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High Altitude Doctor Kathmandu Nepal 1300 meters above sea levelDr Juliet Adams is an expert in her field of high altitude medicine and she's about to take on the most dangerous grueling challenge of all Mount EverestEverest Base Camp 5400 meters above sea levelIt's Juliet's life ambition to reach the summit to finish what her brother couldn't he died climbing it But one man stands in her way Brooding Dr Finn McBride is also on the expedition and it's their job to work together trust each other and ensure everyone's safety when every moment could be fatalCamp IV in the South Col the Death ZoneFinn's natural instinct is to protect his determined beautiful colleague He knows she's got secrets but on Everest there's nowhere to hide Sarah Morgan is a great storyteller She never fails to surprise me In this book she tackles a very original premise high altitude medicine and climbing the world's highest mountain Everest During this adventure we get to know Finn and Juliet both doctors both mountain climbers both have skeletons in the cupboardThe romance was intense but all the interesting info about high altitude medicine climbing to Everest slow it down And to be honest 10 years of separation is a long period to make it plausible to me I did not like Juliet at all This heroine had me shaking my head and skipping pages She was such a coward I have no idea how a man like Finn could love her I just was not impressed with her at all She was basically risking her life to climb a mountain she didn't want to climb bc her brother died climbing it Then she goes on and on about how she can't love anyone bc it's too much of a risk She bitches about how unfair it is to the ones that are left behind and the ones left at home worrying Isn't that EXACTLY what she's doing to her mother I mean she's completely broken bc her father and brother died and left her what about her mom Selfish and cowardly is how I would sum up Dr Juliet Adams Fascinating setting

  • Paperback
  • High Altitude Doctor
  • Sarah Morgan
  • 22 October 2016
  • 9780373065523

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