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Damnation Shambolic demon hunting hitman Don Drake is teetering on the edge of madness in this smart witty urban fantasy novel Don Drake is living rough in a sink estate on the outskirts of Edinburgh doing cheap spells for even cheaper customers while fending off the local lowlifes Six months ago Don fled from London to Glasgow to track down his old girlfriend Debbie the alchemist With the Burned Man gradually driving him mad Don meets with an ancient and mysterious tramp slash magician with disastrous conseuences Now his old accomplices must step into save Don from himself before he damns himself for good this time Another fine adventure of the Anti Dresden Damnation finds diabolist Don Drake with an unwanted guest in his head; an almost fallen angel named Trixie who loves him but not like that and a situation that makes him a virtual prisoner because he said he's serve a war goddessCould things possibly get any worse Yup in the form of an old sorcerer called Old Davey who speaks in any of IrishScottishWelsh accents whenever it suits him and comes off as both the wise grandfatherly type andor the hardassed geezer who will put you downMcLean here picks up the pace even above the first two Burned Man novels and maintains the same levels of wit humor drama and horrorDamnation would get a five star review if only it hadn't ended with such an annoying cliffhanger Once again I was lucky and got an ARC through NetgalleySo Damn but isn't damnation one hell of a book McLean really did take another step up with this one I really loved the start which was uite hard even for Don Drakes standards and showed that you can always sink lower than you thought I hope you are ok with strong language and seeing the worst end of modern life I for one was hooked right awayI was a bit annoyed in the middle part as it was a bit much Damn but I loved her for me If you follow my reviews I do detest every tiny bit of romance in my fantasy though so it might not feel much to you And those thoughts are really all that happens on the romance front So don't be afraid of this being a paranormal romance pretending to be noir gritty fantasy If it was for me there'd be no love interest whatsoever on any fantasy book I readThere were uite some twists some leaving me with raised eyebrows and my chin on the ground I love the direction the series is going and I feel like it only really started finding it's direction with this installment Finally we really get to see some character growth I already really liked Don Trixie and the Burned Man in the first two books but this one makes them real human or inhuman Let's go with relatable to me We also meet new characters and you'll be in for a treat I tell youThe prose was like the other two books just with uite a few fucks so if you liked those I'm sure you'll love this one Fluent and again told from Dons view I really enjoyed the rideAnd then Then there is the end I was sure this would be another 4 star review from me until I got to the last 13 The pace picked up a lot and I really couldn't put it down I held my breath for uite some scenes and was rewarded with the mother of all freaking cliffhangers I knew it would end this way when I saw how few pages were left but boy do I want to read the next book NOW I need to know what happens next The end really catapulted the book up to the full5 stars for me and I can't stand the thought of having to wait so long to get some relief While I enjoy the first two books I am now officially a fan of the series and can only tell you to go read it yourself so you can suffer with me This was the third book in Peter McLean's The Burned Man series This series is grimdark UF that keeps from ever getting too bleak by mixing in a dose for fairly hilarious humour into the story Normally I say the best way to describe what you get with this series is to imagine a hybrid of Terry Goodkind and Joe Abercrombie was tasked to write a story that blended elements of Harry Dresden Daniel Faust and Eastenders but that is not uite true from Damnation For this one you have to swap out Eastenders for Trainspotting This is a crazy series for sure The story picked up 6 months after the events of Dominion and finds our lead character the ever heroic Don Drake having fled London in order to hide from Trixie and his new boss an angry war goddess He turns up in Scotland trying to track down poor Doormat Debs but instead finds himself in the gutter selling cheap spells for drug money I'd say it was a new low for Don but we all know that would be a lie Life goes from bad to worse for Don when he gets hit by the double whammy of being tracked down by the team of his unhappy female guardian and his boss who has a job for him and when he finds out some impactful personal news regarding his family It was an interesting enough story but if anything I do feel like it was a tiny bit darker than the previous two instalments of the series It also suffered a bit from not having a stellar cast of