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  1. Josh Josh says:

    Blitz part of the Inspector Brant series reads like a modern day take on Ed McBain's perinatal cop 87th precinct series In typical Bruen style the writing pulls no punches short on content but big on impact Despite being the 4th book in the series it reads perfectly well as a standalone however I wish I had tracked down the first three books to gain a better understanding of where the characters were at in their professional and personal lives pre cop killer Blitz being thrown into the mixMy rating 55 I thought I knew what I was going to get with this book having firstly watched the film adaptation a while back however Blitz is a vastly different book compared to the film version as is usually the case Where the film focuses on cop killer Blitz and Brant's pursuit of him the original story is character centric

  2. Ammar Ammar says:

    Another instalment in Inspector Brant seriesThe blitz A cop killer haunts the police in London Would Brant be able to catch him ?The cast and characters are still as they are Binge drinking and enjoying the life of a copper Snitches are hard to maintain and some go out of their way and something nasty happens to themBruen is as good as always I enjoyed the uotations Between chapters and how they gave a hint to the chapters content It sucks that there are only 7 books in this series and now I'm heading to start the 5th book The Vixen about a female serial killer

  3. Roger Roger says:

    Blitz is part of a series of books by Ken Bruen It did not detract from my reading experience in any way to have not read any of the other books in this series I think the best way to describe this novel would be to compare it to a fifteen round boxing match with Muhammad Ali a young Ali at the height of his prowess Blitz is written in a staccato style I can best compare to a series of jabs by a skilled pugilist you are moved round the suared circle and have no recourse but to take it as you are pummeled mercilessly Supremely enjoyable and visceral read This book owes a lot to Ed McBain's 87th Precinct novels which Bruen freely acknowledges uite directly Good stuff

  4. Isabelle Isabelle says:

    This book was sent to us by a friend from France and until we received it the only thing I knew about Ken Bruen is that he had written the story behind the movie London Boulevard I am not sure how the book reads in French but I have to say that I read this book in 2 hours or so and enjoyed myself thoroughly Actually I flew through the novelIt is a simple whodunit story with really bad criminals and really bad cops Everyone bends the rules everyone blurs the line Simple almost formulaic no twists and turns no gaping mouths but an impeccable pace With its uick chapters packing a good punch the book just rolls with the pedal to the metal and the ride is so very enjoyableI am starting the other Bruen our friend had included in the package tonight

  5. TheRavenking TheRavenking says:

    Just like the title would indicate this was a uick read Having already seen the movie I was surprised how faithful it was to the bookThough I thought the character and motivations of the killer were better fleshed out in the film and the plot was a bit streamlinedBruen manoeuvres about a dozen characters in this book and somehow he makes them come alive with only a few lines of description This was my first Brant book and it was a lot faster and less contemplative than the Jack Taylor novels which almost seem like Dostoevsky in comparison The literary references were absent as well mainly because Brant is a man of action and he only reads Ed McBainThere was a lot of violence but it was softened by the author's usual wit Bruen's characters are uite unlikeable but somehow he always manages to find some humanity in themAlthough I enjoyed Blitz I feel like it could have been better with a bit effort It felt a bit rushed almost like a skeleton of a book or a screenplay I hope this is not the direction Bruen will be taking in the future Still you forgive the man a lot because he is so damn funny

  6. John John says:

    They made a film of this Jason Statham Not too shabby Bruen doesn't mince words

  7. Lee Hannah McDonald Lee Hannah McDonald says:

    I'm pretty much obsessed with this author now and especially love this series Good good stuff

