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  • Savage Courtship
  • Susan Napier
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  • 13 August 2014
  • 9780373117444

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  1. boogenhagen boogenhagen says:

    Re Savage Courtship Susan Napier goes against typical physical descriptions in this tale of a butler h and her inherited employer HIn an unusual reversal the h is the tall buff and statuesue one while the H is the glasses wearing slight and shorter skinny nerd physical type This one starts with the 24 yr old h passing out in her employer's bed after an evening on the tiles The h is a butler who is currently restoring the H's inherited grand manor into a hotel She likes to keep all 16 bedrooms aired out by using them to sleep in at night on a rotating basis This h comes from a long line of proper English butlers and she happens to be in Australia because her first butlering position led to a lot of shame and scandal The h was butler to an older man with a contentious family The h allowed her 20 yr old self to be seduced by the stepson of her employer as wellWhen that employer died he left his estate to the h instead of his evil family and there was a huge scandal where the h was accused of tarty harlotry and perhaps even murder by fornication The h was set up by the former employer's estranged wife and step children and they ruthlessly savaged her in the English press The inheritance wasn't actually that large and the h ended up signing it over but she was severely traumatized and so when one of her former employer's friends offered her a post on the Coromandel of New Zealand that included general butlering and estate restoration the h leapt on the opportunityThen her savior employer passed away and his distant nephew inherited it The new owner is a boy wunderkind architect currently suffering from ennui and bored with it He unexpectedly shows up when the h is passed out in his bed and he doesn't recognize her with her hair unboundThen when his BFF calls up to tell him he had a birthday gift delivered as a weekend loan the H believes the lady in his bed is a prostitute hired for the weekend She is out cold tho and it is late and he is tired so he just crawls into bed with her and figures they can get busy in the morningThe h wakes up and realizes that she is in a shocking position she doesn't know what happened while she was passed out but she is hoping there wasn't anything physical involved The h sneaks off and the H wakes up alone totally confused He is even confused when there is no blonde goddess lolling about the place merely his staid dark haired butler and housekeeper and rented Duesenburg Classic Car that was his friend's gift for the weekendThe H tries to figure out where the woman went and some fun times are had as the h desperately trying to hide the bedroom incident indicates that there might be a genuine ghost on the premises The h and H exchange classic uotes from Ovid and others as they banter with each other over the renovationsThe H eventually figures out the h's deception when he barges in on her date with the local racing stud owner The h has been drifting towards a relationship with the OM for a while but the H's new perception and awareness of the h's astounding voluptuousness sparks the Lurve Force Mojo Extra Passion Engine and the big game is onThere is some back and forth as the H pursues and the h evades and then the H's parent's selection for his future wife shows up She is convinced that she and the H are destined to be married and she is at his house to force him to commitment It is all very modern Regency Houseparty dramaThe H is either too manipulative or too entertained to tell this woman to take a running jump so we get several pages of her snide condescending and OTT chasing the H drama Eventually events culminate in a big costume ball that the wanna be OW thinks will be to announce her and the H's engagement The h who has been evading the H physically because of PTSD after her London experience is provoked into dressing as the manor house's legendary lady of the night harlot who is the ghost the h first suggested was in the H's bed at the beginning The H and h finally manage to celebrate the Lurve Club in a somewhat forceful seduction that the h has no time to freeze up against after the H makes sure that his wanna be OW and the h's potential OM see them in a compromising position Then the H and h are interrupted by the H's very cold and very socialite parents and for the h it is a repeat of her London nightmare all over again The H who has been manipulating the h in a fairly tawdry misogynistic manner for sometime lets his parents go on and on and on about sleeping with a harlot servant and says absolutely nothing More importantly he tells the h to shut up when she starts to speak in her own defense The h is devastated and feels very used and abused She finagles the H's BFF to drive her away from the estate and the BFF takes her to what she thinks is his apartment It isn't it is the H's apartment and he got his BFF to distract the h for enough time to take care of his parents and then get the h into his clutchesThe h comes out of the shower to find the H in the bed in a little reversal of the opening scene of the book and the big explanations begin Supposedly the H did not say anything to his parents cause they don't listen to him and tend to steamroll any responses The H claims he just let them spew their venom and then told them off and he claims that he has little contact with them The wanna be OW supposedly got the message that the H isn't interested as well and the H is happy he finally ran the h's OM off The H declares he loves the h and wants to marry her As the h has been in love for the last 35 pages the two of them happily decide to marry and we leave them celebrating the engagement in a purple passion kinda way for the big HEA This one is pretty average overall SN puts some very funny scenes in the first half as the mortified h is trying to keep the H in the dark about who was in his bed It loses lustre in the second half mainly because the h is so obviously traumatized the H is passive aggressively manipulative and we never actually see him stand up to his parents or the OWSN does a detailed decrying the h as a harlot scene and we get third hand information on the big ParentOW shout down Couple that with the H's dubious behavior on the sincerity vs seduction front and it kinda takes the shine off of the pink sparkly glow of the H's supposed True and Deep LoveSo this one was okay for me and honestly the H's little inconsistencies aren't very noticeable until you have read this a few times For a one and done trip to HPlandia tho it is very funny nicely written and worth the time and supplies necessary to complete this little HP outing