support characters when compared to the previous two books in the series Trixie and the Burned Man were there which was good but Adam Wormwood and Papa Armand only made small cameos in this one and the two significant new characters Old Davey and Don's new servant were not anything special I have to admit I really miss Ally She was always good for a laugh I feel like Peter McLean really missed the chance to give her a series of her own It would have been true grimdark UF awesomeness to have followed Ally and her sisters as they tortured the life out of a bunch of evil fools Normally I hate tales set in Scotland but I have to admit I felt like Peter McLean did a fantastic job with the setting He really nailed the scenery the language and the characters I'm not always rooting for Don what with him being such a sack of shit but even I was cheering him on in the early stages as he let the Burned Man loose on a couple of violent thieving Neds I was also a fan of Don's observations on both Glasgow and Edinburgh I think the big reason this third book felt a bit darker than the previous two books in the series is because it felt like Don Drake never the soul of morality and virtue slipped further and further into damnation I'm intrigued to learn if Don himself is just developing negatively as a character or if his slipping towards the dark side is because of the influence of the Burned Man One of the big negatives from this book was that massive cliff hanger ending Normally cliff hanger endings do not bother me at all in middle books of a series because I know the story will just continue on in the next instalment and so I view it as no bad thing to end on a moment of intrigue and high excitement as it keeps me eager for the next instalment of the series but it is definitely a problem for The Burned Man series as it looks like Damnation will be the last book and that makes the massive cliff hanger ending a deeply unsatisfying way to wrap up the series as a whole A bit of reading online has turned up the fact that The Burned Man series was canned by its publisher after this book likely due to low sales and that this is the last we will see of Don Drake as Peter McLean has moved to a new publisher and is in the midst of writing a new series The War for the Rose Throne that is successful than the Don Drake books A bit of a shitty way to end things but it is what it is I guess That said I hope McLean decides to rustle up a self published novella or some such just to provide a bit of closure to the misadventures of Don Drake The last thing we need is book series ending on massive cliff hangers as I'm bloody well traumatized enough by that constantly happening with my favourite TV series and definitely do not welcome it happenings in my safe space of books The shame is that with a few tweaks to make the lead character Don Drake just a tad bit likeable I think this series would really have caught on and been one of the best series the UF genre has to offer Peter McLean is a fairly engaging writer and a talented storyteller and the fantasy world he has created here is both fun and interesting It is just held back by the fact that Drake is a whiny sack of shit and by some of the overwrought grim cringe that sneaks into the story from time to time All in all this was the weakest book in the series but still an OK tale and I'd have followed the story to a 4th book Rating 3 stars I still say that with a few tweaks this could easily be 5 star stuff It is just hurt by the annoying flaws Audio Note Mark Meadows gave another great performance He is a talented voice actor who nails both the humorous scenes and that darker emotionally engaging ones He even did a great job with the the Scottish accents in this one After Drake and Dominion it was clear I was going to buy every Burned Man novel that would be published I really really liked them Damnation though this is a step up I loved it Like the first two the third installment is dark brutal and full of strong language but it is so much as well Unexpected turns of events and big surprises along the wayAnd then that ending A definite massive cliffhanger that makes me want to find McLean and strangle him Well not really strangle him because 1 he is a really nice guy and 2 he wouldn't be able to finish the 4th Burned Man novelI can't wait to continue this series If you like dark and brutal and have no problem with strong language you should give this series a try

  • Paperback
  • 349 pages
  • Damnation
  • Peter McLean
  • English
  • 05 July 2016
  • 9780857666642

About the Author: Peter McLean

Peter McLean was born near London in 1972 the son of a bank manager and an English teacher He went to school in the shadow of Norwich Cathedral where he spent most of his time making up storiesHe has since grown up a bit if not a lot and spent 25 years working in corporate IT He is married to Diane and is still making up storiesHe is the author of the War for the Rose Throne series beginni

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