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The Traitor's Daughter Enemy or LoverAs a supporter of the late king Richard III Lady Philippa's father is a wanted man a traitor to the crown While visiting her dying grandfather in Wales she fears for her life when she is recognized—by Sir Rhys Griffith a knight and supporter of the present kingLady Philippa knows that at any moment Sir Rhys could have her father arrested and thrown in the Tower for treason Yet he seems a man of honor a man who has appointed himself her protector Could it be he seeks her father for uite a different reason—to ask for her hand in marriage

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  1. Aline Damasceno Aline Damasceno says:

    Um bom passatempo chama bastante atenção pela ambientação histórica traçada pela a autora bem como pelo seu pano de fundo ue envolve o conflito entre a casa de Lancaster e York É uma história bem florzinha com homem mais velho e mocinha ingênua bondosa influenciável um pouuinho birrenta e mimada ue acaba caindo nas armadilhas do vilão Uma leitura para ler com poucas expectativas

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