Elements of Dragons The Otherworld Chronicles #2 PDF

Elements of Dragons The Otherworld Chronicles #2 AmazingThe series continues with exciting challenges surprises and excitement It develops into deeper bonds of love friendship and family You will not be disappointed Saga continuesSecond book of the series not standalone Lots happen in the story that'll have your heads spinning Enough romance and action although some parts are too fast and feel rushed Regardless enjoyable A continuation from Elements Of Flames twin flames Drake and Morgan continue to grow in power and love More battles with the evil Balthazar occur but once again they do not defeat him The really cool part is Dragons are introduced in this book as Drake is THE Dragon Lord I found myself skimming over sex scenes as they were the same as the last but there are some great reveals in this book and a great next step in this series Brilliant the story continues with the lives of drake and morgan's uest to stop the evil BalthazarFantastic filled with revelations that will shock and surprise you C R Robertson thank you so much for these engrossing books x EpicI refused to put this book down that’s how epic it was The story line is genius The details on point And the plot twists seem to be getting better and better with each page Loving this series It's mostly Drake and Morgan's story still but we're getting from the others too Sometimes it's a bit much when all the characters start piping in but I just can't get enough of Ethan Sage Theo even The Master Great book Loving the storyThis story is well planned out and every character has a full story and personality Can't wait to read I am 5 starring it because the story was great I feel it needs editing though The sentence structure was sometimes off and the wording as well Still worth reading though HOW TO STOP EVILSecond book of the series and this one we get to know the characters personally POVs Morgan Drake Ethan Theo The Master Sage Balthazar We get a better sense of their powers and personalities their strengths and weaknesses The battle against time rages as the small group of warriors and their dragons ogres shifters et cetera fight to stop the seven circles of hell from opening They are getting closer but the danger increases dramatically On to the third book ELEMENTS OF DRAGONSTwin flames were hunted and killed due to their magical powers but they have re emerged in the Otherworld as Drake Obsidian and Morgan Amethyst allowed their love passion and desire to bind them in a powerful union that reignited real magic back into existence Alongside their supernatural friends they must fight against the Master who is opening the gates of hell with ritualistic sacrifices to harvest souls As the cosmic lightning struck them ancient magic was released deep into the earth awakening the dragons who have slumbered for over a thousand years Called to serve Drake the last of the Dragon Lords their magic reverberates through the Otherworld as secrets from Morgan’s Spirit Walker blood stalks themThe laws and rules of the magical world are changing as their love rewrites them Family bonds reveal long lost relatives and traitors who will try and save or kill them to gain the magical powers in their bloodCan they discover who the Master is before he opens the last gate of hellWho can be trusted in this shadow world of FaeWill their love survive or will magic tear them apartDrake and Morgan would kill and die for each other but who can they trust as they journey deeper into the Otherworld Graphic language with adult contentwith adult content

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