The Rebel MOBI Ò Paperback

The Rebel The Earl of Ravensford was not in the habit of being refused Yet his mother's delectable new companion Mary Margaret O'Brien turned down his offer to make her his mistresstwice This powerfully attractive man tempted her than she dared admit But she feared the conseuences when Ravensford discovered she was working for his mother under false pretences

3 thoughts on “The Rebel

  1. Ana Ana says:

    Foi um bom livro apesar de na minha opinião ter sido demasiado clichê e com pouco de novo

  2. Wednesday Wednesday says:

    Mary Margaret O'Brien is under the thumb of her abusive brother in law and is ordered to steal from her elderly rich employer to save her sister from further abuse Her employer happens to be the mother of the Earl of Ravensford He has caught wind of the plot but also finds himself increasingly attracted to his mother's young companion The scene is set for a good romance to develop and it does kind of I couldn't make Mary Margaret out her character was a little wishy washy and she started to just get annoying I felt Ravensford deserved better

  3. Jazzysmum Jazzysmum says:

    An enjoyable story with a fiesty headstrong h and a handsome rake of a HWell pacedOh his mother countess sure did need a slap

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