  8. Alex Gherzo Alex Gherzo says:

    Blitz is the fourth in Ken Bruen's crime series about London cop Detective Sergeant Brant the first three are collected in The White Trilogy and it's the best one yet While retaining the character focus the gritty tone and the dark gallows humor of the previous entries Bruen crafts a tighter narrative this time with a plot that has a satisfying conclusion instead of veering off into a dozen different odd directions Barry Weiss a thuggish young barfly snaps and starts murdering cops throughout London calling himself the Blitz and seeking to emulate the serial killers in his favorite books Brant is on the case but his usual superior Chief Inspector Roberts is on leave after losing his wife in a car accident Brant is instead paired with Sergeant Porter Nash a gay officer recently transferred to the precinct As Brant and Nash hunt for Weiss Roberts tries to get back into policework in the wake of his wife's death Police Constable Falls continues her spiral into depression and PC MacDonald tries to rise in status SPOILERSThe characters are the best part of these books and Brant in particular He's still a violent angry alcohol soaked hard case but he shows a softer side in Blitz When Nash is assigned to lead the investigation into the Blitz's murders everyone assumes Brant will blow his top but uite the opposite is true Brant actually likes Nash not bothered at all by his homosexuality in the way some of the other cops including the astoundingly bigoted Superintendent and actively pursues a friendship with him Brant tells Nash that he's been depressed of late barely able to find a reason to get out of bed in the morning and he latches onto Nash as a means of support Is it because Roberts is busy coping with his loss or is there something going on? When MacDonald tries to spread the rumor that Brant and Nash are lovers Brant is mildly amused And when Brant agrees to go with Nash to his father's wedding he tells him he's on for anything Is Brant attracted to Nash? Is he a bisexual or possibly a newly budding homosexual? It isn't spelled out but it's an interesting wrinkle to Brant Brant is also explored through the villain Barry Weiss hates cops and after three run ins with police officers in the same day he gets hold of a Glock and starts executing them throughout London Now Weiss is clearly a psychopath and he likely would have become a murderer no matter what but what was the genesis of his cop hatred? It was an incident where he was causing a disturbance at a bar and a young officer showed up and beat the shit out of him hurting him and humiliating him in front of a bar full of people cheering Brant on not that this isn't warranted Weiss and his rampage are the results of Brant's ruthlessness and cruelty and it's being visited on innocent cops It's a representation of how cops like Brant reflect on the whole police force getting the public to distrust and even resent them and pushing lunatics like Weiss over the edge to murder Brant is dangerous in ways than one and the saddest part is that he never even realizes it Aside from Brant Roberts is still funny sarcastic and entertaining In the wake of his wife's death he's struck initially by how little he cares He and his wife didn't get along and as he explains to the Superintendent while he loved her he didn't like her However he is now all alone as his miserable brat of a daughter only wants money from him It's sad seeing him adrift at the supermarket unsure of what he needs but it's invigorating when he comes back to work and starts solving cases left and right like a wrecking ball bashing London crime Roberts' replacement Porter Nash is also a great character very different from Roberts and Brant and a good counterpoint to both He's professional than Brant but not an opportunistic ass kisser like MacDonald and it's suggested that deep down he may have a bit of a monster longing to escape something that would make him like Brant than he's comfortable being Falls returns as well coping with her friend's death as well as trying to keep in touch with black culture while being immersed in white British London What's so fascinating about this is how alien it is to her as well and while she tries her best to embrace it it takes a lot of work She experiences loss this time with the skinhead who became her friend sacrificing himself to save her from Weiss and she eventually loses herself in cocaine shaking down dealers for a fix By the end she's off the drugs but it looks like she may have traded one addiction for anotherThe seediness of Bruen's London is alive and well in Blitz but what's interesting than the dive bars and drug pushers are the facets of government and other authorities that are portrayed with much contempt The Superintendent is brazenly racist and bigoted against homosexuals and Roberts relishes sticking it to him But the book actively shows how wrongheaded his thinking is by having him back MacDonald the straight white guy who kisses his ass then shows MacDonald to be incompetent and ultimately capable of allowing an innocent person to die to cover himself something Falls and Nash would never do Brant is ordered to see the department's psychiatrist and he assaults the man forces him to drink on the job then calls the British euivalent of internal affairs and pretends to be MacDonald when ratting him out The shrink isn't evil but he's incapable of curbing someone like Brant And when Falls goes to rehab it's a torture chamber run by smug uncaring sadists who dehumanize those who need their help And rather than letting them break her Falls knocks around the worst of them and makes him apologize to those he torments This seems particularly brave as things like rehab are considered above reproach Bruen's work feels rebellious because of things like this and that makes it all the fun to read Blitz is a fun cool brisk read for fans of crime fiction especially British crime fiction I wish I had the next Brant story on hand but it won't be long

  9. John of Canada John of Canada says:

    I read this in no time flatFar too violentblack humornastynasty peopleJust my cup of teaOr whiskeyor poteenOn to the next Ken Bruen

