he expected This sexy cheeky short from Amelita Rae features Alpha and Omega dynamics hints of Mpreg and lots of hot Yaoi action Enjoy responsibly 10000 words

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