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All That Glitters In the 1990s Pearl Lowe was a singer in the hugely successful pop group Powder a fashion model and a friend to some of the most famous people in the world A beautiful woman with a glamorous career and a family she adored Pearl had it all But soon she began taking an increasingly potent string of drugs and drinking to excess As her family and body crumbled around her Pearl realized she had to make a choice confront the demons get clean and have her life back or give up and slip further into addiction Pearl made her choice these days she lives with her children and husband in the British countryside and designs her own clothing line Inspiring and riveting this is the autobiography of a woman who almost failed to escape a world that is relentless in its destructiveness despite its scintillating appearance

10 thoughts on “All That Glitters

  1. Erica Chambers Erica Chambers says:

    Poor old Pearl Lowe What a life she's had She wanted to be a pop star She became a pop star Only after she's fairly far down the path does she think she might want to have singing lessonsShe has a baby who seems to be completely incidental to her life There are pages when she's in the USFranceV Festival with all her mates when Daisy doesn't get a mention I have friends who need weeks to plan a night out away from their children Apparently if you have a full time nanny and a very indulgent mother there's no need to think of your childrenShe gets a pop star boyfriend and then gets cross when nobody takes any notice of her when she turns up at everything he's involved in Why is this surprising to pop star wives? I don't go to work with my husband Go into meetings with him and am upset when other people find this a bit oddShe has another baby This one also seems to be packed away in a cupboard for weeks at a timeShe starts taking drugs Forgets she's in a band Band folds She stops taking drugs and starts curling up with a really good book She forms another band Starts taking drugs again Forgets she's in that bandHas another baby See aboveGoes in rehab Continues to hang out with all her party mates goes back onto drugsDyes some curtains her mate says she uite likes them Pearl Lowe is now an interior designerBack onto drugs again an odd passage about Gavin Rossdale being Daisy's dad that doesn't really make sense it would be nice to hear his side of the story but he like the other members of Supergrass who are never named don't seem to have much to contribute to this bookGives up drugs again Another babyThen she moves to Hampshire and goes on a spiritual journey which must be a relief after the rollercoaster journey that she was unable to get off for years Starts reading good books againSketches a dress on the back of a cereal packet She's now a dress designerThe End

  2. Meredith Rose Meredith Rose says:

    I read this because I used to have a girl crush on Pearl She's so pretty And has such great style And designs these adorable vintage style dresses and has an adorable house full of adorable antiuesYeah well the key words up there are used to After suffering through nearly three hundred pages of atrociously written mind numbingly repetitive drivel with a heaping dollop of name dropping on the side I mostly just want to punch her in the face Pearl is a spoiled rich girl who does spoiled rich girl things with her spoiled rich girl friends in her spoiled rich girl mansion while her spoiled rich girl children are raised by spoiled rich girl nannies all on her uasi famous husband's dime of course I'm giving it two stars because she does appear to have at least some awareness of how vapid and ungrateful she sounds and even though I'm loathe to offer anything in the way of praise for this book I must admit that her decision to finally get clean and stay that way is an admirable one despite all of the embarrassingly cliche spiritual journey mumbo jumbo It's a weak two stars though it's like one and a half Or one and a uarter Call it whatever you like just know that this book is a waste of time Sorry Pearl I still think those dresses are really cute though

  3. Jordan Phizacklea-Cullen Jordan Phizacklea-Cullen says:

    A curiously shallow variation on the 'my drug hell' memoir though with just enough coverage of Britpop Camden's excesses to retain interest

  4. Bionic Staci Bionic Staci says:

    DNF so much poor poor me

  5. Emma Emma says:

    A surprising read which was much better than I expected to be I have always disliked Pearl Lowe; not because I found her unpleasant but because she was known pretty much purely for being a druggie This book made me feel differentlyFor those who haven't heard of Pearl she was the lead singer of 90s band Powder and is married to Danny Goffey of Supergrass She also has a daughter Daisy to Gavin Rossdale Gwen Stefani's husband I found the book brutally honest harrowing and even painful at times Pearl is unflinching in describing the extent she went to in the midst of her drug addiction that she even describes how she let her whole family down and neglected her children One of the most shocking scenes in my mind is her snorting 20 lines of cocaine whilst 7 months pregnant Although I don't hate her any I wouldn't say I love her either It was a warm ending but the amount of times she falls down and goes back to the drugs can be weary However this is reflective of a drug addict's life Yet I found myself compelled unable to put the book down and willing for her to get betterI admire how she can admit to her weaknesses and her guilt and found her to have had a very interesting life It also doesn't hurt to have fun guessing who the unnamed celebrities are that take drugs with her

  6. Lorna Lorna says:

    I found this to be an utterly gripping memoir It is fascinating to read about people who have seemingly perfect lives yet beneath the glossy surface they are in turmoil I disagree with the person who said this was not particularly well written; throughout Pearl Lowe is brutally honest about her addiction and the lengths she went to to try to satiate it The constant cycle of recovery and relapse she describes is emotionally draining for the reader and we are given a glimpse of the physical and mental exhaustion she went through as an addictBecause of the shocking admissions Lowe makes in this book it is possible to feel unable to sympathise with her but she does not try to excuse her actions only explain them I think she gives an excellent and very clear insight into the nature shame and torment of addiction I feel her account is particularly important as so many people find it incomprehensible that people with so much going for them can be so miserable and this memoir has helped to give a little understanding about addiction for people at the higher end of society Whether you still cast judgement on her is up to you but to me it is clear that no one can feel worse about her past than herself

  7. Sharon Sharon says:

    A really interesting read and very heartfelt this books follows the highs and lows of 90's Britpop singer Pearl Lowe as she battles with drug addiction It is pretty shocking at times and an horrific incident revealed in Pearl's earlier life makes you begin to understand how she has gotten so messed up It is hard to accept though that she has three children and yet continues to abuse drugs There is even one point where she starts hovering up cocaine at a party while she is fully pregnant The most heart wrenching is hearing about Daisy her eldest going through it all It is also so frustrating as Pearl has so many opportunities come her way chances that most people would kill for but she falls back into her bad habits While reading the book I felt a mixture of emotions feeling sorry and frustrated for her due to the addiction but also being very angry that she can’t see what she is doing to her family and herself I was gripped to find out how it all turned out

  8. Gary Gary says:

    Read this just for interest I was once into the music and culture of the bands this woman and her husband belonged to and so I understand something of that world Reading this made me thankful for God's grace; I was never even close to being famous and I never went far down that path of destructionWas OK

  9. Paula Paula says:

    A re read after watching her Sali Hughes interview on YouTube recently I adore this lady's style and have so much respect for the life she has created after a lot of really dark moments Reading the book would give great hope to any addict I would imagine or is generally just a really good autobiographical read about a very popular time in British pop culture that anyone would thoroughly enjoy

  10. Danielcox Danielcox says:

    I actually read this in my lunch breaks whilst on work experience at a primary school however it is uite a good book and held my attention well Can be a bit repetitive with the them of drugs and being a mother but its still very good

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