  10. Kathy Davie Kathy Davie says:

    Fourth in the Inspector Brant suspense series set in London and revolving around Sergeant Tom Brant a corrupt brutal cop with a heart My Take Oh I was so hoping the opening scene with the shrink would be Brant It's one of the things I like about Brant he has no compunctions about destroying self righteous know it alls like Dr Hazel Then there's Falls' treatment of a group therapy leaderoh yeahIt's an interesting mix of cops helping each other and metaphorically beating on each other Bruen writes such a realistic day in the life for cops that you can't help but feel the brutality the frustration and the negativity even as Bruen slides in bits of hopeVery unexpectedly Brant and Nash seem to be developing a friendship?? As a result of their tenuous friendship Nash asks Brant to come to his dad's wedding hoo boy It's pretty obvious that Brant considers Nash a friend when you read his putdown of Nash Senior Nelson's concern for Falls also seems to be hopeful eventuallyIt's fascinating how beautifully Bruen writes a scene a story with so few words and yet totally conveys the atmosphere the slogging frustrations the despairing hopes The truths The Story Brant puts the department shrink in his place even as Falls asks Nash for backup the night she fails her sergeant's exam The same night the Blitz strikes for the first time WPC Sandra Miller is the first victim Roberts is on leave with his wife's death and Porter Nash is put in charge bypassing Brant the powers that be are hoping he'll screw up and they can get rid of Nash Hey maybe hit the Trifecta and get rid of Brant as wellWe get a peek into Falls' friendship with a skinhead even as she sinks into alcohol and drugs in an attempt to ward off the depression of her recent past It's her friendship with Metal that saves her lifeagain and again Metal has confessed to beating a sand nigger and Falls reaches out to the assigned detective with an ultimatum for Metal A detective whom Falls was not expecting to be such a hunk at least from Roberts' description Good thing for Falls that Nelson is attractedit's all that'll save her ass even if she is angry at him over nothingMeantime pensioners are getting mugged the day they pick up their checks at the post office and Roberts as part of his increased energy points McDonald in the right direction Too bad McDonald just can't seem to engage his brain on the work side; his emotions end in disasterThe reality of police work intrudes with arresting Barry and having to let him go in the morning in spite of McDonald's pathetic attempts at empathy but it all comes right in the end The Characters Sergeant Brant rips off shopkeepers and criminals and has the back of his fellow cops Chief Inspector Roberts is another corrupt cop with fewer redeeming values than Brant but his wife's death seems to spur him on Says something when his own daughter rags on him to sell the house because she wants her share of the money WPC Falls has had a slew of ups and downs her best friend on the force's suicide a beating that results in a miscarriage and Now she's trying to re connect with her black side Sergeant Porter Nash is openly gay and works at being supportive with his fellow cops PC McDonald is the unit suck up He prefers to get ahead by ratting out his fellow cops as opposed to actually doing the work of detecting Superintendent Brown has ties with crime through his Masonic connections has all the sensitivity of a dead toad and hates Brant and RobertsDetective Inspector Bob Nelson is the lead on the beating of a young ArabJohn Metal Wales is a young skinhead Falls befriends; she figures if you can turn him you could turn anything anyone Barry Weiss is a misunderstood lad in his eyes He plans to make a name for himself killing coppers Radnor Bowen is a lower class snitch who dresses up to play a better confidence game Too bad he isn't carefulDr Hazel is the department psychiatrist A petty bully who had the backup of Brutish orderlies restraints straitjacketsand Thorazine until he met Sergeant Brant Harold Dunphy is the news reporter Weiss latches onto to provide the scoop that will set him up The Cover The cover is a bit peekaboo with its white top border and black bottom; the middle strip is tired eyes looking through with a bright red title and deep yellow author's nameThe title is the police work and the name of the serial killer a Blitz of crime and activity

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Blitz Inspector Brant #4 The South East London police suad are down and out Detective Sergeant Brant is in hot water for assaulting a police shrink Chief Inspector Roberts' wife has died in a horrific car accident and WPC Falls is still figuring out how to navigate her job as a black female investigator in the notorious unit When a serial killer takes his show on the road things get worse for all three Nicknamed The Blitz by the rabid London media the killer is aiming for tabloid immortality by killing cops in different beats around the city Blitz represents Ken Bruen at his edgy lethal and sharp tongued best and will reward fans of his Jack Taylor novels with another astonishing smart and brutal vision from a writer rapidly becoming one of the best of his generation

  • Paperback
  • 272 pages
  • Blitz Inspector Brant #4
  • Ken Bruen
  • English
  • 06 July 2016
  • 9780312327262

About the Author: Ken Bruen

Ken Bruen born in Galway in 1951 is the author of The Guards 2001 the highly acclaimed first Jack Taylor novel He spent twenty five years as an English teacher in Africa Japan SE Asia and South America His novel Her Last Call to Louis Mac Niece 1997 is in production for Pilgrim Pictures his White Trilogy has been bought by Channel 4 and The Guards is to be filmed in Ireland by De