  2. Leona Leona says:

    Light fun read by Susan Napier I really enjoyed this because none of the characters were cast in the stereotypical mode It's been on my TBR pile for ages and something made me decide to pick it up this weekend I am so glad that I did The heroine was his butlertall beautiful buxom and very smart The hero was shorter with glasses but sexy as sin She wants to hide all her secrets he won't let her I liked the way the relationship developed and I found myself laughing out loud as she led him a very merry dance Great endingwith a hero who knows exactly what he wants

  3. Namera [The Literary Invertebrate] Namera [The Literary Invertebrate] says:

    Susan Napier is always an amazing WRITER and I love her predilection for twisting tropes In this one the heroine is taller than the hero and is the one with a tortured past It was sexy well written original should have ticked every one of my boxes But somehow something was missing Not sure whatBlog Bookstagram

  4. EeeJay EeeJay says:

    I read this book atleast 10 years ago and I remember it made a big impact on me not least for the fact that the hero is physically shorter than the heroine in all the books that I have read and I have read a LOT that's never happened 2 The butler did it but the butler is female I hadn't thought about a female butler3 Guy wears glasses as someone who wears them too I loved that perspective4 You can just tell its going to last its not wham bam thank you ma'am stuff that you usually find elsewhere I highly recommend it

  5. MBR MBR says:

    Benedict Savage is a successful architect going on 34 when that vague sense of dissatisfaction that has been plaguing him for uite sometime makes him seek refuge in Whitefield House a property that he had inherited from an uncle who had left it to him a property that had come along with his deceased uncle’s female butler Vanessa FlynnFinding a mystery woman in Benedict’s bed is what kick starts the story a woman who disappears by the next morning leaving Benedict flummoxed by the whole thing until he discovers who it is that had been gracing his bed that night Thus follows a series of twists and turns a lot of advancing on Benedict’s part and retreating on Vanessa’s part which culminates of course in a happily ever afterSusan Napier has some very good Harleuin romances out there in fact she is one of those Harleuin authors who is on my auto buy list The aspects that worked for me includes the hero; his intensity is hard not to take notice of Then there is the novelty of a heroine who is taller than the hero in the story; as most romance readers know that is something that rarely happens in a romanceThe sexual tension though was a vital presence in the story I got a bit tired of the continuous back and forth drama that was happening and in the end skim read through chunks of the story later on Recommended for die hard fans of Harleuin romances Rating 355Caliber SEAL FAVORABLE READ

  6. Fiona Marsden Fiona Marsden says:

    I really enjoyed this story It was great fun with an unusual hero and distinctive heroine I really liked both characters and the back and forth between them I usually enjoy this author's stories She isn't afraid to have different heroes from the usual alpha jerks The courtship was very much a two steps forward one step back with a lot of humour

  7. April Brookshire April Brookshire says:

    I read this because it's on a few Best Harleuins type lists I wasn't impressed but maybe I just don't like it when the heroine is ian and taller than the hero Though this book did have its funny moments

  8. iamGamz iamGamz says:

    35 starsAnother fun read from Susan Napier This time the H fell for his butler Flynn This causes a scandal and Flynn needed to be coerced into believing that there was true love between them There was a ghost maybe a female butler a H who was shorter than the h an OW who really wasn’t really an OW but wouldn’t give up trying to win the H lots of witty banter and best of all 1935 Duesenberg convertible coupé A little something for everyone

  9. Chitra *CJ* Chitra *CJ* says:

    Savage Courtship is the story of Vanessa and BenedictWhen Benedict returns back to the inn he owns he never expects to find a nymph goddess sleeps on his bed who he mistakes as a birthday gift from his friend She's gone next morning and he relentless looks for her However he can't help notice that his demure housekeeper Vanessa is an efficientstrong woman and manages everything without a hitchAn unlikely friendship blooms while Vanessa tries to hide how she got drunk and collapsed in his bed Ben's attraction to her grows At the same time she is also trying to woo her long time friend RichardSoon Vanessa's past is revealed and Ben tries to pursue her while fighting her demonsThe first half was engaging but the plot drifted away in the second half to the point I felt bored I did like the reverse bed scene in the end thoughSafe255

  10. María María says:

    Vannessa was an extremely good Butler she had to take care of a great and alone house so she used to sleep in a different room each day as a way to mantein each room appropriately aired One night her boss returned without telling her and fin a very sexy blond who he thought was his birthday present The next morning he wanted to know who was the sexy blonde Afraid of his reaction she keeped her identity as a secretBenedict felt very confused He was sure he had a beautiful and unconscious woman in his bed that night but in the morning the Sleeping Beauty was missed He had to know who is she and he was sure his butler had the answerI love the misunderstanding in the plot but I whish her identity remain secret a little bit because was so funny

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Savage Courtship Vanessa could kick herself It had been a simple misunderstandinghow dared Benedict Savage imply that she'd deliberately set out to seduce him The very idea was outrageous; he simply wasn't her type No matter that he was the last word in cool suave sophistication — he was also her boss and a formidable sexual predator in the bargain But Vanessa had no intention of falling prey to his dark charm had Benedict met his match at last

About the Author: Susan Napier

Perhaps being born on Valentine’s Day was an omen that Susan Napier would become a romance writer This New Zealand author has written over 30 Mills & Boon category romances since 1984 Napier and her husband Tony Potter met when they both worked at the Auckland Star newspaper After they married she left the newspaper to work for a film company where she learned the art of dialogue After the bi